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Episode 29 - Dark Phoenix Details + WB / DC Shake Up + Tarantino Star Trek

This week we talk about plot details for X-Men: Dark Phoenix, our 1st images of Phoenix, another update on the Disney / Fox deal, a restructuring at WB / DC Films, Ben Affleck in the Flash movie / possibly his last Batman appearance, Quentin Tarantino working on the next Star Trek movie, a new cast member for Shazam, several trailers including Jurassic World 2, the animated Spider-Man film and more.

Duration: 02:37:36

Episode 28 - Infinity War Trailer + Mulan + More Harley Quinn

This week we talk about Captain Marvel appearing in Avengers 4, 20 more MCU films, Disney / Fox deal still in talks, Mulan casting, yet another Harley Quinn project in the works, 1st look at Robin in Titans, He-Man's director, Hellboy's release date, Daisy Ridley's future as Rey, James Cameron realistic about Avatar sequels, and more.

Duration: 02:16:15

Episode 27 - Jude Law in Captain Marvel + Harley Quinn Animated Series

This week we talk about Jude Law in negotiations for a role in the Captain Marvel film, a new Harley Quinn animated series, Adam Warlock not a lock for Guardians Vol 3, James Cameron on his new underwater mo-cap technique for Avatar sequels, why Lord and Miller left the Han Solo movie, Lizzy Caplan cast in Gambit and more.

Duration: 02:08:48

Episode 26 - Justice League Fallout + Morbius Movie + Multiple Man Movie

This week we talk about Justice League's weak opening weekend, Ben Affleck's comments about leaving The Batman Role, rumors of Jake Gyllenhaal taking over as Batman, Sony developing a Morbius movie, Fox in negotiations with James Franco for a Multiple Man movie, Nintendo making an animated Super Mario movie, the Rampage trailer, the Deadpool 2 teaser, the Incredibles 2 teaser and more.

Duration: 01:56:35

Who Watches... Justice League Review / Discussion (spoilers)

Our review / discussion on Justice League with non-spoiler thoughts for about 40 minutes then spoilers for the rest.

Duration: 00:56:42

Episode 25 - Disney / Fox deal!? + New Star Wars Trilogy & TV Series!

This week we talk talk about the possible deal of Disney acquiring 21st Century Fox's TV & Film divisions, the newly announced Star Wars trilogy, the announcement of a Star Wars live action TV series for Disney's streaming service, Billy Batson cast for the Shazam film, Black Adam may appear in Suicide Squad 2, Justice League's run time demand, it's ballooned budget & the social media reactions, Andrew Kreisberg's suspension due to sexual harassment allegations, Brian Michael Bendis' new...

Duration: 02:18:35

Episode 24 - Female Avengers Team? + Infinity War Heist? + Last Jedi Demands!

This week we talk about Disney's steep demands for The Last Jedi in theaters, Black Adam movie in talks with a writer, the MCU ladies talking to Feige about a female super team up, Infinity War having heist film elements, the full cast of the new Lion King movie, Mark Strong in talks for the Shazam villain, the next 10 years of Star Wars, Lawrence Fishburn's secret Marvel project, Beta Ray Bill's almost cameo, Henry Cavil's comments on the DCEU not working til Wonder Woman, Justice League...

Duration: 01:54:23

Who Watches... Thor: Ragnarock Review / Discussion (spoilers)

Our spoiler filled review and discussion of Thor: Ragnarock.

Duration: 01:00:44

Episode 23 - Captain Marvel Villain? + Shazam cast! + Deathstoke Movie!?

This week we talk about Ben Mendelsohn in talks to play the villain in Captain Marvel, Zachary Levi cast as Shazam, James Mangold is writing a X-23 script, Gareth Evans in talks to do a Deathstroke movie, Preacher renewed for season 3, WB slowing search for Flashpoint director, and Thor: Ragnarock doing well overseas and critically.

Duration: 00:55:57

Who Watches... Week of 10-16-17 TV Discussion (spoilers)

Who Watches is the breakout TV Discussion of The Super Heroes Journey Podcast where we talk, with full spoilers, mainly about the CW DC TV shows Supergirl, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow. We also sprinkle in some Marvel TV talk about The Gifted, Agents of Shield and others to come.

Duration: 01:43:52

Episode 22 - Solo + Beast Boy + Justice League is short?

This week talk about the official Han Solo movie title, the Punisher Netflix debut date and trailer, Beast Boy's casting, the Stretch Armstrong animated series, Star Trek: Discovery's renewal, Justice League's runtime, Aquaman wraps filming, the kid from Iron Man 3 returning, more Hellboy castings and New Mutants as a potential trilogy.

Duration: 01:30:24

Who Watches... Week of 10-09-17 TV Discussion (spoilers)

Who Watches is the breakout TV Discussion of The Super Heroes Journey Podcast where we talk, with full spoilers, mainly about the CW DC TV shows Supergirl, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow. We also sprinkle in some Marvel TV talk about The Gifted, Agents of Shield and others to come.

Duration: 00:57:36

Episode 21 - Black Panther, New Mutants, and The Last Jedi Trailers!

This week we talk about the Black Panther trailer, the New Mutants trailer, the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer, when the Infinity War trailer will drop, the future of the MCU after Avengers 4, Thor: Ragnarok starting a 3 movie Hulk story arc, a Spider-Man: Homecoming deleted scene, and a few other small news items.

Duration: 01:55:11

Episode 20 - Final Justice League Trailer + Pacific Rim Trailer + News

This week we talk about the Final Justice League Trailer, the 1st Pacific Rim Uprising Trailer, early media reactions to Thor: Ragnarock, the Spawn reboot movie filming soon, Gambit gets a director, Avatar adds 2 to its cast, Venom has 2 in talks to join the cast, Punisher delayed, Death Wish delayed, Bride of Frankenstein delayed, and some TV show tidbits.

Duration: 02:00:45

Episode 19 - New Men in Black Film, No DCEU?, & Much More!

This week we talk about the DCEU acronym not being official, a new Titans casting, a new Supergirl casting, Iris West's role in the DCEU, a new Men in Black spinoff film, The next Terminator film has a date, The Avatar sequels have begun filming, Taikia Waititi may direct Akira, the Watchmen pilot was ordered, The Ray in the Arrowverse, the Tomb Raider Trailer and our opinion on the It movie.

Duration: 02:49:34

Episode 18 - J.J. Abrams is back! + Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman Oh My!

This week we talk about J.J. Abrams coming back to direct Star Wars Ep. 9, Mathew Vaughn on doing a Man of Steel sequel, Ben Affleck's Batman script, Wonder Woman gets another writer, The Justice League might have post credits scenes, Tim Miller is set to direct the next Terminator and more news!

Duration: 02:25:07

Episode 17 - X-Force / Suicide Squad 2 gain directors, Star Wars 9 loses one!

This week we talk about the directors chosen for X-Force and Suicide Squad 2, the loss of the director on Star Wars Episode 9, new Thor: Ragnarock info, Hawk and Dove cast for the Titans show, Marvel and Star Wars movies leaving Netflix, a box office update for Spider-Man Homecoming with a prediction for Thor: Ragnarock and Kevin Conroy's comment on the killing in BvS.

Duration: 02:06:14

Episode 16 - DiCaprio Joker? + Inhumans Review

This week we talk about Nightwing being cast, Leonardo DiCaprio sought after for the Joker origin movie, Ed Skrein backs out of Hellboy, 1st look at The Wasp in costumer, 1st look at Misty Knight's new arm, Joss Whedon getting a screenplay credit for Justice League, Paul Bettany cast for the Han Solo movie, The Crow reboot, Simon Kinberg grounding the Dark Phoenix movie, the Star Wars Rebels Season 4 trailer, Suicide Squad 2's delayed filming, and our review of The Inhumans IMAX feature.

Duration: 02:02:47

Episode 15 - Joker & Harley Quinn Movie!? + Batman will be Batman

This week we talk about director Matt Reeves comments on his Batman movie, Starfire's casting, Shazam casting 2 actors for the title role, two new Star Wars vehicles, Justice League Dark getting a rewrite, a Joker & Harley Quinn love story movie in the works, what MCU character Neill Blomkamp would direct, the Gotham by Gaslight preview, James Cameron's comments on Wonder Woman and Joss Whedon's infidelity via his ex-wife's essay.

Duration: 02:39:03

Episode 14 - Joker Origin Movie!? + Obi-Wan Movie + Defenders

This week we talk about the possible Joker Origin story movie, the Obi-Wan movie, more Hellboy reboot casting, Daniel Craig back for Bond, the Shazam script is done, Samuel L. Jackson not in some Marvel movies, James Gunn on Nova and future cosmic Marvel stuff, and The Defenders Neflix show with spoilers at the end.

Duration: 02:30:20

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