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The Sexuality Show is a podcast from True Life Relationships, a social science company that teaches social dynamics and relationship development and management. The most ultimate aspect of which is of course human sexuality. The sexuality show explores all aspects of human sexuality, in multiple phases: The Sociology, Psychology, Seduction, Technique, Spirituality, and Miscellaneous aspects of sexuality. In this show Social Scientist and Sexuality Instructor Brian Krall from True Life Relationships will be interviewing well known teachers on the subject of sexuality, such as sexologists, sexual educators, pornographers, sociologists, Pick up artists, seduction teachers, dating coaches, and more. The show is highly academic in nature and will address many controversial topics often considered taboo from a completely objective standpoint so that the audience can be properly educated on the dyanmics of sexuality in ways that do not buy into social conditioning that says that sex is immoral, improper to talk about, etc. The mission of the show is to not only educate people about aspects of sexuality that most do not understand and give them the resources they need to get in touch with their own sexuality and have a healthy active sex life, but also to inspire them to think more freely about their sexuality so that they can become more sexually liberated and comfortable in their own sexuality so that they can experience it in a more fulfilling way. Shows are generally 60-90 minutes long and packed with tons of content that most people have to pay large sums of money to learn from these experts, so I hope you enjoy the show and can take advantage of this information as I have sacrificed a lot to make this readily available to you for free. If you have any questions or wish to talk more about these subjects or explore these topics more you can visit the True Life Relationship website here: Or contact me directly at