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The Vanished is a true crime podcast that explores the stories of those who have gone missing. Join host, Marissa Jones, as she investigates each case, often interviewing the loved ones who are still searching for answers.




Daniel O'berg

28-year-old Daniel O'berg was last seen inside a Safeway grocery store in Sweet Home, Oregon on April 23, 2017. He was inside the store with another man while a third man waited outside in Danny’s car with his two beloved dogs, Misa and Koda. After that, Danny, his dogs and car all disappeared. In this episode, you will hear from Danny's dad, Ken, and also Andrea from Bring Our Missing Home. If you have any information about the disappearance of Danny Oberg, please call the Lane County...

Duration: 00:33:15

Christopher and Lisa Mae Zaharias - Part 2

Christopher and Lisa Mae Zaharias were abducted by their mother, Susan, on November 20th, 1987. Their father, Louis, has spent nearly 30 years searching for them. In Part 1, you heard from Philip Klein from Klein Investigations. In this second part of the story, you will from Christopher and Lisa's father, Louis Zaharias. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Christopher, Lisa Mae or Susan, please call Klein Investigations at (409) 729-8798 or 1-800-THE-LOST. You can also...

Duration: 01:12:51

Christopher and Lisa Mae Zaharias - Part 1

Christopher and Lisa Mae Zaharias were abducted by their mother, Susan, on November 20th, 1987. Their father, Louis, has spent nearly 30 years searching for them. In Part 1, you will hear from Philip Klein from Klein Investigations. Philip and his team are currently working this case. In Part 2, you will from Louis Zaharias. If you have any information regarding the whereabout of Christopher, Lisa Mae or Susan, please call Klein Investigations at (409) 729-8798 or 1-800-THE-LOST. You can...

Duration: 01:08:35

Christopher Story

What happened to Christopher Story on August 11, 2013? A neighbor had called the police because Chris was going door to door knocking in the middle of night. Several hours later, he was spotted walking about 3 miles away. Then, he vanished. His sisters, Lindsey and Shana have been searching for answers ever since. If you have any information about the disappearance of Christopher Story, please call the New Castle Police Department at 724-656-9300 or We Can Bring You Hope at 888-546-7302.

Duration: 00:48:01

Chris Turner

What happened to 23- year-old Chris Turner on August 6, 2016? He was last seen at his apartment in Las Vegas, NV and left behind all of his belongings. His girlfriend of 2 years has told many stories about that day but no trace of Chris has been found. His family has been searching for answers with little to go on.

Duration: 00:48:34

Jaryd Atadero

3-year-old Jaryd Atadero disappeared while hiking in the Colorado mountains on October 2nd, 1999. Several years later, Jaryd’s clothes were discovered several hundred feet above the trail that he was on when he vanished. Later a tooth and part of a skull would also be located in the area. Even though some questions have been answered, much mystery still surrounds this case. Please follow Missing: When the Son Sets on Facebook for updates. You can purchase Allyn's book here:...

Duration: 01:08:13

Lashaya Stine *Urgent*

16-year-old Lashaya Stine left her Aurora, Colorado home in the middle of the night on July 15, 2016. It's believed that she left to meet someone that night and that she has since been trafficked. Leads have taken authorities to several states but they have not located Lashaya. Have you seen Lashaya Stine? Please call the Aurora Police Department at 303-627-3100 or Colorado Crime Stoppers at 720-913-7867. To fill out the survey mentioned at the end of the episode, please visit...

Duration: 00:35:45

Tyler Jacob Rothmeyer

25-year-old Tyler Rothmeyer left Des Moines, Iowa on a Greyhound bus and arrived in Austin, Texas on February 8th, 2016. He called his best friend from the bus station that day and that’s the last time that anyone heard from him. Tyler’s case spans three states but none of the law enforcement agencies are willing to help look for him. His best friend and mom have been searching for him without the advantage of any law enforcement resources. Was Tyler the victim of an abusive ex or could he...

Duration: 00:41:25

LaTania Janell Carwell *Urgent*

16-year-old LaTania Janell Carwell disappeared from Augusta, GA on April 17th, 2017 after leaving with her stepfather, Leon Tripp, around 1:30AM to help one of his friends who supposedly had car trouble. Leon also disappeared that night. This case took a shocking turn last week. Now, no one knows where to look for LaTania. This episode features Cathey Rhodes, the founder of Bring Our Missing Home.

Duration: 00:36:35

Sarah and Jacob Hoggle

On the afternoon of September 7, 2014, Catherine Hoggle told her father that she was taking her 2 year-old son, Jacob, to get pizza in Montgomery County, Maryland. Hours later, she returned without him. By the next morning, Jacob’s 3-year-old sister, Sarah, would be missing too. For over two years, Catherine, has been in a psychiatric facility but she has been repeatedly declared incompetent. Law enforcement isn’t even allowed to question Catherine about what she did with little Jacob and...

Duration: 00:51:29

Chip Campbell

Chip Campbell was last seen in a Circle K in Milton, Florida on March 8, 2016. He was seen on a surveillance video walking into a bathroom with two bags and leaving without them. Leading up to his disappearance, Chip had become involved with some unsavory characters and had expressed fear for his own safety. You can follow Finding CHIP Campbell Milton, Florida on Facebook for more information. There are also many interesting pictures and screenshots to check out on Facebook. Here is a link...

Duration: 01:00:02

James "Martin" Roberts Part 1

19-year-old Martin Roberts was last seen in Boone, NC on April 21, 2016. He left his apartment and was captured on a surveillance video around 12:30PM. After that, he vanished and no trace of him has been found. If you have any information about Martin's disappearance, please contact Crime Stoppers at (828) 268-6959 or Boone Police at (828) 268-6900.

Duration: 01:01:15

Lelia Faulkner

29-year-old Lelia Faulkner disappeared from her yard in Troy, Alabama on the evening of July 4th, 2016. When she vanished, all of her digital footprints stopped. No one has come forward to say that they saw Lelia that night. Did someone pick her up at the house and it went unnoticed or did she walk away from her home? Just leaving would have been out of character for Lelia who is the mother of an 8-year-old daughter and known to be very active on social media. If you have any information...

Duration: 00:25:40

Brookelyn Farthing

18 year-old Brookelyn Farthing was last seen at a home in Berea, Kentucky in the early morning hours of June 22, 2013. Shortly before she disappeared, she sent several texts indicating that she was scared. That morning, the home that she was last seen at suspiciously caught fire. If you have any information about Brooke's disappearance, please call the Kentucky State Police at 859-623-2404 or 1-800-222-5555. You can also send tips through Missing: Brookelyn Farthing on Facebook or...

Duration: 00:49:07

Kortne Stouffer

21 year-old Kortne Stouffer disappeared from her apartment in Palmyra, Pennsylvania in the early morning hours of July 29, 2012. Kortne had gotten into several arguments in the hours leading up to her disappearance which has cast suspicion in many different directions.

Duration: 00:39:03

Ebby Steppach

18 year-old Ebby Steppach was last seen in Little Rock, Arkansas on October 24, 2015. The next day, her brother was able to reach her by phone but she sounded confused and lost. No one has seen or heard from Ebby since. Her car was located in a park 5 days later, all of her belongings were inside. Her family spent the next 8 months fighting to get the Little Rock Police Department take her case seriously. In that time, critical evidence was lost but now with renewed interest from the...

Duration: 00:59:35

Patsy Clark

Patsy Clark disappeared from her home in Little Rock, Arkansas after supposedly getting into a yellow cab on March 4, 1987. Her son, David Clark, has been on a quest for answers for the past 30 years. Join us to hear Patsy's story and learn who David suspects is responsible for his mother's disappearance.

Duration: 00:51:54

The Mimi Lewis Story

Mimi Lewis was just 14 years old when she disappeared from her home in Kosciusko, Mississippi. In this special episode, I sat down with the founder of Halos Investigations, Sandye Roberts, to discuss Mimi's story and how it has helped to shape their organization. Also in this episode, we discussed human trafficking and ways that you can help keep your children safe. Please visit http://www.halosinvestigations.org for more information.

Duration: 00:54:47

Mark Bakotic *URGENT*

Mark Bakotic disappeared after a night out with friends in New Orleans on December 30, 2016. Since his disappearance, there have been many sightings of Mark all over the city. His family and friends have been tracking down these sightings but they always seem to be a few steps behind Mark. Have seen Mark Bakotic? If you have any information, please call 228-627-3706.

Duration: 00:40:48

Nefertiri Trader

Nefertiri Trader was abducted off of the front porch of her home in New Castle, Delaware around 4AM on June 30, 2014. Her abductor also took her silver 2000 Acura RL that night. No trace of Nefertiri or her car have ever been found.

Duration: 00:32:25

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