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357: Everything You Need to Know To Build Your E-Commerce Empire On Amazon

AMZ Insiders is focused on helping new sellers launch their own successful Amazon business. With over $60 million in sales on Amazon per year as a top 50 global seller. The company was also featured on Worldwide Business hosted by Kathy Ireland for a 30-minute segment about their e-commerce success. I invited AMZ Insiders, Co-Founder, Jamie Davidson onto the show to learn more about how the incredible growth of e-commerce and Amazon. Jamie also highlights the misconceptions people have...

Duration: 00:34:16

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Changing The Game Of Golf

On recent podcast episodes, I have spoken with Real Madrid about becoming the first sporting brand to reach 100m likes on Facebook. Then Umbel the first-party data management platform that empowers sporting clubs to engage better and understand their audience. The Motorsport Network also revealed how they were accelerating the digital transformation of F1 and Motorsport. But, this got me thinking if But, this got me thinking if technology is also directly impacting actual sports by...

Duration: 00:27:14

355: SimpleLegal - How Legal Tech Startups Are Disrupting the Industry

Technology is revolutionizing multiple industries as the digital transformation of everything gathers pace. I have recently spoken with businesses and CEOs about healthtech, edtech and fintech, but I wanted to find out more about legal tech. Legal technology, also known as Legal Tech, refers to the use of technology and software to provide legal services. Legal Tech companies are generally startups founded with the purpose of disrupting the traditionally conservative legal...

Duration: 00:23:02

354: Biometric Authentication & Identification Technology With BioConnect

BioConnect is a technology company with a fundamentally different approach to "identity." The BioConnect Identity Platform provides secure, frictionless biometric authentication that works across any channel. BioConnect’s team strongly believes in the importance of flexibility and consumer choice in verifying identity. Consumers want to decide whether to capture their fingerprint, be prompted to speak, scan their eyes, or enter a password. Merchants and banks also need choices in the way...

Duration: 00:19:28

353: The Tech Transforming Employee Feedback & Performance Reviews

Employee engagement and the antiquated performance review has been a long-standing issue within many industries, and the tech industry is no different. But new research from Culture Amp found that new tech companies may have a leg up on traditional tech companies. New Tech organizations are some of the most innovative companies in the world. They also compete fiercely for talent - so understanding what New Tech employees need is essential. Culture Amp recently revealed a report that...

Duration: 00:17:45

352: EdTech - On Parsegon, Writing Online Math Is Easy

Parsegon -is looking to revolutionize the digital education landscape. The platform transcribes plain English text to different symbols and visualizations (specifically it is helpful with math, chemistry, and economics). The team is comprised entirely of college students and backed by Columbia University. I invited Mathew Pregasen onto the show to talk to learn more about Parsegon and also how he is launching the second iteration of Paperspade (a similar tool used by students note-taking...

Duration: 00:13:12

351: GuruWalk - The International Free Walking Tours Community

Guruwalk is a new start-up that is rapidly growing and connecting travelers to anyone that wants to become a free tour guide. The platforms mission is simple, "To build a global community for travelers to have great experiences all around the world and become the reference marketplace for hiring local tour guides." However, the startup is also using the platform to help people in need, who are passionate about history and culture, by allowing them to earn money thanks to the donations...

Duration: 00:15:40

350: FinTech - Right Networks Survey Reveals Bright Future For Technology & the Finance Industry

Right Networks is a cloud-based accounting and business solutions for CPA firms, accounting professionals and small to medium businesses who want to gain all the benefits of cloud-based applications without needing to replace what they use today. A new Right Networks survey of accounting professionals finds cloud technology driving productivity, reshaping workflow to allow CPAs to deliver more strategic guidance and advisory services. There is a reason to be optimistic about job growth...

Duration: 00:19:42

349: The Tech Startup Story Behind Ibotta (Cash Savings, Rewards & Coupons App)

Ibotta CEO, Bryan Leach - graduated from Harvard, went to Oxford on Marshall Scholarship and then got his law degree from Yale in 2005. Then after a year clerking for US Supreme Court Justice David Souter and joining a Denver law firm, he quit law after he saw someone on an airplane taking pictures of business cards with a phone. The observation made him realize that people would rather take pictures of shopping receipts to “coupon” after they buy something than the other way around....

Duration: 00:20:46

348: CareerBuilder Talent Discovery - A Machine-Learning, Automation Driven Platform

CareerBuilder recently launcheds a first-of-its-kind talent discovery platform that is an expansion of CareerBuilder’s end-to-end solutions. As HR turns to tech, this latest addition is reducing the time it takes to source job candidates from hours/days to a matter of minutes and providing an unprecedented level of speed and efficiency to recruiters. Talent Discovery is bringing data science, machine learning and AI to recruitment/HR, helping to get new employees in the door faster....

Duration: 00:18:55

347: Home61 The Story Behind The Tech-driven Miami Real Estate Startup

Home61 is a real estate tech startup with a mission to bring the joy back to home buying and renting. They're also announcing new funding from Founders Fund as well as nationwide expansion in today's podcast. It's often said that being a real estate agent is like being a tech entrepreneur. The vast majority of agents fail within just a few years because they're essentially launching their own business where they have to take care of everything from marketing/lead gen to legal...

Duration: 00:31:39

346: EdTech - How Top Hat is Transforming How Professors Author, Adopt and Collaborate on Textbooks

Top Hat, a higher education startup that's already used in 75% of the major North American colleges and universities. They recently launched the first-ever digital content marketplace for higher education (like Etsy for professors), so that profs and academics can create, share, and collab on interactive, completely digital course materials. Their aim is to decentralize the antiquated textbook industry (like an airbnb or uber did for their industries), upend traditional, inflated...

Duration: 00:18:02

345: How AirFox Are Banking the Unbanked Through A $6.5 Million AirToken ICO

AirFox is leveraging blockchain technology to make mobile data more affordable and accessible to millions of people around the world. To do this, AirFox created a new cryptocurrency called AirTokens that will be redeemable for mobile data on pre-paid plans. Users earn these AirTokens by opting to view advertisements in AirFox’s free Android apps. AirFox recently announced it will open an Initial Coin Offering to fund development and launch of the AirToken and a revolutionary...

Duration: 00:15:29

344: Apttus - Maria Pergolino Talks About Women in Technology And Diversity in IT

Apttus’ SVP of Global Marketing and Sales Maria Pergolino on what the future of work means for women. Recently Maria has been recognized with a Stevie Award for Women in Business and has been named to both the Top 50 Most Influential People and 20 Women to Watch from the Sales Lead Management Association. Maria and Neil also discuss: How the future of work is different for women than it is for menThings that women need to worry about that men do not when it comes to the future of...

Duration: 00:21:50

342: How Uploadcare Handles File Processing and Management For The Modern Web

File handling is a major source of frustration for developers, since most of the tools available are outdated, and they constantly have to re-invent the way their file systems work. Users are also limited to a few sources of files; the uploading takes a long time and is rather unstable, often requiring the user to repeat their actions. Uploadcare is seamlessly integrated to allow uploading, editing and posting images to a blog, website or app straight from a computer, a mobile device,...

Duration: 00:13:25

342: How Qmarkets Is Leading The Innovation Management Platform Market

One of the biggest challenges faced by most large organizations is tackling disruption which is brought about by new innovative start-ups. Qmarkets is helping these companies across the globe to overcome this challenge by engaging their employees through a digital collaboration tool which allows them to submit, develop, and evaluate thousands of ideas and solutions. They've already developed solutions for leading companies such as Nestle, Ford, Unicredit, PMI, Lufthansa, and the...

Duration: 00:20:28

341: William Shatner Talks About LottoGopher, Star Trek & the Ubuntu Project

William Shatner is a Canadian and an Emmy Award-winning actor who became most famous for portraying Captain James Tiberius Kirk of the starship Enterprise. But there is much more today's guest than his career in the Star Trek franchise. Shatner's 2004 cover version of Pulp’s Common People produced by Ben Folds from his underrated Has Been album is still one of my all-time favorite cover versions and many are unaware that he is also a New York Times Bestselling author. But despite an...

Duration: 00:13:48

340: Phishing Protection for Office 365, Gmail & Outlook With Inky

In the last few episodes, we have talked about what feels like a never-ending wave of constant cyber attacks, email vulnerabilities and how in the eyes of users and business there are elements of threat intelligence fatigue where people are switching off from their online responsibilities. But I have come across a cool new product called Inky. The add-on for Outlook and Gmail detects email-based spear phishing attempts. It uses a wide variety of heuristics including machine-learning...

Duration: 00:31:59

339: The Creative Hub for the Modern For Music Creation Collaboration

Back in 2010, Steve Martocci wanted an easy way to send messages between him and his friends, not a simple prospect at the time. He created GroupMe, a group messaging platform that was acquired in 2011 by Skype a mere 370 days after its launch for $85 million. Here in 2017, Steve Martocci now leads product vision as the CEO and co-founder of Splice. With over 1 million users, Splice is rapidly gaining a reputation as the creative hub for the modern musician. The platform allows artists to...

Duration: 00:21:09

338: Cyber Security - Threat Protection Without Sacrificing Network Performance

Maintaining the security of critical and sensitive data is no small feat for global enterprises. In today’s cyber reality, even secure fiber optic networks can be at risk of unlawful interception and fiber tapping, or diversion of a transmission for unlawful surveillance. While cloud-based encryption solutions can address this vulnerability, they often do so at the cost of network performance. Chris Richter is Level 3’s senior vice president of managed security services and is responsible...

Duration: 00:19:15

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