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Each week, a new panel will examine the frontiers of human knowledge, human action, and human aspiration from their own perspectives. The conversation is unscripted, uncensored, and open to anyone who wishes to participate. Special guests will often be asked to join us.




Episode 76 - 2017 Summer hiatus non Episode

Recorded: 11 August 2017 Released: 12 August 2017 Duration: 100 minutes, 41 seconds Host Paul Carr welcomes Sam Lichtenstein, Patrick Festa, Nick Nielsen and Mike Bohler to mark the end of the Summer hiatus. Since this is a non-episode, we have no find agenda, so it ranges from the Kennedy assassination to astronomical anomalies. We also play the short promo for Oh No Ross and Carrie Links The Skeptics Guide to Conspiracy Credits host and Producer: Paul Carr Music: Dj Spooky

Duration: 01:40:41

Episode 75 - Fraser Cain

Recorded: 16 June 2017 Released: 17 june 2017 Duration: 80 minutes 44 seconds Host Adam Smith welcomes the publisher of Universe Today Fraser Cain to talk about (nearly) twenty years of online space journalism. Fraser chats with interdisciplinary artist Daniela De Paulis, Astronomy's Finest blogger Mateusz Macias, Paul Carr, and Astronaut Teacher Mike Mongo. Links: Universe Today https://www.universetoday.com/ CosmoQuest https://cosmoquest.org/x/ Pamela Gay...

Duration: 01:20:44

Exoplanet Atmospheres

Recorded: 2 June 2017 Released: 3 June 2017 Duration: 68 minutes 35 seconds Host Adam Smith welcomes Cambridge PhD student and Mars One astronaut candidate, along with panelists Ciro Villa and Paul Carr. The main topic is exoplanet atmosphere science, but we also discuss Mars colonization. Links: MacDonald and Madhusudhan: HD 209458b in New Light: Evidence of Nitrogen Chemistry, Patchy Clouds and Sub-Solar Water Episode 69 on TRAPPIST-1 Blue Origin Technology J. Serrano...

Duration: 01:08:34

Ep. 73 - Viruses in Space with Madison Campbell

Recorded: 19 May 2017 Released: 20 May 2017 Duration: 74 minutes, 18 seconds Host David Grigg welcomes Madison Campbell, a graduate student at the University Massachusetts, and panelist Paul Carr for a conversation about epidemiology in various space colonization scenarios. What are the risks for the first space colonists from diseases activated by mutations? What models can we look to for help in finding the answers? What are thefts mitigations? Links: Madison...

Duration: 01:14:17

Episode 72 - Morgan irons of Deep Space Ecology

Recorded: 21 April 2017 Released: 22 April 2017 Duration: 78 minutes, 20 seconds Host Sam Lichtenstein welcomes Deep Space Ecology chief scientist Morgan irons and panelists Adam Smith, Paul Carr, and Nick Nielsen. This isn't our best audio quality yet, but hey, Blame Google. Links: Morgan irons is running Her Own Martian Farming Experiment Deep Space Ecology Vertical Farming Credits: Host: Sam Lichtenstein Producer: Paul Carr Music: DJ Spooky

Duration: 01:18:20

Episode 71 - A Newspace Startup

Recorded: 7 March 2017 Released: 8 March 2017 Duration: 92 minute, 20 seconds ISDC Host Sam Lichtenstein welcomes Lee irons of Deep Space Ecology to talk about his newspace startup working with his daughter Morgan. He is joined by panelists Nick Nielsen and Paul Carr Links: Deep Space Ecology Biosphere 2 TEDx Duke Talk - Morgan Irons ISDC 2017 The Humans to Mars Summit The Mars Ice House New Worlds 2017 Credits: Host: Sam Lichtenstein Producer: Paul Carr Music: Dj Spooky

Duration: 01:32:20

Episode 70 - Did You Se The One Where

Recorded: 24 March 2017 Released: 25 March 2017 Duration: 102 minutes, 52 seconds Host David Grigg welcomes panelists Nick Nielsen, Buck Field, Patrick Festa and Paul Carr to talk about science fiction movies. Please see unseenpodcast.com for complete show notes Links: Recommendations: David: Bound to Please by Michael Dirda Nick: The Origin and Evolution of Earth Buck: Creating Scientific Concepts Patrick: The Electric Ant, By Phillip K. Dick Paul: So to Speak...

Duration: 01:42:52

Episode 69 - A Taste of TRAPPIST-1

Recorded: 10 March 2017 Released: 11 March 2017 Duration:101 minutes, 7 seconds Host Paul Carr is joined by panelists Buck Field, David Grigg, Nick Nielsen and Patrick Festa to marvel about the recent TRAPPIST-1 exoplanet discovery. For the most detailed show notes, please see our blog at http://unseenpodcast.com Links: M. Gillon, Seven temperate terrestrial planets around nearby ultra cool dwarf star TRAPPIST-1. Sky and Telescope: Seven Planet Star hides Age, May be...

Duration: 01:41:07

Episode 68 - Warbirds

Recorded: 24 February 2017 Released: 25 February 2017 Duration: 96 minutes, 44 seconds Host Adam Smith welcomes panelists Ken Wisian, Antonio Paris, and Sam Lichtenstein to talk about recent advance sin military aviation, Ken's experience flying for the Air Force and Air National Guard, and Antonio's days as an Army Ranger. Links: Credits: Host: Adam "Synergy" Smith Panelists: Ken Wisian, Antonio Paris, Sam Lichtenstein Music: DJ Spooky Postproduction: Paul Carr, Auphonic.com

Duration: 01:36:44

Ep. 67 - Science Resistance

Recorded: 10 February 2017 Released: 11 February 2017 Duration: 93 minutes 48 seconds Host Paul Carr welcomes panelist Nick Nielsen, Patrick Festa, and Buck Field to talk about recent collisions between pro-science and anti-science forces in the US. Links The Sturm-Abteilung (Brownshirts) Badlands National Park Goes Rogue Science March On Washington Is Trump a Facsist, Loofah-face Shit-Gibbon? Recommendations Buck: Bil Nye Nick: if the Sun Dies by Oriana Fallaci Patrick:...

Duration: 01:33:48

Episode 66 - Assault on Mount Bootstrap

Recorded: 27 January 2017 Released: 28 January 2017 Duration: 99 minutes, 56 seconds Host Paul Carr is joined by panelists Chris Prophet and Sam Lichtenstein to talk about the challenges of bootstrapping a solar-system wide economy. From there we end up talking about all sorts of related topics, like nuclear fusion and cleaning up Low Earth Orbit. Links: Recommendations: Chris:: Biography of Elon Musk Sam: Lecture by Dennis White Paul: WeMartians podcast Credits: Host and...

Duration: 01:39:56

Episode 65 - Who Does Megastructures Anymore? Aliens?

Recorded: 13 January 2017 Released: 14 January 2017 Duration: 100 minutes, 44 seconds host Paul Carr welcomes panelists Marsha Barnhart, Nick Nielsen, David Grigg and Sam Lichtenstein to talk about megastructures. Not so much how to build them. but why? Why haven't we seen them yet? For more complete show notes, please visit unseenpodcast.com Links The Absolute, Definitive Truth about Alien Megastructures The pre-show discussion thread Recommendations David: Black Hole...

Duration: 01:40:44

Episode 64 - Our Cloudy Crystal Balls

Recorded: 9 December 2016 Released: 10 December 2016 Duration:95 mintes, 2 seconds Host Paul Carr welcomes new panelist Kenneth Wisian, and veterans Nick Nielsen, Chris Prophet an Adam "Synergy" Smith for a "bring your own prediction" episode. For the latest and most complete show notes, please visit unseenpodcast.com Links: Recommendations Paul Weller National Geographics Mars Thinking Fast and Slow SETi @Home Icarus Interstellar Doctors without Borders Credits: Host...

Duration: 01:35:01

Episode 63 - The Engines of Creation

Recorded: 2 December 2016 Released: 3 December 2016 Duration: 78 minutes, 47 seconds Host Paul Carr welcomes back panelists Mateusz Macias, Marsha Barnhart, and Nick Nielsen for a discussion that begins with nanotechnology and branches out from there. For the latest and best show notes for this episode, please visit unseenpodcast.com Links: Richard Feynman: Plenty of Room at the Bottom Engines of Creation Recommendations: Marsha: Aeon Magazine Nick: Impossibility Mateusz:...

Duration: 01:18:47

Episode 62 - Not Necessarily Little Grey Aliens

Recorded: 28 Ocotober 2016 Released: 29 October 2016 Duration: 94 minutes, 52 seconds Jack Brewer, blogger and author of The Greys Have Been Framed - Exploitation in the UFO Community, joins host Paul Carr and panelists Marsha Barnhart, Ciro Villa, James Garrison and Roger and Wehbe to talk about a modern variation on things that go bump in the night - alien abductions, as made famous by Betty and Barney and Hill, Bud Hopkins, Whitley Strieber , John Mack, and David Jacobs. There was...

Duration: 01:34:52

Episode 61 - A Year of WTF

Recorded: 14 October 2016 Released: 15 October 2016 Duration:99 minutes, 40 seconds Paul Carr and Adam Smith talk about what has happened in the year since the release of the preprint by Boyajian, et. al. describing a very strange "alien megastructure" star. We talk about the work done so far, the controversies, and where we hope things will go in the area future. Links: The Wow! Signal Podcast Where's the Flux? Planet Hunters Jason Wright: What Could Be Going on with...

Duration: 01:39:40

Episode 60 - The Big Friendly Rocket to Mars

Recorded: 30 September 2016 Released: 1 October 2016 Duration:93 minutes, 39 seconds Host Paul Carr welcomes panelists Chris Prophet, Sam Lichtenstein, and Rober Wehbe to talk about the recent SpaceX announcement of a Mars colonization transportation architecture. What are the risks, and who will pay for it? Why did they go with an all-chemical approach and no nuclear? Will NASA get on board with Space X? We apologize for the glitches - these were caused by brief power interruptions...

Duration: 01:33:39

Episode 59 - Big Time

Recorded: 16 September 2016 Released: 17 September 2016 Duration: Host Paul Carr welcomes panelists Roger Wehbe, Chris Prophet, David Grigg, and Nick Nielsen to talk about the very long stretches of time that reality evolves over vs. the the very local perception of time that we humans have. With a bigger concept of time, could we colonize the galaxy? Wht would we? Has someone else already done this, but left us out of the party? Links: XKCD: Global Temperatures James...

Duration: 01:27:40

Episode 58 - Fusion Powered Killer Robots

Recorded: 2 September 2016 Released: 3 September 2016 Duration: 77 minutes, 12 seconds Host Paul Carr welcomes panelists Chris Prophet, Sam Lichtenstein, and James Garrison talk about what's real, what's commercializable, and what's not in nuclear fusion. Then we turn our attention to the ostensiblly grave dangers of AI. Links: The Unseen Podcast Blog The National Ignition Facility Lawrencville Plasma Physics Not Even Wrong - Fusion Energy at Lawrenecville Plasma...

Duration: 01:17:11

Episode 57 - How Noble In Reason, How Infinite in Faculties...

Recorded: 19 August 2016 Released: 23 August 2016 Duration:65 minutes Host David Grigg welcomes Chris Prophet, Patrick Festa, and (eventually) Nick Nielsen to talk about the future of humanity. Producer's Note: about 1 minute of content-free technical difficulty was edited out. Links: Technologies of Life Extension Dyson Dots and Geoengineering A Cost/Benefit Analysis of the End of Civilization as we Know It Making Silent Stones Speak Credits: Host: David...

Duration: 01:05:00

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