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The GOP in Colorado: Was it Really Even a Debate?

Last night was round three for Republican presidential candidates. At the Coors Events Center at the University of Colorado, Boulder, 10 Republicans took the stage to answer questions about the economy.

Where do we stand, a week after Charlottesville?

Coming up on today's show: white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, VirginiaSusan PageShaun King Fiona Govan The Local, SpainLeBron James took to social media to speak outDave ZirinRafer GuzmanNewsdayTun KhinBurmese Rohingya Organization UKDan SullivanRefugees InternationalJohn DvorakMask of The Sun: The Science, History, and Forgotten Lore of EclipsesThis episode is hosted by Todd Zwillich.

Duration: 00:45:00

What does it mean to be anti-facist when you're antifa?

Coming up on today's show: Peter BeinartSheelah KolhatkarWilliam Lacy Swing, Jaime Yaya BarryPhelim KineG FarmsPhilip Martin Britt Daniel This episode is hosted by Todd Zwillich.

Duration: 00:47:56

"Where's the point that's too far?"

Coming up on today's show: Leonard LanceKenneth Lanci Kevin LonieMatt GoldKaren Hansen-KuhnNuala O’Connor Vann NewkirkHarry Leslie SmithThis episode is hosted by Todd Zwillich.

Duration: 00:46:19

"Wake up. You're a pawn." A former skinhead's message to the alt-right.

Coming up on today's show: The Southern Poverty Law Center has been documenting hate groups in the U.S. for decades. From 2015 to 2016, the organization saw a rise in the number of those groups operating in the U.S. Heidi Beirich, director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project, which tracks far right groups in the U.S., joins The Takeaway to break down the state of white supremacist groups in America, and The Takeaway also hears from to Timothy Zaal, a former skinhead...

Duration: 00:47:24

"Can only non-white people be terrorists?"

Coming up on today's show: Aryn Frazier Mayor Jim GrayA.D. Carson is a professor of hip hop at the University of Virginia, a position he moved into just this summer. When Carson was earning his Ph.D. at Clemson University, he worked actively with Clemson students, faculty, staff, and community members to raise awareness of historic and entrenched racism at the university, something he's hoping to do as he joins the university of Virginia. EclipseMob is a crowdsourced effort to conduct the...

Duration: 00:35:32

The Best of John Hockenberry

John Hockenberry has been the heart and host of The Takeaway from its inception nearly 10 years ago. While The Takeaway will march forward, John is moving on to find his next media adventure. Over the last decade, John, a multiple Peabody and Emmy Award winner, has crafted too many memorable and moving stories to list. But here are a few favorites, chosen by John and The Takeaway team

Duration: 00:42:40

John Hockenberry: My Takeaway

Coming up on today's show: Jon BaskinMary FelstinerTo Paint Her Life: Charlotte Salomon in the Nazi EraRafer Guzman Sarah TakakoHope Is ProjectDrew FaithfulPart of what makes The Takeaway The Takeaway is the way the show sounds. Jay Cowit, technical director of The Takeaway, sat down with John Hockenberry to discuss the things that have worked and helped to define a show that thinks outside of the sound of traditional public radio, and the things that haven't. John Hockenberry

Duration: 00:33:27

The firm grip of inequality.

Coming up on today's show: a new study Angus DeatonGregg ForeAndrew CohenPat NolanBernice Osborne PollardJack Grace

Duration: 00:45:09

A plea to "cool it" with the "fire and fury."

Coming up on today's show: Joel WitJefferson CroninBorzou Daragahirecent reporting Maria Al AbdehJessica RosgaardDanielle SeredCommon JusticeDouglas HowellMary McGriff

Duration: 00:46:26

The remorseful executioner.

Coming up on today's show: Alejandro VelascoAna Vanessa HerreroRemington GreggWairimu Gitahi Quinn KlinefelterGlenn MartinFrank Thompson

Duration: 00:49:38

After the shooting.

Coming up on today's show: Nicholas Turner Stephen NoerperStephen Montemayor Jaeah LeeAfter the Shooting: A Year in the Life of Gwen Woods Vikrum Aiyer explores this existential question in his new podcast, "American Enough produced by MouthMedia Network. Aiyer, a former senior policy adviser to President Obama, aims to have conversations that explore big issues like gender and race-based discrimination that fuel the country's divisions.

Duration: 00:47:00

Forgiveness: The ultimate vengeance.

Coming up on today's show: R.L. NaveBen WhiteRafer Guzman Katrina Thompson Pardeep KalekaServe2UniteThis episode is hosted by Todd Zwillich.

Duration: 00:46:28

Golf: "It's a little window into his soul."

Coming up on today's show: Alan ShipnuckTrevor AaronsonKevin RectorDaniel Medwed Dr. Arlene BaratzGillian RobespierreThis episode is hosted by Todd Zwillich.

Duration: 00:43:54

Can a White House in chaos handle the North Korean crisis?

Coming up on today's show: Admiral Mike MullenTrevor AaronsonDave ZirinannouncedJoe TanfaniJulia PrestonThe Marshall ProjectAn Associated Press investigation across all 50 states has found that the Supreme Court's ban on mandatory life without parole for juvenile homicide offenders has resulted in an uneven patchwork of responses as officials wrestle with complicated cases. Adam Geller, national writer for The Associated Press, discusses the changing norms around juvenile offenders who have...

Duration: 00:46:51

Single-payer moves front and center.

Coming up on today's show: Chris WhippleThe Gatekeepers: How the White House Chiefs of Staff Define Every PresidencyRosie GrayAdam GaffneyOmar Waraichwho has writtenLincoln MitchellUncertain Democracy: U.S. Foreign Policy and Georgia’s Rose RevolutionCongressman Bill FosterYour Mom’s FoodDan PashmanThis episode is hosted by Todd Zwillich.

Duration: 00:47:17

After a 7-year scream fest, can senators cross party lines?

Coming up on today's show: After seven years of increasingly heated rhetoric, will Senate Republicans admit defeat and begin to work with Democrats on a new health care bill? Some politicians have already begun discussing compromise, but most in the Senate GOP don't seem ready to give up on repeal and replace just yet. Joanne KenenThe White House announced last week that President Trump plans to sign Congress' newly drafted sanctions against Russia into law. In response, Russian President...

Duration: 00:45:51

Republican Party: The dog that caught the car?

In the early morning hours, during a marathon session in the Senate, the GOP's bill to repeal and replace Obamacare failed. Republicans came close to passing a "skinny repeal," but three Republican senators defected, leaving the Affordable Care Act in place for now. Mary Ellen McIntire, health care reporter for CQ Roll Call, and Brian Beutler, senior editor at The New Republic, join The Takeaway to break down what happened overnight in the Senate. Also, weighing in with the Republican...

Duration: 00:42:25

Foxconn: Trump's big win for American jobs?

Coming up on today's show: On Thursday, Venezuelans will participate in day two of a 48 hour strike, coordinated to fall ahead of a controversial election scheduled for Sunday. Patrick Duddy, former US Ambassador to Venezuela from 2007 to 2008, joins The Takeaway to discuss what the election could mean for the country's future. Without a clear strategy, it appears that the Trump administration may use potential resource exploitation as a reason for protracted military involvement in...

Duration: 00:42:36

"Fear and loathing of transgender Americans."

Coming up on today's show: Dan LamotheStaff Sergeant Patricia King Charles ClymerChad Day Jeffrey Youngaccording toAbrahm Lustgarten,Devawn BledsoeKristine Berzina Mohamad AlrefaiWhile I Was WaitingThis episode is hosted by Todd Zwillich.

Duration: 00:39:10

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