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Conversations on Leadership and Transitions from America's Greatest Asset Veteran Leaders. Helping Service Members Transition. Helping Veterans Lead. If you are a Service Member, Veteran, or someone who loves and supports them. This Podcast is for you.

Conversations on Leadership and Transitions from America's Greatest Asset Veteran Leaders. Helping Service Members Transition. Helping Veterans Lead. If you are a Service Member, Veteran, or someone who loves and supports them. This Podcast is for you.
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Conversations on Leadership and Transitions from America's Greatest Asset Veteran Leaders. Helping Service Members Transition. Helping Veterans Lead. If you are a Service Member, Veteran, or someone who loves and supports them. This Podcast is for you.






028 Brain Keith: Reverse Engineering your Proof of Concept

Brian Keith of BrianKeith360 is an entrepreneur leveraging a decade of experience to help others, through his Speaking, Coaching, and Training. In our conversation Brian breaks down what his 30 years of customer service experience has allowed him to learn about making markets and scaling in the market place. Brian lives his purpose and showcases with his own life that a good name still matters. He backs this up with his market leading Yelp reviews and talks us through how he got there....

Duration: 01:05:31

027 Chris Hoffmann: VET Training & Coaching Warrior Made Passion Driven

Chris Hoffmann is a Marine Corp, combat veteran, turned coach, trainer, and writer. His passion is empowering people with the tools to execute what matters most to them. The book "Think & Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill was the game-changer that had him realize that life was not fated to him and he could in fact design his own life. That's when he chose to get out and take the skills and mindset the military gave him of commitment to excellence, integrity, honor, attention to detail, and high...

Duration: 00:43:08

026 Jono Gus: From Giant Anger to Giant Ambition

Jono Gus is an author, educator, mentor and international speaker who believes that education is the cornerstone in assisting young people who are growing up in toxic environments to be overcomers and overachievers. He knows from his life experiences that education is a stepping stone to a better life. Jono's message of summoning the giant within will resonate with the Veteran Leaders community as he reminds us to embrace the habits and training that leads to a triumphant life. Connect...

Duration: 00:37:53

025 Nate Evans Jr: Building Muscle Life is your Trainer

Nate Evans Jr. is a Sports Performance Coach and Personal Trainer whose new book Building Muscle: Life is Your trainer will challenge you to shift the stories that you use to build your life. His motivational and inspiring presence has made him an in demand fitness Influencer whose YouTube and Instagram tribe reaches out to daily for his quotes and fitness leadership by example. Nate empowers the Veteran Leaders Community to make building muscle a daily part of your life while using life...

Duration: 00:46:12

024 Steven Hollowell: The Missing Piece to your Life's Events

Steven Hollowell embodies one word. Precision. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Steven has always been the ultimate team player. He is a proud veteran of the United States Air Force which he credits for highlighting the importance of precision when staging and operating no-fail missions. Steven is also a seasoned law enforcement professional with the third largest Law Enforcement Agency in the United States. Being a part of the Los Angeles Police Department for just over 13...

Duration: 00:36:54

024 Crystal Robinson: Dominate The process of Fit/Life Balance

Crystal Robinson is the CEO and founder of Dominate with Crystal, a company dedicated to empowering women to Dominate life through the enrichment of their mind, body, and soul. From this platform Crystal teaches extreme life balance for the busy wife, mom, and business owner. Her practical instructions and strategies help women to improve daily focus, time management, and discipline. On this episode Crystal goes deep with her Dominate with Crystal philosophy showcasing why the word...

Duration: 00:45:28

023 Chris Hall: Positively Bionic

Chris Hall is an Independent Travel Consultant, Counselor, and Husband. As a Travel Consultant he works with his team to bring a Concierge level of care to the travel industry. Chris and his team know firsthand that websites and travel apps leave a big gap in the personal touch that makes travel personal accessible and timeless. Chris Hall also upgraded to become Chris Bionic Man Hall after a car accident cost him his leg. If you know a Veteran struggling with PTSD or a Veteran who is an...

Duration: 00:30:45

024 Rob "YB" YoungBlood: Make your LinkedIn Profile work for You

Rob "YB" Youngblood is the Chief Connecting Officer at For over 15 years 'YB' has focused his energy on building long-term relationships. He has a unique way of helping people increase confidence and decrease frustration when it comes to attracting opportunities. Everyone you don't connect with is a missed opportunity. YB gives us tips on how to maximize our LinkedIn Profile and build relationships that add long term value. Connect with us on @VetLeadBlog on Twitter,...

Duration: 00:52:26

023 Ernesto Rodriguez: Walking Toward a Better Future

Ernesto Rodriguez, a 15-year Army veteran who served two tours in Iraq and two in Afghanistan, left his home in Clarksville, Tennessee, carrying a 60-pound rucksack topped with a 3-by-5-foot American flag. He wouldn’t return home until five months later, on April 19, 2017, after walking 2,200 miles across the United States from Tennessee to the California coast with the goal of bringing awareness to veteran suicide. “I can name at least four friends that I’ve lost to suicide,” says...

Duration: 00:29:15

Episode 022 Randrick Chance Monetize U with Strategy

Randrick Chance (or simply Chance) is a US Navy veteran, author, speaker, missionary, pastor, and lifestyle coach. After enjoying a successful naval career, he pursued a rewarding career in humanitarian relief and has traveled to over 25 countries on 6 continents. He uses his military experience and training to help others discover their passions and pursue meaningful service and career endeavors. He is a graduate of Central Texas College, Andrew Jackson University, Columbia College, and...

Duration: 00:37:16

Episode 021 Marshall Fox: The Results Are Worth The Inconvenience

Marshall Fox is the lead Graphic Designer and Brand Consultant at 120 Design Studio a full-service Graphic Design firm specializing in helping authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs with brand identity and online presence. Marshall believes that Brand Quality should match Quality service and he truly enjoys assisting his clients in creating brands that resonate deeply with their intended audience. Marshall is a Husband, and Father of two who knows obsessing over a good color palette should...

Duration: 00:43:00

After The Podcast Lessons On Inconvenience

After the Podcast presents Marshall Fox Lessons On Inconvenience. Marshall challenges us to let go of good to get to great while not being out worked in the area of your gift. Feel free to comment below or Connect with us on @VetLeadBlog on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook

Duration: 00:00:39

After The Podcast Lessons On Failure

After the Podcast presents Richard Leo Hunt Lessons On Failure. Richard teaches us his G.R.I.P philosophy and how he uses this concept to overcome setbacks and failure. Connect with us on @VetLeadBlog on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Subscribe, Review, and Share with the Leaders in your Communities.

Duration: 00:01:25

After The Podcast Lessons On Resilience

After the Podcast presents Amber Causey Lessons On Resilience. Amber highlights her journey from being homeless to achievement and her journey of resilience along the way. Connect with us on @VetLeadBlog on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Subscribe, Review, and Share with the Leaders in your Communities.

Duration: 00:01:05

After The Podcast Lessons On Personal Courage

After the Podcast presents NaToya Cherie Black. NaToya gives a Masterclass in Personal Courage and overcoming obstacles. Let us know what you think. Connect with us on @VetLeadBlog on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Suscribe, Review, and Share with the Leaders in the Communities that you are a part of.

Duration: 00:01:02

After The Podcast Lessons On Ego

Season 3 has brought some interesting answers to the question. What one-word answer would you share when you hear the phrase Veterans Transitions? Ben Killoy wants our listeners to know that your Resume and Social Platforms should truly showcase who you are. Subscribe Review or Share this with a Veteran or those who love and Support the Veterans Community. Follow us on Twitter @VetLeadBlog or send us your feedback on Facebook @ The Veterans Leadership Blog Podcast

Duration: 00:00:58

After The Podcast Lessons On Humility

We decided that some insights on upcoming episodes would shake things up a bit and give the listener Lessons to pay attention to. Our After the Podcast Lessons On segment hopes to fill that space between seasons. Let us know your thoughts below and connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter @VetLeadBlog

Duration: 00:01:50

014 Jordon Kestner Solving Tomorrows Problems

Jordon Kestner is a serial entrepreneur that has a unique ability of combining his life experiences, his commitment to serving humanity, and his insights into solving tomorrow's problems into thriving businesses. An Army Veteran Jordon earned his degree in Exercise Science and did an internship with the United States Olympic Committee . Jordon is passionate about helping soldiers, first responders, and athletes tap into their dormant potential making peak performance a sustainable effort....

Duration: 00:26:03

013 Steve Russell: Origin Purpose And Destiny

Steve Russell, a native Oklahoman, graduated from Del City High School as class president and was voted "most likely to succeed." He earned a degree in public speaking from Ouachita Baptist University and completed the Army ROTC program. Steve Russell was then commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant-Army Infantry, which began his 21-year career in the U. S. Army. He completed the rigorous U.S. Army Ranger School in Class 11-87. Steve Russell commanded the 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry and conducted...

Duration: 00:19:53

012 Shannon Whittington: Worry Equals Waste

Shannon Whittington is the founder of Books By Vets and is an author coach and consultant for writers. After spending several years working in the publishing industry, Shannon made the leap to develop her own business in the literary world. Shannon works with authors from all backgrounds: from teenagers publishing their first novel, to seasoned professionals looking to advance their careers by writing and getting published. Shannon knows how to help you make your readers turn the page....

Duration: 00:35:14

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