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How You Go From Broke to $1 Million: The Power of Education

“If you get too far behind financially in your life, it’s almost impossible to catch up.” - Tai Lopez (click to tweet) You can either be right or rich. So if you’re not rich, then you’re most likely holding onto your opinions too strongly. You’re doing this because you’re afraid of being proved wrong. Well, in educating yourself by listening to others, you learn that you are wrong. And the moment when you accept this is the start to a life of wealth. On today’s episode of The Tai Lopez...


How To Market Your Business Like Apple

“It’s good to convey your authority, but it has to be authority that translates to how you can help the customer.” - Tai Lopez (click to tweet) Marketing is storytelling. And the core of storytelling is simplicity. Take Apple for example. If you visit their website, you will find they are driving you to one product. If you visit an Apple store, the directions are simple: browse. At each customer touchpoint of their business, they are delivering a simple message for you to understand and...


The 3 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

“To get to the top floor, you go up stairs step-by-step. If you try to jump too many steps ahead, you fall and break your neck. Don’t rush your business growth.” - Tai Lopez (click to tweet) Being an entrepreneur has its pros and cons. The same bone that causes you to become an entrepreneur is the thing that will trip you up. You see things in a different way and it bothers you. When you react too passionately to your vision for a better solution, you will try to build your business too...


The 6 Biggest Factors of Credit: How To Build A $3 Million Credit Line

“Checking your credit for your own personal use does not hurt your credit. This is a myth that gets passed around because people don’t understand credit.” - Stephen Liao (click to tweet) Credit is a highly misunderstood space. We believe myths like checking our credit score hurts the number. We mistakenly think that there’s a limit to how many credit cards we can take out. When we clear up the confusion, we can see the potential and opportunity this space provides. That’s why on...


Best of the Week: How To Get Out Of Your Head, Why 1.1 Billion YouTube Views Is Easier Than You Think, and Breaking Your Customer’s 3 False Beliefs

“Knowledge isn’t power. It’s applied knowledge. Wealthy people know the theory and the applied.” - Tai Lopez (click to tweet) Plateaus are part of the process. If your business is stagnant, it’s not your fault. But not doing anything about it, that is something you can blame yourself for. Provoking growth inside your business or personal brand requires creativity. And at the core of creativity, is a deeper well of knowledge to draw from. That’s why on today’s episode of The Tai Lopez...


0 to $1 Million: Why Applying Your Knowledge Is Most Important

“What separates people on the path from zero to a million are the people who use better tools. Sharpen your axe.” - Tai Lopez (click to tweet) It’s easy to feel productive. If you find tasks and do them, you will finish your days with that feeling of accomplishment. But sometimes we have to ask ourselves: “Is this really what I want to be doing?” Stepping out like this is the application of knowledge, where you put your understanding of how the world works against what you’re doing in...


Your Customer’s 3 False Beliefs: How To Break Them with Russell Brunson

“Our job as marketers is to break people’s false beliefs. How you do this is by telling personal stories of when you had that same false belief be broken.” - Russell Brunson (click to tweet) People aren’t buying your product because they believe a story. The story is something they’re telling themselves. It’s a list of reasons why they don’t need, can’t use, or won’t value your product/service. How you break this story is by getting them to hear a story about someone with those same...


$0 to $100 Million in 7 Years: Top Business Lessons with Patrick Bet-David

“The name isn’t important. What is important is the story behind the name.”- Patrick Bet-David (click to tweet) You can rely on your own experience to learn. And you can also learn from others. Those who only pursue the former strategy live a brutal life of challenges that could have been prevented had they opened their ears to the others’ stories. Which brings us to the second, learning from others. On today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are learning from Patrick Bet-David, who...


How Edutainment Will Get You 1.1 Billion YouTube Views

“If you can make something that’s genuinely educational and funny simultaneously, there’s serious money in that.” - Tai Lopez (click to tweet) People get too fixated on genre. They think their personal brand needs to convey a specific tone all the time. Funny, thought-provoking, artistic, whatever the obsession is doesn’t make sense; genre is a categorization structure created by the gatekeepers. But today, with the Internet having torched those gates and made the Wild West of content,...


How To 2x Your Output With ½ The Input

“Correct a fool, and they will hate you. Correct a wise person, and they will love you.” - Tai Lopez (click to tweet) We can’t work harder if the system is broken. Well, we actually can and many of us do, but that’s exactly the problem. Putting more energy into a leaky infrastructure is the wrong allocation of resources. We should constantly be evaluating and tinkering our workflow, as we learn more about ourselves and what our strengths and weaknesses are. On today’s episode of The...


Mastering Your Mind: How To Get Out of Your Head with Jay Shetty

“When I have an idea, I want to know as much what the Dalai Lama thinks as what the Mark Zuckerberg thinks. Because that polarity allows me to not get lost in the echo chamber.” - Jay Shetty (click to tweet) When you have nothing, you figure out what to do when you have something. For those of us living in the first world, this is a challenging concept to wrap our heads around (because we have so much.) Inducing poverty or struggle would bring us this enlightenment, but the learning...


Best of the Week: How To Net $400,000/Year, Why You Have More Power Than You Think, and Is Being A Sore Loser The Secret To Winning?

“Maybe we can enlighten ourselves (or each other) by studying the tactics the techniques of the outliers.” - Tai Lopez (click to tweet) Everyone has a different version of success. But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn something from how others achieved their version. By listening to the stories of successful people, we can refresh and reframe our understanding of our own success. In doing this, we develop a more accurate and honest northstar for our day-to-day. On today’s episode of...


How To Maximize Your Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness

“Teach parents a different definition of ‘love’. Love is not hugging your kids all the time. Love is sending your kids into the world with the major fundamental life skills. Love is a verb, not a sentiment.” - Tai Lopez (click to tweet) We grow up sitting in classrooms listening to teachers lecture. And now, as adults, we look back on those lectures and think: what was the point of that? For most of us, the entire experience, from history to calculus and kindergarten through college,...


How You Can Fly Private Jets and Drive Porsches For Free: Building Good Credit with Stephen Liao

“A high utilization rate hurts your credit score as much as missing a payment.” - Stephen Liao (click to tweet) It’s never too late to start building good credit. Thinking into the future, there will come a day when you need to take out a large sum of money. This could be the down payment on a house or the seed money to start your business. If you don’t have a good credit score, it will be near impossible to do this without enormous interest rates. So, the time is now to start building...


How You Can Elevate Your Status Without Changing Yourself with Dr. David Buss

“We evolved in small groups, and all groups have status hierarchies. From an evolutionary perspective, reproductively relevant resources always accrue to those with the highest status.” - Dr. David Buss (click to tweet) We can’t deny how much status means. As we stand in line waiting to buy the newest iPhone, it’s clear we’re doing it for the status symbol. Our current one works just fine, but the newest model from the most futuristic company on the planet is the microphone we need to...


How To Embrace Your Competitive Side with Odell Beckham Jr.

“I’ve seen a lot of people who hate to lose. I might be the worst loser. If you’re not a sore loser, you’re not a winner.”- Odell Beckham Jr. (click to tweet) Competitiveness is often frowned upon. Our friends and family want to see us succeed but don’t understand the level of grit required to get there. As a result, we subdue our inner beast to fit in with others. Reversing that tendency is easier than expected when you listen to the greats talk about their relationship with their...


How Exercise Will Help You Live Longer

“The problem is we have not structured our medicine to look at it in a holistic, global way.” (click to tweet) We all know we need to exercise. But it’s hard to know how we should exercise. Running, lifting weights, yoga, swimming, every type of exercise has its followers who tell you it’s the best exercise. With this much noise coming in, it can get difficult to determine who to listen to. That is why on today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are joined by gerontologist Dr. Paul H....


Why You Have More Power Than You Think with Ben Shapiro

“You have to believe you can succeed. You have to believe in an individual capacity to do better than what you are doing.” - Ben Shapiro (click to tweet) We all sit at different positions on the political spectrum. But regardless of where you stand, we can agree that harnessing the power inside ourselves is a more reliable method of self-help than government programs. Whether or not the government program can be better is a conversation about legislation. Today, we talk about the power in...


Best of the Week: How Honesty Can 3x Your Profit, The 3 Traits You Need To Know About Yourself, and How To Make $45,000/Month Profit

“Most entrepreneurs fail at targeting. They have OK landing pages, good creative assets, but they don’t know how to target. Spend marketing dollars on the people who will actually purchase your product.” - Dr. Alex Mehr (click to tweet) You can’t make money without understanding people. From negotiating deals to managing employees, every touchpoint of operating a business involves working alongside others. Without a basic understanding of human psychology, you will get taken advantage of...


$45,000/Month Profit: How To Make Money Online

“People are procrastinators. Give them a reason to buy right now or else they won’t.” - Tai Lopez (click to tweet) The goal is robotic income. This is the type of revenue stream that doesn’t require active work. Essentially, you’re making money while doing other things. To do this requires building a business that’s big enough to run by itself or selling product online. For us beginning entrepreneurs, we will start with the latter and use the powers of Shopify and Google Trends to supply...


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