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A podcast on scifi, comics and whatever else we so please.

A podcast on scifi, comics and whatever else we so please.
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Chester, United Kingdom


A podcast on scifi, comics and whatever else we so please.




68 - Game of Thongs

Matt is back in the tower and determined to make Andrew watch Game of Thrones! And porn.


67 - Cliche Touche

Matt is off on an adventure, and so Andy is joined by special guest Patrick, from Make Dad Read Comics. In a genre-spanning chat, the two delve into the tropes and cliches that make the medium great, average, and bleh.


The Smith Signal 66 - Just A Quickie

Just a short little 'hello' from The Smith Men, whose usual tirade of bullshit and nonsense was cut short by technical difficulties! A full episode will follow next week...


65 - Zombie Free for *1* Day(s)

The warm weather is here, and with it has come the ants. So naturally talk turns to whether or not zombie-ism is an STD, bad Superman is Batman, and Justice League is a big mac.


64 - We Are Not Alone (Maybe)

Aliens might exist. Andy hates James Franco. Kids should not be allowed in pubs. Kids should not be allowed in cinemas. Matt needs a bin. Sounds like another Smith Signal to me.


The Smith Signal - Funeral

All good things.... Average ones, too!


The Smith Signal episode 41 - Revenge Of The Smith

In the Smith Tower this week Andy is still suffering from a cold, while Matt fell asleep on a train and ended up in Malaysia. So there is plenty to talk about, including that X-Men Apocalypse trailer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Fraggle Rock. But all eyes are on what’s peaking over the horizon: Star Wars – The Force Awakens. So it’s the perfect week to finally finish the prequels rundown. Put another way: Let’s slag off Revenge Of The Sith!


The Smith Signal episode 39 - [Batman V Superman] Holy Disappointment, Batman!

This week the Smith Men got word that a brand new Batman V Superman trailer was coming and got themselves all excited. Then they saw the sneak peek and came crashing down to Earth. Still, there’s plenty more to talk about, such as taking sickies from work, Marvel and Netflix’s Jessica Jones, Peep Show, the Netflix business model spelling the end for traditional TV, Gremlins, and, of course, Star Wars!


The Smith Signal episode 38 - Justice League Dark... GO TEAM!

This week there’s been lots of exciting happenings in and around the Smith Tower, what with a new Wonder Woman picture, and news that Justice League Dark might actually be coming to the silver screen. The Smith Men discuss castings for Constantine, Swamp Thing and friends, along with thoughts on the cancelled Constantine TV series. Then it’s time for a look at favourite teams of movies past, along with the usual bullshit they insist on dribbling out of their pie holes each week. You have...


The Smith Signal episode 36 - Norman Reedus Needs A Wash

This week Andy tries to make Matt watch Flash Gordon, Matt hates Nicole Kidman for no good reason, tears are (nearly) shed to Man of Steel, the beautiful John Lewis Christmas ad is discussed, everyone hates fireworks, plus a long chat over football (Matt loves it, Andy hates it); and death metal (Andy loves it, Matt hates it).


The Smith Signal episode 35 - Star Wars Attack Of The Clones

This week, in the same room once again, the smith men find themselves uncomfortably close to each other, though Matt had a hell of a time getting there. So what better way to unwind than to have a fine ole’ time bashing Attack Of The Clones? Also, Bill Murray is the perfect Garfield, Garfield likes to watch people in the shower, Matt cadges money off Andrew, new Joker pictures are discussed, and there is yet another argument over chocolates.


The Smith Signal episode 34 - [Star Wars] The Horror Awakens

This week the Smith Men are all a flutter over the new Star Wars trailer. Is it any good? Where the hell is Luke? Where the hell is Jar Jar? So much to talk about, including Andy’s Boba Fett theory…stay tuned. They also spend a minute or ten to theorise that Batman V Superman will feature some massive members, Mark Hamill and Rick Moranis are really nice guys, and recount times they were both thrown out of nightclubs, before Matt gives birth to his first child. Then things turn spooky as...


The Smith Signal episode 33 - I've Never Seen Blade Runner

Bowled over from having met a man who has never seen Star Wars, the Smith men got to thinking about which benchmark of the genre they themselves have never seen. Enter Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. Do the Smith men like it? Listen and find out. Also this week, favourite colours, weather, more supermarket chatter, Star Wars, and we decide whether or not Harrison Ford is a terrible actor.


The Smith Signal episode 32 - Who Watches The Watchmen

Who watches the Watchmen? The Smith men do. They read the book, too. Then they talk about it. So join them in the Smith Tower as they discuss what makes Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ seminal classic so…classic. Along the way they touch upon Moore’s antipathy towards screen adaptions of his work, the parallel raised in the book between superheroes and the KKK, and much more. Plus: Mary Berry has exceptional teeth, Nadiya Hussain wins The Great British Bake Off, BENassaince, Rugby, and Matt...


The Smith Signal episode 31 - Batman's Two Dads

This week the Smith men go bat-shit crazy and spend an entire episode geeking out to everyone’s favourite detective, from retro video games to current live-action portrayals. But first an old wrong must be put right, as we discuss the recent news that Bill Finger will claim his rightful place beside Bob Kane as Batman’s co-creator. Also discussed are the next Batman V Superman trailer, Doctor Who, and the recent sacking of Liverpool FC manager Brendan Rodgers.


The Smith Signal episode 30 - Star Wars: The Phantom Menace - Finding The Good In The Bad

How can one franchise have so much fan love, whilst also counting one of the most disdained movies of all time in its roster? This week the Smith men take a long hard look at 1999’s Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. And it IS a hard look, but they make a good stab at finding some good points. They mostly fail, but you can’t say they didn’t try. Also, under discussion: where the line is between murder and assassination, more Ghostbusters, and spiders.


The Smith Signal episode 29 - Ghostbusters

1984 was a hell of a year for movies. It gave us The Terminator, Gremlins, Karate Kid, Beverley Hills Cop, Temple of Doom, and… Ghostbusters. This week the Smith men prove they ain’t afraid of no ghosts by revisiting the movie, discuss favourite parts, and then discuss the paranormal world at large. Plus Andy is pretty much Japanese and Age of Ultron gets a belated review.


The Smith Signal episode 28 - The Psychopathy Files part 2

In part 2 of our look at pyschopaths the Smith men engage in a kind of time travel few have dared experiment with, Matt goes on holiday, we break down the key characteristics of psychopathy, and Morgan Freeman disappoints us all.


The Smith Signal episode 27 - The Psycopathy Files part 1

In the world of celluloid villainy, psychopathy is a well-used trope, and so this week the Smith Men take a long, hard look at themselves. Or rather, Andy pokes Matt with a stick. Psychiatrist Bob Hare’s benchmark PCL-R test has been used for years to identify psychopaths, and the Smith men give it (simplified) whirl. Andy is definitely not a danger to those around him. Matt…borderline. Also, battle lines are drawn over chocolate bars, and monkeys are pricks.


The Smith Signal episode 26 - Anti-Heroes

If fiction has taught the Smith men anything over the years it’s that there are good guys and bad guys. But reality is seldom so simple, so this week we take a look at the those characters who exist in the boundary – the antiheroes. So listen as Judge Dredd, Serenity, V for Vendetta, Batman, Han Solo and many others are discussed. Before all that, though, Matt has an unfortunate toilet incident, and Andy finds a real life Cowtipede.


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