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Episode 71: Incredibles 2 Trailer, Channel Zero Butchers Block, Legends of Tomorrow, Banshee

Didn't see Black Panther this week? No problem, we got ya covered! Welcome to our normal episode for the week, seperate from our Black Panther Review (go back to Episode 70 for our Black Panther Spoiler Review). This is a much shorter episode than usual, as Jordan, Joe & The Sidekicks head on down to the Trailer Park to discuss the new Incrediles 2 Trailer! We also go through the news for the week, hit up Tube Talk to discuss more of Channel Zero Butchers Block, the return of Legends of...


Episode 70: Black Panther

Long live the King! Welcome to our Black Panther spoiler review episode. Jordan, Joe, David, and Eric rate, review, and break down Marvel's new Black Panther movie. We go through the things we loved, the things we didnt love, and we also decipher easter eggs, pick our favorite character, rank the villain Killmonger among all other MCU villains, and a whole lot more. We also have a normal episode this week that is seperate from this one, so check that one out as well. Let us know what you...


Episode 69: Solo Trailer, New Star Wars Movie Series, Venom Trailer, The Cloverfield Paradox, Altered Carbon, Superbowl Trailers, A Lot of BIG News, Channel Zero Butchers Block

We're baaaaaack. After missing a week for the first time, we return, and as we returned everything dropped. And I mean everything. We start the week by hitting the Trailer Park to talk about the long awaited Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailers, Venom Trailer, Ant-Man & The Wasp Trailer, Deadpool 2 Trailer, Jessica Jones S2 Trailer, and more Superbowl Trailers. Also we were all hit with a huge surprise as during the Superbowl we were made aware that Netflix had acquired The Cloverfield Paradox...


Episode 68: Gotham by Gaslight, I Tonya, Molly's Game, Waco, Beyond, First Look at Captain Marvel

This week we have a lot of Tube Talk to go over as we review the movie Gotham by Gaslight, I Tonya, Molly's Game, and new TV Series Premiere's Waco, and The Alienist, as well as the season 2 premiere of Beyond, and a lot more in Tube Talk this week. We start off the week by going over the weeks news, which includes our first look at Brie Larson as Captain Marvel through some new set photo's, and what we think of the Captain Marvel suit we saw. Also, Logan gets nominated for an oscar, is...


Episode 67: Black Lightning, Electric Dreams, Solo A Star Wars Story, Arrowverse Mid-Season Premieres

It's a Supercast Miracle! Headlining this week is the premiere of Black Lightning! We rate and review this new CW super show that is not a part of the arrowverse. Did it live up to the hype? Find out. We also rate and review the new Amazon anthology series Electric Dreams. We also have a pretty hefty discussion on Solo: A Star Wars Story with all the production troubles, what excites us about it, and what doesn't. The Arrowverse shows Supergirl, Flash, and Arrow all make their mid-season...


Episode 66: Superman II The Richard Donner Cut, Stan Lee Allegations, Krypton Trailer, Avengers 4

This week Jordan, Joe, and Sidekicks David & Eric start off by covering all of the weeks news including the recent Stan Lee allegations, new Avengers 4 set photo's, the Black Widow movie gets a writer, Warner Bros. executive shake ups, Deadpool 2, New Mutants, and Gambit all get new release dates, Solo A Star Wars Story news, and a new John Wick TV show gets greenlit, plus much more in news. The Rewind segment makes a triumphant return this week as we break down and discuss Superman II:...


Episode 65: Black Mirror, All-Time Superhero Movies, New Head of DCEU

Welcome to the first Supercast episode of 2018! Highlighting this week is Black Mirror Season 4, as Jordan, Joe, and Sidekicks David & Eric rate and review all 6 episodes from the new season. We also continue down our All-Time Superhero Movie List as we rate and discuss The Crow, The Phantom, Spawn, and The Blade Trilogy. We take rememberance in what it was like when Brandon Lee tragically passed away filming The Crow, and how monumental the film was. In the news this week, DC elects a new...


Episode 64: The Supercast Best of 2017, Bright, Black Mirror, The Toys That Made Us

Happy New Year! Jordan, Joe, and Sidekick David look back at the monumental year of 2017 as we each pick our "Best Pop Culture Movie of 2017", "Best Overall Movie of 2017", "Best Pop Culture TV Show of 2017", and "Best Overall TV Show of 2017". We then name our pick for each category for The Supercast's choice as a whole. We then look ahead to possibly one of the most monumental Super Hero years coming up here in 2018. We go through a little bit of news as well, and we jump into Tube Talk...


Episode 63: 2nd Annual Supercast Christmas Cast (A Joe Prime Christmas)

Merry Supercast Christmas!!! Old Man Schuette joins Jordan, Joe & The Sidekicks for the 2nd Annual Supercast Christmas Cast: A Joe Prime Christmas. We have our own Supercast Christmas once again by opening gifts from each other on facebook live (awesome geek gifts I might add). We then continue the Christmas Cast by each picking our all time favorite christmas movies, and going over The Question for this week which was christmas themed, as we get our listeners involved. We also go over the...


Episode 62: Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

This week Jordan, Joe, and The Sidekicks are joined by the better Eric, Eric Marable, as the time has come for the Jedi to end. Welcome to our SPOILER Review, Discussion, Breakdown, and straight up war with each other over Star Wars: The Last Jedi. This episode is ALL Star Wars The Last Jedi. We open up by giving our intial rating and overall thoughts, and by the end of the episode after we have all had enough, we revisit our ratings and see if they stand. Nothing gets us worked up quite...


Episode 61: Happy!, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Arrowverse Mid-Season Finale's

This week Jordan, Joe, and Sidekick Eric discuss the Happy! premiere, an Image comic adaption on SyFy, as well as the 2 hour Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 5 premiere, and the CW Arrowverse Mid-Season Finale's to headline this episode. We hit up the Trailer Park to discuss the new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer, and the new animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse trailer. In the news this week, the Disney/Fox deal looms over our heads. Will the Fantastic Four be included in that...


Episode 60: Crisis on Earth-X, Infinity War Trailer, Behind The Scenes Justice League Problems

It is our 1 year anniversary! Thank you to everyone who supports us, and especially those few of you who have been there since episode one this time last year! Headlining this episode, Jordan, Joe & The Sidekicks break down and rate the 4-part Arrowverse crossover "Crisis on Earth-X" as well as the long awaited Avengers: Infinity War Trailer. In the news this week we go over a lot of new details that have emerged covering the trouble and problems behind the scenes of Justice League, and...


Episode 59: The Athena Finger Interview - Heir to The Batman

Welcome to a very special episode of The Supercast. This episode we are joined by the granddaughter of Bill Finger (Co-Creator of Batman), and star of the documentary Batman & Bill, Athena Finger! We had such a damn good time talking with Athena and gaining insight into what it was like fighting for recognition for her grandfather as co-creator of batman. If you don't know the story of Bill Finger, please watch the Hulu documentary Batman & Bill. Athena goes over the story of Bill Finger...


Episode 58: Marvel's Runaways, The Punisher, Multiple Man Movie, Future of DCEU

This episode Jordan, Joe, David and unofficial sidekick Eric Wade give spoiler-free reviews of the newly released Marvel's Runaways on Hulu, the new Marvel Netflix series The Punisher, and another new series from Hulu called Future Man. The news is highlighted this week by new Batman rumors, the future of the DCEU, Jude Law cast as a lead role in Captain Marvel, and also James Franco starring in a Multiple Man X-Men spinoff film among many other things. Joe watched the new AMC series...



The time has finally come to unite the 7....i mean the 5, or 6? Justice League is finally here! 40 years in the making to bring all these heroes together on the big screen. Was it worth the wait? We tell you what we thought. Jordan and Joe break down the movie's best moments, its worst moments, and we give our overall rating, thoughts, and debate the future of the DCEU while we also answer questions from David who has not seen the movie. We also talk about the rotten tomatoes effect, and...


Episode 56: New Star Wars Trilogy Announced, Justice League First Reactions, Disney Almost Acquires Fox, Hollywood Allegations

This week Jordan and Joe are joined by Ty Purvis from the new Humperdoo Review podcast, and unofficial sidekick Eric Wade as always, plus Rod Claerbout joins later on, and Sidekick David stops by for the big Star Wars news. We mostly talk some big news this week, as we discuss the newly announced Star Wars Trilogy from Rian Johnson (Director of the upcoming Star Wars The Last Jedi movie). We also get our first reactions from critics and such for Justice League. How is it doing so far?...


Episode 55: The Flash, Stranger Things 2 Spoiler Review, Call of Duty WWII, Han Solo News

This is the normal episode for this week. We also released Episode 54: Thor Ragnarok with our full breakdown review in spoilery goodness. This episode Jordan, Joe, David, and Eric review Stranger Things 2 in full. Jordan reviews the new Call of Duty WWII, did this series finally get back to its roots? In the news this week we find out just how much Ron Howard re-shot of the Han Solo film. We get some more Shazam casting news, and who the villain will be. Also we get news of Jordan Peele...


Episode 54: Thor Ragnarok

It's time to Ragnarok'n Roll. SPOILER EPISODE! You've been warned. This episode is all Thor Ragnarok. Jordan, Joe, and David are joined by Matt "The Blue Fish" Kirby as we review in full Thor Ragnarok. We rate the movie, give our overall thoughts, break it down from beginning to end, talk about the biggest reveals, and ask some questions that this film has left us with, while we also try to answer some of those questions. Is this the best Thor yet, and where does it rank among The MCU? Is...


Episode 53: Stranger Things 2, Shazam Casting, Deathstroke Movie, Halloween Cast

Happy Halloween and all that shit. On this scary episode, we had a ton of stuff to discuss. Stranger Things 2 debuted this week so we give our spoiler-free initial thoughts on the episodes we have seen, one of us seeing the whole season already. Big news this week as we have finally gotten our Shazam! Zachary Levi has been cast as Shazam, what do we think? You may be surprised. We also got word of a Deathstroke movie in the works, possibly from The Raid director. Some big Marvel news this...


Episode 52: DC Talk, New DC Show In The Works, All-Time Superhero List, Star Wars Talk

Episode "DC 52". This week Jordan, Joe, David, and Eric discuss a ton of DC! The Question this week is DC related where we and the listeners picked our favorite DC movie and comic characters, as well as our favorite DC movie, and comic story. We also continue down our All-Time Superhero Movie List but in DC style as we rate all the DCEU movies to date. We visit the Trailer Park to discuss and rate the second new Black Panther trailer. Highlighting the news this week is a new DC TV show in...


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