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Octopath, Minecraft (Story Mode) and the Wonderful 111

Lots of Nintendo Switch games flooded our systems this week! KC takes a trip with two of the Project Octopath Travelers, builds excitement up for Minecraft: Story Mode, and tries to embrace the darkness in 36 Fragments of Midnight, while JV turns the beatdown around in Flip Wars. We also have too many new games to keep up with in the news rundown, and discuss how dark a game can reasonably go in the Community Pulse. SUPPORT US ON...

Duration: 01:25:15

Nintendo Direct, Semispheres, and Kingdoms Galore

It's time for another exciting Nintendo Direct, and we're going in-depth into every Nintendo Switch title we saw, from Arena of Valor to Xenoblade Chronicles 2. While we're at it, KC reviews the mysterious pixel sim experience of Kingdom: New Lands while JV sinks his teeth into the stealthy puzzle action of Semispheres. SUPPORT US ON PATREON TIMESTAMPS Semishperes Review - 13:05 Kingdom: New Lands Review – 21:53 Nintendo Direct Rundown –...

Duration: 01:26:55

Mario + Rabbids, Azure Striker Gunvolt, and Mandatory Memory

JV raves about Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, KC has shocking things to say about the Azure Striker Gunvolt Striker Pack, and we ask the listeners for their opinions on the future of Nintendo Switch games requiring SD memory cards. All that, plus the week's Nintendo Switch news, new releases and more! SUPPORT US ON PATREON JOIN THE SWITCH CAST COMMUNITY Facebook - Twitter - @TheSwitchCast Instagram -...

Duration: 01:20:28

Nindie Summer Showcase, League of Evil & The Co-Op Club

A trailer full of Nindie trailers just dropped in our lap, so we have to go over every last one of them! Also, JV begins working his JoyCon on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, KC takes on the League of Evil, and we listen to what you have to say about the hottest indie titles we saw this week. In addition, we go over all the Nintendo Switch news and new releases. SUPPORT US ON PATREON JOIN THE SWITCH CAST COMMUNITY Facebook -...

Duration: 01:24:36

Sonic Mania, Fate/Extella & The Summer of Play

JV runs full speed into Sonic Mania on Switch, and in the name of the Moon, KC will punish you... for not listening to his first impressions of Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star. He also has tales to tell from the Nintendo Summer of Play event in Brooklyn. In the news, we have a new ARMS contender, new DLC for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and new hope that Final Fantasy XV is coming to Nintendo Switch! SUPPORT US ON PATREON JOIN THE SWITCH CAST...

Duration: 01:33:29

Rayman Legends, Custom Consoles & The Cult of the New

KC cleans up Phantom Trigger on Nintendo Switch while JV jumps on the wild side in Rayman Legends - but only because his Sonic Mania shipment got delayed. =^( In the news, Nintendo is rolls out a site to build your own custom Switch color combos, and we answer a truckload of your comments & questions, including whether we're jumping to new games a bit too fast. SUPPORT US ON PATREON HDE Travel Case for Nintendo Switch - The...

Duration: 01:22:19

Phantom Trigger, Retro City Rampage & The Great Mayo Caper

KC pulls the Phantom Trigger for Nintendo Switch, JV goes old school with Retro City Rampage, and we talk about all the fun and intrigue surrounding the latest Splatoon 2 SplatFest. We also have all the week's Nintendo Switch news and new releases lined up and some Community Pulse questions to tackle. SUPPORT US ON PATREON JOIN THE SWITCH CAST COMMUNITY Facebook - Twitter - @TheSwitchCast Instagram -...

Duration: 01:16:20

Cave Story+, Overcooked and a Tourney Tornado

We're feeling the competitive heat as one big Nintendo Switch tournament comes to close but others rise off the horizon! KC goes deep into retro remake Cave Story+, JV has a multiplayer feast with Overcooked Special Edition, and we both get down and dirty with more Splatoon 2 modes. We also gather up all the news and new Nintendo Switch releases of the week as well as talk about what mecha titles we want to see come to the system in the Community Pulse. SUPPORT US ON...

Duration: 01:17:51

Splatoon 2, a Deluge of Games & a Musical Mix

So many games, so much time playing Splatoon 2! We have a real dilemma here as the Nintendo Switch has long ditched its identity as a "Zelda machine" as we have over 10 new games this week to talk about. SUPPORT US ON PATREON Hard Plastic Joy-Con Protectors - Nintendo Switch Backpack - JOIN THE SWITCH CAST COMMUNITY Facebook - Twitter -...

Duration: 01:18:11

SplatFest, Online Apps & 5 Mins to Kill (Your Friends)

'Twas the night before Splatoon 2 and speaking real fast, JV and KC were recording a podcast. Yep, we're getting ready to dive into the inky goodness of this massive Nintendo Switch title! But until then, we'll pacify ourselves by trying to figure out this Switch Online App. Also, JV's blowing up his sci-fi friends in Astro Duel and Implosion, while KC mellows out and takes a long hard look at himself in I and Me. We also review some Joy-Con protectors by HDE, run down the week's Nintendo...

Duration: 01:23:24

Silly Little Squid People

Season 2 kicks off with tons of Nintendo Switch news to catch up on, not the least of which is the Splatoon 2 Direct we recap as well as pick our sides for this weekend's Splatfest! Plus, we've been playing more Death Squared, Oceanhorn, GoNNER and the new ARMS update. KC also talks about his new Nintendo Switch backpack he's been touting around town. SUPPORT US ON PATREON Nintendo Switch Backpack by HDE ($17): JOIN THE...

Duration: 01:17:47

Switch Topics: Pixel Perfect

Extra awesome guests Lu Nascimento and Jay Baylis, artists from Chucklefish Games, join us to talk about their upcoming pixel art strategy game Wargroove for Nintendo Switch and discuss what makes pixel art so appealing to fans and Nindie game developers. SUPPORT US ON PATREON Wargroove Blog - Wargroove Subreddit - JOIN THE SWITCH CAST COMMUNITY Facebook -...

Duration: 01:05:18

A Dire Antagonist

We set sail for new Nintendo Switch adventures this week as we review the Nindie roguelike platformer GoNNER and the high-sea adventure game Oceanhorn! SUPPORT US ON PATREON SIGN UP FOR THE MARIO KART 8 SWITCHCUP! JOIN THE SWITCH CAST COMMUNITY Facebook - Twitter - @TheSwitchCast Instagram - Discord -...

Duration: 00:55:02

JV's E3 Spotlight

Prodigal co-host JV returns to talk about week one of his experience with ARMS and give a quick rundown of his Nintendo Switch E3 opinions. Meanwhile, KC takes an early look at the co-op puzzler, Death Squared. And as always, we have lots of news to run down and listener questions to deliver brilliant answer to as well! SUPPORT US ON PATREON RUNJUMPSTOMP HOMEPAGE DOCK SOCKS BY...

Duration: 01:08:15

The Nintendo E3 Experience

For this extra-long E3 special, RunJumpStomp steps in for an added bass boost as we discuss everything Nintendo showed off for the Nintendo Switch (as well as a few things we learned are NOT coming to the Nintendo Switch). SUPPORT US ON PATREON RUNJUMPSTOMP HOMEPAGE DOCK SOCKS BY RUNJUMPSTOMP AMIIBO CARDS BY BRETT...

Duration: 01:58:49

Big Dreams

The Pokemon Direct gets us dreaming big about the future of the franchise on Nintendo Switch, as we talk about Pokken Tournament, the lingering possibility of Pokemon Stars for Nintendo Switch and other pocket monster series that might find a home here. And apparently the world blew up about an hour after our last episode, so now we have to catch up on the Nintendo Switch Online Service details, as well as first impressions of Binding of Isaac, Ultra Street Fighter 2, and a second round of...

Duration: 01:34:52

Retrain Your Brain

This week KC and JV take a Test Punch in the face! And we're not only talking all about our ARMS experiences, we're shooting off all of our Nintendo Switch predictions and dreams for Nintendo's big E3 showing coming up. JV also reviews the aggressive rhymth action game Thumper, while KC chills with an update to VOEZ. And as always, we run down all the week's Nintendo Switch news, and read your comments and emails. SUPPORT US ON PATREON JOIN THE...

Duration: 01:38:39

Minecraftian Horrors

We delve deep into Minecraft for the Nintendo Switch with special SwitchCast community leader, Rin! We also review LEGO City Undercover, debate the $40 pricetag of Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers, run down the week's news, read your questions in the Community Pulse, and pose a thought-provoking moral dilemma for the next time you have friends play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Switch! SUPPORT US ON PATREON 8BITDO NES30 Pro Controller:...

Duration: 01:28:51

Mode of ARMS

The team is back together as we take a look at the ARMS Direct to see what kind of punch this game could pack for the Nintendo Switch. We also take a quick peek at the Splatoon 2 trailer, review NBA Playgrounds and go over all the week's Nintendo Switch news and read your feedback in the Community Pulse! SUPPORT US ON PATREON SWITCH DOCK SOCKS: (USE CODE: RJSDOCKSOCK for $1 off) JOIN THE SWITCHCAST...

Duration: 01:26:29

Switch Topics: Building a Community

Tonight, JV takes a break to make room for amazing Miz Sylver who manages the SwitchPass Boston community (formerly StreetPass Boston) to discuss what it takes to make your own gaming community, and what makes having one so great! SUPPORT US ON PATREON LISTEN TO MIZ The PokéProblems Podcast - Twitter - @PokemonCast AND @MzSylver SwitchPass Boston - JOIN THE...

Duration: 01:22:52

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