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DJ Vlad sits down on his couch each week with a slew of celebrity guests - such as Charlamagne, Lord Jamar and a host of others. Join him each week as he shares these entire interviews with you about current events and news in urban culture.

DJ Vlad sits down on his couch each week with a slew of celebrity guests - such as Charlamagne, Lord Jamar and a host of others. Join him each week as he shares these entire interviews with you about current events and news in urban culture.
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DJ Vlad sits down on his couch each week with a slew of celebrity guests - such as Charlamagne, Lord Jamar and a host of others. Join him each week as he shares these entire interviews with you about current events and news in urban culture.






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D.L. Hughley (Episode 129)

Comedian D.L. Hughley sat down with DJ Vlad to speak on a host of topics from his career trajectory to the current state of American politics. D.L. disclosed to Vlad being imbued in the Bloods at a young age but ultimately leaving knowing the way things end when one is involved in that lifestyle. The funnyman also discusses how he got into jokes by firstly using his humor to get girls, and how that led to his first million dollar check. From there he spoke about Cosby's legacy and how he...

Duration: 02:08:13

Montana of 300 (Episode 128)

Montana of 300 sat down on the Vlad couch to talk about violence in Chicago and how white supremacy ties into it, saying that the KKK should hold a protest in his hometown because they have "a lot of ammunition." He then talks about sitting down with Minister Farrakhan and what he's learned from him and why he would never beef with another rapper. Montana also speaks about his past life in the streets and how he beat 2 of 3 gun charges, and how he has an artist signed to his label who is...

Duration: 01:15:54

Too Short (Episode 127)

Too Short sat down with VladTV to speak on his legendary career, including being the first West Coast rapper in 1980 and being inspired by Melle Mel to write stories about Oakland. Things started skyrocketing for the West Coast pioneer after a rumor started that he was shot in a crack house, and he went on to work with the likes of JAY-Z, Biggie, and 2Pac. Hear more above.

Duration: 01:27:13

Lord Jamar (Episode 126)

Another news cycle, another Lord Jamar interview. Here, Jamar and Vlad speak about Jamar's "Book Phone" challenge, the symbolism of Confederate flags, OJ Simpson's future, and more. In typical Jamar and Vlad fashion, the two laugh about OJ Simpson and Magic Johnson's love lives before transitioning to the recent Usher controversy. Watch above.

Duration: 01:33:07

Splinta (Episode 124)

UK rapper sits down with VladTV to discuss growing up in Nottingham before moving to London. He speaks on growing up listening to reggae and dancehall and how that influenced him as a musician before he was introduced to Grime artists like Dizzie Rascal. He speaks on idolizing Dizzie and then Eminem once he discovered American rap. Splinta also discloses his brief stint as a battle rapper in the UK, what makes the UK sound different, and racism in the region as he is biracial.

Duration: 00:24:38

Dae Dae (Episode 124)

Atlanta rapper Dae Dae sits down with DJ Vlad to speak about growing up in the 4th Ward and his father building him a studio when he was 16 years old. Unfortunately, when his dad and brother were arrested the police raided his studio and seized all of his equipment. Dae Dae says he worked at UPS and then doing construction to help pay for his rap career. He then speaks about having five children, having his first child at 14, and still being in a relationship with the mother of his...

Duration: 00:41:36

Sad Boy Loko (Episode 123)

Santa Barbara, CA representative Sad Boy Loko sat down with DJ Vlad to discuss his upbringing in SB and the misconception out-of-towners may have about his city. Loko goes in depth about his start in music, the persistence he displayed early on. He explains how his initial purpose for making music was simply to "feed the hood" but once his music started to gain traction outside of his targeted demographic he understood the opportunity he had in front of him. He then speaks about racism and...

Duration: 00:43:05

David Banner (Episode 121)

David Banner sits down with DJ Vlad to discuss his latest project The God Box and why he was compelled to create something that he believes is a tool to educate his community. The pair discuss Black economics, why Blacks are rarely successful without the murmur of the Illuminati, how white supremacy has caused generational harm to the community, the use of the N-word and leaders such as 2Pac, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King Jr.

Duration: 01:36:15

Damian Marley (Episode 120)

Damian Marley, the youngest son of reggae icon, Bob Marley, and a viable star in his own light sits down with DJ Vlad to speak on his dad's legacy, the impact of Rastafarianism on his life, and what it's like working with Nas and Jay-Z. He begins by discussing his father's legacy, though Jr. Gong was only 2 when he passed, and why the Marley descendants have a knack, for music. He speaks on the social impact Bob's music has and why 2Pac may be the only artist to have such a powerful effect...

Duration: 01:04:51

Lord Jamar (Episode 119)

Lord Jamar is back on the Vlad couch giving his hot takes on much of the content that has been circling the media in the last couple of weeks. The outspoken emcee speaks on R.Kelly's alleged sex cult, and the implication race plays in the singer's ability to escape trouble. From there, he discusses Jay-Z's 4:44, and how great minds think alike because they both have spoken the need for people to stop holding the "money phone" in photos. From there the pair speaks on Rob & Chyna's pitfalls,...

Duration: 01:31:18

Andrew Schulz (Episode 117)

Comedian Andrew Schulz is back on the Vlad Couch to give his hot takes on some of pop culture's current events. He and DJ Vlad speak about how they experience being called Culture Vultures, and the belief that all Americans are cultural appropriators due in part to capitalism. Andrew goes on to explain why LeBron is the best teammate and motivator of all time, how his career is unfairly compared to Michael Jordan's and the Warriors being the greatest losers in NBA History. The first half...

Duration: 01:16:06

First Responder Las Vegas Cop Details the 2Pac Shooting (Episode 115)

Chris Carroll, the first Vegas officer to appear on the scene the night that 2Pac was shot dead sat down with DJ Vlad to speak about the details of the evening. He begins his story explaining why he became a cop and revealed what happened during the melee, the interactions between Suge and Pac -- as the Death Row honcho seemed more worried for Pac's safety than the gunshot wound in his own head. Officer Carroll doubles down on the assertion that Pac told him, "F--k you," as he lay dying in...

Duration: 00:59:19

Treach (Episode 114)

Naughty by Nature's Treach sat down with DJ Vlad to talk growing up in New Jersey, transitioning from the street life to rapping, and what it was like experiencing the success of "OPP" and "Hip Hop Hooray." Also having a close relationship with the late Tupac Shakur, Treach details their bond, what it was like at the height of the East Coast/West Coast beef and the reason he feels both BIG and Pac were assassinated.

Duration: 00:59:02

Shaka Senghor (Episode 112)

New York Times best-selling author Shaka Senghor joined DJ Vlad to speak about coming of age in Detroit at the height of the crack epidemic. Shaka describes how he got caught up in street culture and how the influx of crack cocaine devastated beautiful Detroit communities and changed sexual politics. On getting robbed at 14 and shot three years later, Senghor says, "Acting tough is a mask to hide the fear that you could die at any moment over something that doesn't amount to anything."...

Duration: 01:18:47

Cassidy (Episode 111)

During his latest sit down with DJ Vlad, Cassidy gave his opinion on the new school of rappers in hip hop claiming that 'Mumble Rap' should be a category by itself. The Philly rapper presents the OG idea of the genre where bars were the forefront of the genre more so than the image of the person on the mic. He also believes this current breed of rap stars are too friendly, and discusses the effect of his legendary battle with Freeway, what has changed in his relationship with Swizz Beats,...

Duration: 01:32:51

Boosie (Episode 110)

Boosie sits down for another classic VladTV interview where he announces that his forthcoming album will be titled BooPac and explains why he feels he is this generation's 2Pac. Moving along the pair discuss Boosie's past time in jail, how the people where you're from are envious of your success and why he feels it's important for artists like Kodak Black to move away from their hometowns. The Baton Rouge rapper also discusses the backlash he got from the LGBT community for his comments on...

Duration: 02:31:25

Steve Rifkind (Episode 109)

Steve Rifkind is a music mogul who has broken in some of the biggest hip hop artists in history such as Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, Big Pun, and Akon. He sits down with DJ Vlad to discuss his career trajectory from managing New Edition in the late 80s to founding Loud Records and SRC Records. Listen to the interview in its entirety up above.

Duration: 01:10:11

Lord Jamar (Episode 108)

It was only a matter of time before Lord Jamar came back to have another heated debate with DJ Vlad. In this all-encompassing interview, Lord Jamar weighed in on Lil Yachty's new album cover for his upcoming release Teenage Emotions. Jamar says that with his all-inclusive cover art, Yachty has assumed the role of "king of the abnormal." "It's abnormal," Jamar says, "But that doesn't mean we should hate it." Lord Jamar and DJ Vlad debate some of the issues in society in another classic...

Duration: 01:53:36

Carmen Bryan (Episode 107)

Carmen Bryan, Nas' ex with whom he has a child, here speaks to Vlad about her long and storied relationship with Nas, their child Destiny, and the infamous Nas-Jay Z beef. Watch above.

Duration: 00:54:58

Fab Morvan (Milli Vanilli) Podcast Audio

Fab Morvan (Milli Vanilli) Podcast Audio by Loud Speakers Network

Duration: 01:38:09

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