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484: Yext - How to Optimize Your Business For Voice Search

Have you noticed how we are increasingly using our voice rather than fingers for searching online? This got me thinking, in 5 years from now will the SEO and website info we have invested heavily in meaningless if everyone is seeking answers online by asking questions with their voice rather than their fingers? How do you optimize your site so that your services, or questions that your customers are asking with their voice will get directed to your business? I recently came across a...


482: Digital Marketing Technology Entrepreneur Shares His Startup Story

Marketing Town by Tech Essence is offering the next generation of campaign management, tracking, and analytics technology with their solution. But its the tech startup story behind the company that is even more intriguing. The Norwegian-born founder of Tech Essence, Ken Leren, has entrepreneurial blood flowing through his veins. Seeing a world of opportunity while working at a marketing technology company, he decided to quit and start a new business from scratch. Before he knew it, he had...


482: Climbing Higher With A Virtual Workforce and No Office

Bryan Miles is CEO & Co-founder of BELAY, alongside his wife Shannon. The leading US-based, virtual solutions company has over six hundred team members—all working from home, remotely thanks to advances in technology. Without an office, BELAY the company has graced the Inc. 5000 list three times and was awarded the number one spot in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Best Company Culture. BELAY provides virtual assistants, bookkeeping, copywriting, and webmaster services to leaders and fast-paced...


481: How Tech Is Enabling A Flexible Work & Mum Economy

That $1000 smartphone in your pocket is capable of so much more than just endlessly scrolling down. How about putting it to better use? Changing your life, building your own business, community or even launching your own event. Sound far-fetched, well today I want to inspire you to think differently When today's guest was faced with having to return to work after her maternity leave, she turned to technology and a host of free online tools to help her launch her own business and live life...


480: The FinTech Startup Using Machine Learning Disrupt Asset Management

Pagaya is a fintech company using machine learning and data analytics to reshape the asset management space. They appeared on my radar after recently announced its launch in the U.S. with $75MM in debt financing from Citigroup. Pagaya will use the funding to create a new leveraged fund suite called the Opportunity Fund. Financial technology has come a long way to improve the experience of individual investors, but there has been little progress made at the institutional level. After...


479: Noodle AI - Why Artificial Intelligence Is Not Magic. It's Data

From global leader of Watson for IBM global business services to enterprise artificial intelligence leader Noodle AI, Stephen Pratt has a fascinating story to share. The tech industry is filled with buzzwords, and many techies hide behind jargon. But anything this going to transform businesses, then it needs to be in a language that everyone understands and not just the IT departments. For example, I don't think there is anyone that would argue that Artificial Intelligence is going to...


478: The Rise Of The Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)

According to Microsoft, an incredible 97% of consumers will leave a brand based on a negative customer experience. Meanwhile, a recent study by Marketforce revealed that 66% of customers would switch mobile carriers to get better value for their price. Equally, 33% will change wireless carrier to get more flexible plans to fit their needs. Welcome to the digital world where the personalization of everything is the new currency. If a brand fails to listen to its customers or remove...


477: Jay Leopardi - How Fanstereo Is Empowering Artists and Fans

Jay Leopardi is the co-founder and CEO of the entertainment industry’s newest lifestyle brand, Fanstereo. As an industry veteran, Leopardi had an early start in entertainment, which led to his career success as a lifestyle and pop culture branding expert. Prior to the creation of Fanstereo, Jay founded Bad Boy Branding in 2006 – a full-service brand-building agency that specializes in developing a brand’s image, messaging and the strategic processes behind a brand’s success. While...


476: Exploring Property or Places in VR and 360 Video With 3Explor

360 video and virtual reality are taking the buying experience to radical new heights. With access to the full picture and the ability to completely immerse themselves, buyers are no longer reliant on anonymous reviews and guesswork – they can experience the atmosphere first hand. The technology used to create 360° video and virtual reality is maturing fast. Now people can enjoy exploring property and places from afar, and businesses can attract custom in ways that were not previously...


475: Creating A Global Impact Through Entrepreneurship, Tech & Crypto

Today's guest is Jesse Sullivan, the founder & CEO of Alter, a nonprofit on a mission to transform the developing world through high growth entrepreneurship. The company finds the most promising ventures in developing countries and helps them scale by accomplishing what billions of dollars of aid have largely failed to do: building businesses, leaping over gaps in infrastructural development and creating thousands of jobs locally. Alter is in four countries—Haiti, Afghanistan, Cuba,...


474: How Technology is Influencing Cupertino Electric

John Boncher is the CEO of Cupertino Electric, a tech-powered infrastructure, and engineering company headquartered in the West Coast. With commercial customers of all shapes and sizes in a variety of industries, Cupertino Electric, Inc. (CEI) is best known for designing and installing first-of-their-kind electrical systems that help customers achieve their vision. Despite offices in Silicon Valley, San Francisco and the Los Angeles area where many commercial projects are built, CEI...


473: From Professional Tennis To Tech Startup CEO & Lessons Learned

Hartmut Liebel is the CEO of iQor, a managed services and solutions provider for some of the world's most well-known technology brands. But I invited him on the show today to share his experiences in losing both as a professional tennis player and in business settings, and how these experiences have paid dividends in his role as CEO at iQor. Former ranked tennis pro Hartmut Liebel is the current president and CEO of iQor, an integrated services partner for some of the world’s leading...


472: How Skratch Connects Dallas Teens with Local Paying Gigs

When was your first job? For a large majority of our teens today, they’re not working. (A decline of 30% over the last 40 years due to extracurriculars, sports, music, tutoring, homework, and the list goes on.) Teenagers have a lot to offer. They’re motivated by opportunity and reward, same as adults. But, it used to be easier for young people to find honest work around the neighborhood. Enter Skratch, a mobile demand-based platform founded by the father of two teenage daughters. The...


471: Ashley Boolell Explores The Dark Net In His Novel ‘Killed In’

Has an idea ever popped into your head for a great book or TV series? Did you quickly write down your concept or did you simply forget about it? Ashley Boolell went a step further and used technology to turn his idea into a novel. I invited him onto the show today to tell us more about his book and what could potentially happen when you combine the dark net and LinkedIn. But more than anything, I wanted to find out more about his creative process and how he was able to write, publish and...


470: Why Former Apple CEO John Sculley In The Disruption Business

John Sculley, former CEO of Apple and current CMO of RxAdvance reveals why he is still in the disruption business and what it felt like having Jeff Daniels play him in the Aaron Sorkin Steve Jobs movie. We discuss how his time at Apple led to his current role as a disruptor in the healthcare industry and the future of disruption in the industry. John Sculley talks about what the role of AI will have in healthcare in the future and he believes healthcare is his “noble cause” and reveals...


469: MarTech - Nuxeo, The Cloud-Native Content Services Platform

Nuxeo, maker of the leading, cloud-native content services platform, is reinventing enterprise content and digital asset management. The company is fundamentally changing how people work with both data and content to realize new value from digital information. Its cloud-native, hyper-scalable content services platform has been deployed by large enterprises, mid-sized businesses and government agencies worldwide. Customers like Verizon, Boeing, Electronic Arts, and the US Department of...


468: WWPass - How PassHub Is Protecting User Credentials

WWPass is a global cybersecurity company that provides identity, authentication, and access management (IAM) technology. The company battles data breaches and identity theft with advanced authentication and data storage technology to deliver a user experience as convenient as it is secure. WWPass serves individuals, small and midsized businesses, as well as enterprises in higher education, e-commerce and other industries that need to provide their customers and employees with superior...


467: How Paragon Coin Is Using Blockchain To Transform The Cannabis Industry

Jessica VerSteeg has enjoyed a successful career as a fashion and print model for nearly ten years. During her time as a model, she also was also crowned Miss Iowa US 2014 and placed in the top 10 at the Miss US pageant. After losing someone close to her due to an accidental overdose of painkillers, she decided to dedicate herself to changing the perception of alternative painkillers like cannabis. She then founded AuBox, an upscale medical marijuana delivery service. But the laws and...


466: Using Tech to Become a Location Independent Serial Entrepreneur

Renowned online marketer, book publisher, and SEO expert Tom Libelt has mastered the whole digital nomad/location independence thing with ease. But I wanted to find out more about his entrepreneurial story and how he learned to hustle from the school of hard knocks. I chat to Tom about how listeners can make changes and leverage the opportunities technology brings to make a living from a laptop and a wi-fi connection in any location. We also discuss how his team has published over 5000...


465: The Successful Tech Startup Story Behind PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt, the world's largest editing app that's created a new kind of creative community and has evolved beyond its impressive product features to create a new kind of social collaboration. But, I wanted to learn more about how the PicsArt Photo Studio went from a small tech startup in Armenia and grew to be a global company, so I invited the CEO, Hovhannes Avoyon onto the show. There are 3,000+ mobile-editing tools; the technology rivals the abilities of Photoshop, all on a smartphone....


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