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How Premeds Find Their Med Schools

Among the biggest projects a premed faces: not just getting into medical school, but getting into one that meets their needs. Do they want a school strong in service learning activities? Will they be happy in a system that recognizes academics first and foremost? Is the location more important than other factors? These are only a few of the factors that go into the decision...and Dave's co-hosts couldn't care less about them. There were only two things that M1s Kyle Leubka, Gabriel Conley,...

Duration: 00:51:37

I Can Taste the Gravy™ ft. The Vagibonds Podcast

Katee Verhoef and Corbin Weaver, from the new show The Vagibonds Podcast are in the studio to talk about their work discussing feminism through the OB/GYN student lens, as well as how they never introduce their co-host who just happens to be familiar to the SCP audience. Plus, we explore the taste of medications. Right out of the research lab, they usually taste gross. This is why pharmaceutical companies go to a lot of effort sweetening them up, otherwise you'd throw up instead of being...

Duration: 00:55:13

Questions Abound.

Interview season begins soon, which means it's time to worry about the weird questions you'll be asked during med school interviews. Kayla got in touch with us at our new Facebook Group, The Short Coat Student Lounge, and asked what strange or difficult questions Lisa Wehr, Liza Mann, Irisa Mahaparn, and new co-host Mackenzie Walhof had been asked when it was their turn. Kayla's question, of course, inspires Dave to have them try to play a game of Questions, at which all the co-hosts fail...

Duration: 00:42:54

Open on Applications about New-Found Sobriety?

Our recent show on mental illness in medical school generated some listener feedback. K wrote to say thanks for the honest discussion (our pleasure!), and wondered how open she should be on her medical school application about her journey to sobriety and how it led her to find a love for community service. Dave's six (!) co-hosts this week--Kalyn Campbell, Kylie Miller, Levi Endelman, Irene Morcuende, Kaci McCleary, and Laura Quast--agree that it's a tough question with two answers...the...

Duration: 00:53:15

Future Summer Health Professionals, Revisited

While Dave was on vacation, Teneme Konne got together with some folks we talked to back in July, pre-health students in UI's Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP), a program that offers minority students and others access to mentorship and insight into future health careers. Yasmine Rose, Kristine Pham, Gil Osuna-Leon and Martin Rosenfeld came back, along with program administrator Nicole, and shared with us the progress they made, what they learned, and where they're going...

Duration: 00:46:46

Crushing It with Mental Illness During Med School

[Hey, gang! We're re-releasing this super good episode because when it first posted the file was screwed up. Enjoy!] Physicians are no better than the rest of us at dealing with mental illness, even as they struggle to get their own patients to recognize and have treated their own disabilities. As society becomes more open about 'mood disorders,' it is still common for MDs to reject treatment for depression, substance abuse disorders, anxiety, and more...and physicians and medical students...

Duration: 00:59:54

Recess Rehash: Medical School Secondary Applications: What Do They Want?

A listener wants to know more about the secondary application. Given the the turnaround time often recommended (a week), how important are they? Do they need to be as well crafted as your personal statement? What do schools get out of them? And are they just a way for schools to extract more money from applicants? We asked our medical school's admissions staff for answers to these questions so you can get on with crafting your best possible application. And JC writes in to say nice things,...

Duration: 00:52:02

Recess Rehash: You can buy that on Amazon?

Sometimes you're having so much fun that the time flies by and you forget that you have other important things to do. That's what happened on this week's show, in which Dave brings Aditi Patel, Aline Sandouk, Kylie Miller and Irene Morcuende along for a trip through the medical supplies section of Amazon. Can they guess what the medical device is based on the reviews alone? We did get to talk about one bit of medical news, pointed out to us on twitter by AJtha808Scientist: the fact that...

Duration: 00:50:03

Sacrifice It All to be A Med Student? Don’t Do It!

The world of work, and medical school, is often about adjusting for a number of "top" priorities. Dave's been having one of those weeks where his work is pulling him in several directions at once, and thought to ask his co-hosts Erin Pasaski, Patrick Brau, Elizabeth Shirazi, and Kaci McCleary what techniques they use when they, inevitably, find themselves struggling to manage all of the important tasks med school throws at them. Also, since the CCOM Writing and Humanities Program exists to...

Duration: 00:46:48

Harry Potter and the Suddenly Bald Litigant

The world of work, and medical school, is often about adjusting for a number of "top" priorities. Dave's been having one of those weeks where his work is pulling him in several directions at once, and thought to ask his co-hosts Erin Pasaski, Patrick Brau, Elizabeth Shirazi, and Kaci McCleary what techniques they use when they, inevitably, find themselves struggling to manage all of the important tasks med school throws at them. Also, since the CCOM Writing and Humanities Program exists to...

Duration: 01:00:38

Medical Education’s Underrepresented Minorities Challenge

This week, Teneme Konne introduced Dave to some students participating in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/AAMC venture, the Summer Health Professions Education Program, which has as it's aim to strengthen the academic proficiency and career development of minorities and prepare them to apply, matriculate, and succeed in healthcare professional education. Yasmine Rose, Kristine Pham, Gil Osuna-Leon and Martin Rosenfeld talk about how students of ethnicities underrepresented in medicine...

Duration: 00:44:29

Which is More Important: the MCAT or Your Job?

As a planned parenthood sex educator, listener T'keyah wants to know what medical schools teach about meeting the needs of LGBTQIA+ patients. Amy Young, Patrick Brau, Liza Mann, and Teneme Konne can't, of course speak for all medical schools, but they can speak about what they are learning: quite a lot, not least because we have a great LGBTQ clinic for our students to do clerkships on! T'keyah snuck a second question in, too: she loves her job, and it's important work. So, is the advice...

Duration: 00:43:55

Your Gap Year Job Doesn’t Matter

A flood of listener questions this week! It's probably due in part to medical school application season has begun, which means medical school applicants are trying to figure out if they have what it takes...on paper. For instance, an anonymous listener ("Meldor") called in to find out what kinds of gap year jobs Liza Mann, Elizabeth Shirazi, Kelsey Adler, and Teneme Konne thought would allow her to keep connected to the world of medicine while she's applying. Of course, there are lots of...

Duration: 00:49:55

Recess Rehash: Gap Years, Disguised Blessings, and Forbidden Words

Listener T'keyah sends Cole Cheney, Aline Sandouk, and John Pienta a question on gap years, which boils down to what kinds of gaps are okay according to admissions committees? Cole reveals his post-med school podcasting plans, and he and John discuss how not getting your residency match can be a GOOD thing...after one is done crying. And at T'Keyah's suggestion, we try to offer sex education to each other without using words or concepts banned by state boards of education. Listeners, share...

Duration: 01:03:02

Bandwagons, Bicarb, and Broca’s Bitty Bulb

What is it about public health issues that lends itself to bandwagons? John Pienta, Levi Endelman, Hillary O'Brien, Issac Schwantes, and Jason Lewis discuss Finland's contribution to parenting, the cardboard box in which babies sleep. This year, hundreds of thousands of boxes will be given to new parents by US states in an attempt to improve infant mortality rates. Is that at all helpful, or are we ignoring other causes of death among infants? You know things are weird in healthcare when...

Duration: 00:49:55

Premeds Can Be Science Podcasters, ft. Terel Jackson

It's a more-or-less unstated goal of ours to show medical learners that podcasting can be a beneficial experience both for the host and for listeners. And we're always banging on about the need for better science communicators. So Erin Pazaski, Levi Endelman, Kylie Miller, and Irene Morcuende were recently excited to get an email from Terel Jackson, a premed at OSU who said she had gotten the message! She started her own show, Health Science (For The Rest of Us), which takes "a super...

Duration: 00:45:08

Self-Doubt and Riding the Ethical Railroad

One of our podcasting goals is to encourage others to create their own shows, especially medical learners. So John Pienta, Irisa Mahaparn, Adam Erwood, and Erin Pazaski were pleased to hear from listener Terel, who got it and launched a podcast of her own! Go, Terel! Although perhaps she and her fellow pre-meds should (not) consider the path taken by another undergrad, who decided to skip all that pesky applying and test taking and just declare herself a medical student so she could jump...

Duration: 00:51:53

General Haze-pital

Improvisational acting is a greater part of medical school than one might expect. Between pretending to be doctors for one's simulated patients, or acting like you know what you're doing when you're not entirely sure, a big part of med ed is faking it until you make it. So Dave, in his never ending quest to offer (ahem) valuable teaching moments, asks Mark Moubarek, Irisa Mahaparn, Kaci McCleary, and newcomer Johnny Henstrom to put on their masks once again for a game of General...

Duration: 00:46:34

Real, and Fake, Research Day

We've got a crowd of M1s in the house rapidly approaching the end of their first year. This past week, Kylie Jade Miller, Levi Endelman, Adam Erwood, and new co-host Irene Morcuende took their physical exam skills practical exam; and they discussed some research they did at the intersections of medical and society--the public health implications of the American-as-apple-pie cycle of incarceration, the effects of Medicare expansion have had on access to mental healthcare, what happens when...

Duration: 00:52:51

Consumer Genetic Testing, Marmite for Your Brain, and Counting Human Calories

Dave is no scientist, but he is 'science-adjacent.' This week, after having read of research involving the benefits to brain function conferred by Marmite consumption, he conducts his own experiment on SCP hosts John Pienta, Kaci McCleary, Aline Sandouk, and Nathan Miller. Will they be able to use their new Marmite-based powers to pass Dave's Pop Quiz and identify actual Amazing Health Products You Can Get? Listener Hannah wants to know all about the medical science training program...

Duration: 01:06:19

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