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Like an astrologer uses the stars & the planets, Erin Bruce uses the seasons as a tool to understand the current energy & how it influences our lives. In each episode of The Seasonal Soul podcast we'll discuss the current seasonal energy, and how you can USE that energy to grow & expand to your fullest potential. We'll look at the meaning & importance of all the sacred seasonal days (ancient Pagan & Wiccan holidays) like the solstices, equinoxes & cross-quarter days of Imbolc, Beltane & Samhain. ⁣⁣The Seasonal Soul podcast gives you the tools to nurture yourself, cultivate a simple spiritual practice, and connect with your highest self – using the transformational energy of the seasons as the foundation. Because … Nature WANTS you to grow. And when your inner life is in tune with nature & the seasons, it puts you deeply in tune with your most authentic self & your Soul Purpose. The Seasonal Soul website:⁣Follow The Seasonal Soul on IG: @theseasonalsoul