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The show for American soccer fans. We talk USMNT, World Cup, EPL, MLS and more. We're the show for intelligent American soccer fans who love tactics as much as trivia.

The show for American soccer fans. We talk USMNT, World Cup, EPL, MLS and more. We're the show for intelligent American soccer fans who love tactics as much as trivia.
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The show for American soccer fans. We talk USMNT, World Cup, EPL, MLS and more. We're the show for intelligent American soccer fans who love tactics as much as trivia.




Herculez Gomez on minority outreach, plus: United Soccer Coaches Convention roundup

Daryl and Taylor go over the highlights of a whirlwind few days at the United Soccer Coaches Convention in Philly. Then, starting at 22:45, Taylor interviews Herculez Gomez about US Soccer's minority outreach. Today's show is sponsored by Enclosed, the luxury lingerie delivery service. Visit Listen to today's show for the $20 discount code. Today's show is sponsored by Wohven — we love their tees! Go to to check out their past designs and then use...

Duration: 00:41:43

Transfer Window Update: Sanchez to United Heats Up, Walcott to Everton Happens. and Larin to Besiktas is Confusing

On the newest TSS, we recap the latest happenings in the January window: Sanchez to United seems likely (and maybe Mkhitaryan to Arsenal too?), Walcott goes blue, Arda heads to Turkey, and Kyle Larin would really like to do the same... if Orlando City would let him. Today's show is sponsored by Health IQ. Go to see if you qualify for lower rates on life insurance, and to take the quizzes mentioned in the show. For our January 18 live event in Philadelphia, please...

Duration: 00:47:33

Should US fans be more critical of USMNT selection?

On today's show, we answer five listener questions: —Should US fans be more critical of USMNT selection? —Would soccer benefit from an NFL style coaching staff? —Would an MLS European-style schedule be the end of USMNT January camp? —Would "Pro-Rel Lite" work? —How would a FIFA Global Nations League affect the World Cup? Today's show is sponsored by Squarespace. Go to for a free trial (no credit card required!) and then use code "TSS" for a 10% discount when you...

Duration: 00:53:29

Weekend Review: Liverpool Pressure City, Arsenal Continue to Stumble, and Referee Kicks Player

Daryl and Taylor utilize their patented thumbs up/thumbs down method to review the weekend's action, including Liverpool's wildly entertaining 4-3 win over Manchester City, Arsenal's (maybe actually not) shocking loss to Bournemouth, Barcelona remaining unbeaten, and Madrid remaining in trouble. If you're interested in a subscription to Howler Magazine, go to and use the code "TSS14" to get 20 percent off! AND DON'T FORGET... WE'VE GOT A LIVE SHOW COMING UP! We're...

Duration: 01:07:25

USA 2020 Olympic XI

We open by recapping and reacting to Mike Woitalla's Soccer America interview with Brad Rothenberg, founder of the Alianza de Futbol showcase, where Jonathan Gonzalez was discovered by Monterrey. Read the interview here: At 25:55, we pick our possible USMNT starting XI for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which you probably already know is U23 only. AT 45:25, we update the TSS Scouting...

Duration: 00:58:09

Bundesliga review and preview with Matt Hermann of Talking Fussball

Daryl chats about the Bundesliga with Matt Hermann of the Talking Fussball podcast. The winter break is nearly over so Daryl asks Matt to look back on what's happened so far, and what the second half of the season holds. We also, of course, discuss Christian Pulisic's BVB performances and Weston McKennie's proposed positon change at Schalke. Yes, you did read the last part of the sentence correctly. ---LINKS!--- Here's the Talking Fussball website: Today's...

Duration: 00:54:48

January camp roster deep-dive with Matt Doyle

Daryl calls up Matt Doyle of to talk about two things. For the first 20 minutes we talk Jonathan Gonzalez, including a couple of really smart ideas from Matt about roles and programs US Soccer and/or American soccer could put in place. At the 20-ish minute mark, we switch to talking January camp. If you're looking for the lowdown on who to look out for in the January friendlies, from Justen Glad to Christian Ramirez, there's some great, detailed analysis in here. Today's...

Duration: 01:10:34

How did US Soccer lose Jonathan Gonzalez to Mexico? (an emergency podcast)

Daryl calls Taylor to try and figure out how and why Jonathan Gonzalez chose to play for Mexico instead of the US, what could have been done to hold on to him, and what US Soccer can do better in the future.

Duration: 00:42:51

FA Cup Review: Lichaj Downs Arsenal, Liverpool Squeeze Past Everton, and Mark Hughes Exits Stoke

On today's show, Daryl and Taylor recap the weekend's FA Cup action, including Nottingham's 4-2 win over Arsenal, Liverpool's dramatic late victory over Everton, Jesse Lingard continuing to score wonder goals, and Geoff Cameron doing his level best to get Mark Hughes fired. EXCITING NEWS! We're going to be doing a live show in Philadelphia on January 18th with our friends over at Howler Magazine... and maybe a few other guests as well? Who knows. To get more info, click here:...

Duration: 01:05:42

Listener Qs: Boxing Day Congestion, National Geographic Layouts, Young DPs, and Geographic Diversity in US Soccer

On today's episode, we answer your listener questions... 1:29 - Why does the Premier League play 3 matches for each team around Christmas/New Year's when other leagues take a break? 10:13 - If we had 2 pages in National Geographic to present a map or infographic about the World Cup, what would we make it about? If you want to submit your own idea to National Geographic, head on over to: 19:32 - What exactly is a Young Designated Player in MLS and how...

Duration: 00:55:48

The January transfer window is open!

Daryl and Taylor talk through the signings, stories and rumors of the January transfer window so far. --- Today's show is sponsored by Squarespace. Build your website for free at and then use code TSS when you launch to get a 10% discount. Today's show is also sponsored by Ruffneck Scarves. Use code "TOTALSOCCERSHOW" for 205 off at

Duration: 00:58:13

10 Things We Hope Happen in 2018

Daryl and Taylor take turns listing the things they'd like to see happen in 2018, ranging from less partisan bickering in US Soccer (not gonna happen) to Pep Guardiola winning the Premier League (definitely gonna happen). In between, they have high hopes for Andrew Carleton, Josh Sargent, Jonathan Gonzalez's USMNT career, DC United's enjoyability, and Jurgen Klinsmann's career prospects. Oh! And if you missed the story about TSS listener Tristan Gilliland-Kunkle performing a Christmas...

Duration: 00:53:47

Very Specific Predictions for 2018

Daryl and Taylor make some very specific predictions for the coming year, including World Cup top scorer, who will bid for Christian Pulisic, when and how Man City will win the Premier League, and plenty more. Today's show is sponsored by Howler magazine! Go to and use code "TSS14" for 20% off a subscription. Today's show is also sponsored by SeatGeek. Download the app and enter promo code "TSS" for $20 off your first ticket.

Duration: 01:17:44

Soccer Santa Holiday Special (aka Christmas Pun-tacular)

Daryl and Taylor take turns giving out theoretical gifts to members of the global soccer community... though individuals associated with the USA's failure to qualify for the World Cup feature prominently. As do puns. So many puns. As mentioned in the broadcast, this was our first ever broadcast via Facebook Live. Here's a link if you're inclined to watch the video: Today's show is brought to you by RUFFNECK SCARVES, our...

Duration: 00:46:00

Youth soccer principles, Pro/Rel in Australia, US Soccer General Manager, and more

We answer six listener questions on today's TSS: Does the US Soccer GM role smell fishy? Is there a pro/rel movement in Australia? Do penalty kicks ruin the top scorer chart? What are three "best practices" for youth soccer clubs? How do you spot a great young player among the good young players? Why is the term "unplayable" used to describe in-form players? Also, the scouting network features a report on one young American making his league debut for a big team. Support the show...

Duration: 00:56:29

Weekend Review: Man City Keeps the Streak Alive, Pulisic Finally Gets A Goal

We review as much of the weekend's action as two sets of eyes can handle, including Manchester City's continued dominance in the Premier League, Christian Pulisic and Weston McKennie have happy weekends, and Mark Hughes rants while Hodgson and Moyes celebrate! Today's sponsor is.... SEATGEEK! They make buying and selling tickets about as easy as is possible! Download the SeatGeek app and enter promo code "TSS" for a $20 rebate on your first ticket purchase.

Duration: 01:09:07

Star Wars XI (from Dec. 2015)

We took the day off to go and see Star Wars: The Last Jedi. But back in 2015, we recorded our Star Wars XI, each of us picking a soccer team made up of Star Wars characters. We hope you enjoy. Today's show is sponsored by FUTCHI! Use the discount code "TSS2017" at for a $20.17 discount, in addition to FUTCHI's $50 holiday discount. Order fast if you want it in time for December 25.

Duration: 00:49:35

Two possible plans for Pro/Rel

Daryl and Taylor do not have the power to implement promotion and relegation in the United States. But they do have the time and inclination to do some thinking, write down their best ideas, then meet in studio to present their plans to each other. That's what happens on today's show. ---SPONSORS!--- RUFFNECK SCARVES will give you 20% off anything at if you use the discount code "TOTALSOCCERSHOW" — it's cold out there, so get yourself a soccer scarf. AWAY DAYS...

Duration: 01:16:36

Premier League Review: More Controversy for Liverpool, More Goals for Manchester City

We use our patented thumbs up/thumbs down model to review the midweek Premier League action: Klopp will be angry with another referee, City will be happy to keep their streak alive, and David Moyes will be happy with a point. We also answer more listener questions, including why is there an arc by the penalty area and how can you get stubborn, anti-soccer friends to start watching the game? Plus, we update the TSS Scouting Network. SPONSORS! TSS is sponsored by Health IQ, an insurance...

Duration: 01:00:20

Champions League Draw Reaction, Plus Nagbe on the Move and Listener Questions

Daryl and Taylor give their quick reactions to Monday's Champions League knockout round draw, and then discuss Darlington Nagbe's possible move from Portland to Atlanta United. After that, we answer your listener questions: should MLS change its schedule? How do different teams press and how can you tell when they're doing it? Why isn't the Bundesliga as financially strong as the Premier League? All that and more! Today's show is sponsored by FUTCHI! Get your soccer rebounder at...

Duration: 00:55:24

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