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Turning Rutgers Fans into Donors - Jeff Towers (EP.01)

We're excited to kick off The Scarlet Spotlight with this first episode. We welcome Jeff Towers, fan and major donor to Rutgers Athletics, onto the podcast. We explore how Jeff and his wife Amy got involved with the Rutgers community despite having zero connections to the school before 2010. There’s also an important discussion about how to encourage more alumni to become active donors to the school to help strengthen the programs. In the Scarlet Six (17:53), the areas of improvement...


Welcome to the Scarlet Spotlight

Hosted by RU alumni Danny Breslauer and Jon Newman, the show looks to provide Scarlet Knights fans -- and those interested in Rutgers sports -- with a unique analysis of the athletic department and its programs. From interviews with prominent figures in the RU Athletics and New Jersey sports communities to debate segments covering on-field stories, off-the-court information and insider takes, The Scarlet Spotlight will provide your Rutgers sports fix in podcast form. Learn more and stay...