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Science, health and technology news and highlights of the week.
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Science, health and technology news and highlights of the week.




Childhood Obesity

Childhood and teenage obesity is spreading across the world at an alarming rate – and this week the first evidence of the extent of the crisis has been published. Experts at the World Health Organization (WHO) and Imperial College, London analysed data from more than 2000 studies, involving 128 million children and adolescents worldwide. Claudia Hammond speaks to Dr Juana Willumsen from the WHO. By measuring how carbon moves through Earth's ecosystems we can get a grip on how human...

Duration: 00:49:58

Body Clock Geneticists Win Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize for Medicine has been awarded to three American scientists who discovered the existence of circadian rhythms – the body clock in all living cells. Their research involved fruit flies – but the findings are relevant to humans. The BBC’s Tom Feilden spoke to one of the winners, Michael Rosbash, and Claudia Hammond gets some expert tips for a good night’s sleep from sleep scientist Professor Matthew Walker. Gareth Mitchell talks to Professor Gillian Foulger of Durham University...

Duration: 00:49:37

Antibiotic Resistance

The World Health organisation has warned there are too few new antibiotics in the development pipelines to replace those becoming obsolete. Gareth Mitchell talks to Willem van Schaik, a professor of microbiology at the University of Birmingham, and UBS analyst Jack Scannell, about the threat of antibiotic resistance. ‘Chemical surgery’ has been performed on human embryos to remove disease for the first time, Chinese researchers have told the BBC. Leading scientists give their first...

Duration: 00:50:44

Mexican Earthquakes

Mexico suffered its second earthquake in less than 14 days. Why has there been two events in such a short space of time? Scientists have found a gene that could be critical in deciding if a newly fertilised egg gets established. This could have implications for IVF treatment. People seeking tattoos might know to check for clean needles, but what about the ink? The German government has set up a group to study how the inks could impact on our health. It’s been suggested that the acoustics...

Duration: 00:49:51