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If you like rude jokes, denigration, spitting your coffee out on the metro with laughter, derision, ridicule, mock-up telephone calls, odd conversations, the Oedipus complex, treating serious subject with contempt, meandering diatribes and second rate radio show presenters then listen to this Podcast. If not try Terry Wogan. Unless he's dead by the time I update this intro page.




The Spizzler Show in English - Lentils vs Lenses

Pauly Puss guides us through another journey from amusing and the downright weird. Highlights include Pauly Puss buying contact lenses', how my Auntie Gwen and I fell out over a Weetabix box and Pauly Puss' extraorinarily regimented Uncle... Enjoy!

The Spizzler On The Radio

Another episode with all the best bits from my weekly radio show. Go to for the full story and where to hear the show. This week's topics that are ruminated over by the bantertastic crew include, The Hulk, Siri, Netflix, birdies and zoot suits. Enjoy!

The Spizzler On The Radio

Another instalment of the best bits of the Spizzler Radio Show with his motley crew of banter-tastic reprobates. I don't play the music as I don't have a license to do so. May be one day when I have a huge listenership I'll get sponsorship and and PRS license and spend all day laying on a Carribean island, smoking cigars and thinking of nonsense to talk about. Some of the nonsensethat appear in this show include, eating ears of corn, handshakes,tramps (as always), Facebook, staring at...

The Spizzler on the Radio

Another podcast featuring all the best bits of the syndicated radio show. This week The Spizzler and his selection of guests chew their way through polar bears, Basically vs Yea, horse suicide, faecal transfusions, frotage and tramps (again). Check and @TheSpizzlerShow for more info. Enjoy! funny, jokes, danfeist, richardwatson, laugh, polar bears, band, bears, language, stand up, faecal transplant, poo, sexual proclavitiries, frotage, froterims,Fetishism,Chasmophilia,...

Duration: 00:55:40

The Big Question - The Birdman

We welcome another unknown celebrity to the Big Questions studio. This time the ever-bashful Birdman graces us with his presence as we discuss growing up in Hicksville, mermaids and Birdman's Father's love of ensnaring women, killing animals and casual violence. Enjoy! knocksville, jesus, babies, USA, jokes, stand up, laugh, satire, funny, mermaids, Hitler, George Bush, poo, 27

Duration: 00:44:01

The Bloviators 'Popular Culture'

Regular listeners will know that I've undergone some surgery recently and inmy temporarilydebilitated state I'm currently unable to record. Nowseems and apt opportunity to release this podcast that I recorded a while ago. If your sufficently bored on the train/ obsessed by spinal trauma to want to know more about my current plight please go to to read a mild amusing blog post about it. ----------------------------------------------------------------- We fear for the...

Duration: 00:41:10

The Spizzler on the Radio

Listen to all the best bits ofthe Spizzler Radio Show on this handy podcast.The best bitsloosely translates asthe radio show minus the musicas I don't have the pre-requisite license to broadcast as such. If you happen not to liketitillating and mirth-provoking conversations about tramps, hipsters, Simply Red, having sex with cricket pitches, hornets, mermaids, fat people and ET dolls then put down your ear buds, make a cup of camomile tea and go listen to Jeremy Vine or Danny Baker or some...

Duration: 01:04:25

The Big Questions - Jorge Guerra

Harking back to the golden epoch of chat show hosts, The Spizzler introduces another of hisBig Questionsseries. On this occasion full-time funny man, and all round good eggJorge Guerrabrings some mirth and merriment to you lugholes. As with many of the shows it starts off slow and sensible before building to a crescendo of hilarity and soppiness. So if you want to know what a Spaniard thinks about abattoirs, English breakfasts, bestiality and drink driving press the triangular button on...

The Spizzler Show E11

The Spizzler's back with more tomfoolery for 2015! Listen out for the new feature 'Name that Noise' and Parliamentary debates. Enjoy! comedy, jokes, LBC, Radio, talkradio, noisy neighbours, noises, bumfuzzle, parliament, NationalRail Enquries.

The Spizzler on the Radio

Another of the best bits of my 100% legit radio show minus the music. Enoy! Check out the radio show live on: Shout Radio (Friday 20.00 - 22.00 GMT) Sky High Radio (Tuesday 23.00-01.00 GMT) Vibes Essex (Monday 22.00 - 00.00 GMT) Hyper Radio (Fridays 22.00 – 00.00) funny, jokes, laugh, hilarious, music, tunes, golf, hipsters, owls, religion, zombies,

The Bloviators 'Middle Age'

The human condition is a rather tragic one, and none more so than the painful transition into middle age: the midlife crisis. Our bodies turn against us and begin adding dodgy unwanted extras such as layers of fat, unsightly body hair and rogue wiry eyebrow hairs, and at the same time we panic about our mortality and lost youth and start to behave ridiculously. It’s going to happen, so should we fight it, or should we go with the flow?

The Big Questions - Joshua Saxon

This is a new podcast from The Spizzler called The Big Questions. It's a little like a traditional interview only with Spizzler's own inimitable twist. This episode we welcome funny man Joshua Saxon and discuss dogging, Lion Bar cereal, Liam Neeson and ruby red slippers. At the beginning of the podcast The Spizzler speaks really really quickly. Obviously he chose not to heed my warning of spending all his pocket money at Caffe Nero in persuit ofa free limited editionshrewandbutterscotch...

The Spizzler Show in English - I accidentally fell into a homosexual relati

I'm thinking about giving up podcasting after this, because I don't think it can make anythingfunnier than thisepisode. It starts off as many ofThe Spizzler Shows in Englishdo; an idle, harmelss, meandering walk in the park before Pauly Puss really starts laying it on thicker than HP sauce on a sausage butty and we climax in a crescendo of madness and a rather amusing tale from the Spizzler about an inadvertent and unsolicited gay relationship. As Kenny Bania once said about the pea soup...

The Spizzler Show E10

The marauding trogladite that is the Spizzler returns with another episode full of nonsense and tomfoolery. Enjoy! funny, jokes, stand up, Karl Pilkington, Richard Herring, the bloviators, kevin smith, Joshua Sazon, laugh, skits, dr, isis, dentist, doctor, katie price, feminism, voodoo, black magic, bruce willis, demi moore, cheese weed

The Spizzler on the Radio

The Spizzler has now got a fully, 100% legit radio show. This is the podcast of the show with all the chat minus the music..... To listen to the show live check outthe syndication details on Facebook, Twitter or Enjoy! radio, funny, asian, asian girls, serena williams, tennies, glastonbury, Gangstarr, RZA, Built for Cuban Links, WuTanClan, skyhighradio, funy, comedy, jokes, thespizzlershow, Kasabian, 10cc, HallandOates, Simon and garfunkel

The Bloviators 'Extremism'

The religious debate gets increasingly aggressive and polarized, people are less and less willing to hang question marks on things they think they know for sure, and religion is getting more and more extreme. Is this becoming the new norm for religion? This episode was recorded a while ago, before Jihadi John started lopping off people's nuts. So please don't be offended by some of the nonsense we spraff. Enjoy! burkha, religions, goldropechain, terrorism, extremism, islam, christianity,...

Spizzler Specials - ISIS Marketing

This is anextrato the Bloviators 'Extremism' podcast, which will be published next Friday. ISIS are a threat to our very way of life, they are dark, ruthless and heartless.....but let's be honest their marketing tools aren't really up to much. They could probably benefit fromsome media guidance, so we sent Alan White from Bastard &Bastard Media Corp. to have a word with the new Caliphate and see if we can help to improve their corporate strategy. Enjoy! funny, ISIS, ISIL, IS, comedy,...

The Spizzler Show in English - I can't sympathise with an alien

We talk about time, aspacial temporal concept which has challenged many a great mind overthe course of our existence. Not Pauly Puss's though! He licked it in two sentences! An ode to this podcast So me and Pauly P have a chat, About the past and the future and that, Will these conversations, Consist of astute observations, Or will we just talk lots of crap? Enjoy! Funny, jokes, oidepus complex, Pau, Jokes, the future, hilarious, podcast, comedy, breasts, time capsule, lol, megalolz, porn,...

The Spizzler Show E9

The Spizzler takes on caller with more contentious issues like bum bombs, traffics wardens, Jehovah, cabs, the village people, sh!tty kitties and most importantly DOGS. Don't believe what I say listen to the critics: "The Spizzler Show is the most important contemporary art form of our time. It's not just the best podcats, its the best thing....ever" The Modern Media Mag* Enjoy *The Modern Media mag is written and imagined by The Spizzler. cats, traffic wardens, funny, jokes, stand up,...

The Bloviators 'Is Social Media Making us Less Sociable?'

A much oft cry, but are we really more connected with humans now we have more ways of contacting our 'friends' than we do 'friends'? The Bloviators explorethe very social fabric that holds humanity and civilisation together in another highfelutin and ponderous podcast. Funny, comedy, hilarious, jokes, theSpizzlerShow, facebook, twitter, friends, sociology, gloriagaynor, porn,
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