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The Walk Fife Podcast Episode 12 - Rainy walks, Compasses and Changes

The Walk Fife Podcast Episode 12 - Rainy walks, Compasses and Changes In this episode of the Walk Fife Podcast you join Sean as he takes shelter from a spell of heavy rain and strong winds. As Sean sits out the bad weather he brings us up to date on what has been happening with Walk Fife and the community. Walking Workshops To kick things off for this episode Sean talks about the Walk Fife Workshops. This a new community driven project and the workshops aim to introduce some core skills...

Duration: 00:23:04

Walk Fife Podcast Episode 11 - Loch Leven, Andrew Carnegie and Keeping Warm

This week Sean ventures a stone’s throw out of Fife to walk the Loch Leven Heritage Trail and has a chat with us while on his way. The Loch Leven Heritage Trail is a excellent 20km route that takes the walker on a very easy going walk around the loch. Sean explores the nature reserve as he follows the trail as it winds along the shoreline. Sean takes some time out from his walk to answer some questions sent to the Walk Fife website. Topics include the pros and cons of insulated jackets...

Duration: 00:28:18

Walk Fife Podcast Episode 10 - The Fife Earth Park, Litter and Safety

In this episode of the Walk Fife Podcast Sean is tucked up warm at home. The weather isn’t podcast friendly and Sean has a cold so this week he is accompanied by a mug of Lemsip. To kick things off Sean answers some questions that have been sent in by listeners. The first question comes from Lucy who asks if there are any walking routes that the team would like to have on the website but just can’t. Sean talk about the abandoned Fife Earth Park site near Kelty. He explains the history...

Duration: 00:23:00

Walk Fife Podcast Episode 9 - Our 1st Birthday, Queensferry Crossing and The Meedies

Walk Fife recently celebrated it’s 1st Birthday and Sean looks back at the past year and thanks listeners for their support. Some of the Walk Fife volunteers recently were lucky enough to be located with places on the recently walk across the new Queensferry Crossing. Sean talks about his experience of the walk and what surprised him most about the views the walkers were treated to along the way. Sean updates us on the latest additions to the Walk Fife website which includes Maintenance...

Duration: 00:23:19

Walk Fife Podcast Episode 8 - Competition, Barbed Wire and Ramblers

Blairadam Forest is the location for Episode 8 of the Walk Fife Podcast. Join Sean as he explores a trail leading through the forest and the surrounding farmland. Sean kicks things off by thanking the very kind people who recently made donations to our fund raising campaign. This means we can improve our audio equipment to allow us to improve the quality of each episode and it will also give us a little more flexibility. Our new “Wheelchair Friendly” category has been made live on the...

Duration: 00:24:59

Walk Fife Podcast Episode 7 - 100 Routes, Walking Safety and Route Descriptions

Episode 7 of the Walk Fife Podcast joins Sean as he verifies one of the walking routes submitted to the website. Sean talks about how Walk Fife recently hit over 100 waling routes shared through the website and thanks everyone for their support in achieving this amazing goal. Sean also talks about our campaign to raise some money to help Walk Fife further develop and make the website more functional and informative. As Sean walks this short woodland walk he talks about how important it...

Duration: 00:18:40

Walk Fife Podcast Episode 6 - Fife Zoo & Carlingnose Point Reserve

Join Sean in episode 6 of the Walk Fife podcast as he takes a short lunchtime walk along the Fife Coastal Path. Fife offers lots of opportunities for short walks and taking a break from your workplace to enjoy some fresh air and exercise is beneficial in many ways. For this lunchtime stroll Sean has chosen to explore the stretch of path between North Queensferry and Inverkeithing which takes in the Carlingnose Point Nature Reserve. You can download this route - Recycle Circle Route...

Duration: 00:26:22

Walk Fife Podcast Episode 5 - Scottish Outdoor Access Code

Join Sean in episode 5 of the Walk Fife podcast as he walks a new trail and chats to us about what has been happening with the team. The first topic for this episode is the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. Recently we had to remove a walking route from the website as the land owner had blocked access to the route. Sean explains why this happened and what rights of access you have as a walker in Scotland. You can learn more about your rights and the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. by visiting...

Duration: 00:20:10

Walk Fife Podcast Episode 4 - Exploring new walking routes

Join Sean in episode 4 of the Walk Fife as he explores some former railway lines that crisscross the region and which offer some interesting walking. As Sean wanders through the landscape describing the surroundings he shares some news connected to Walk Fife and the outdoors. We have added in A to Z listings page to help people find routes near them without having to use our main map page. Sean also shares news of some upcoming developments connected to the Walk Fife website. Sean talks...

Duration: 00:18:58

Walk Fife Podcast Episode 3 - Questions, Fife Pilgrim Way and New Competition

Join Sean as he updates us on the latest news from Walk Fife. This month the podcast has been recorded in the studio after a microphone malfunction left Sean’s original attempt at recording it a mix of static and buzzing. Sean promises to be back outdoors for the next episode of the podcast. Sean takes the opportunity to answer some of the most common questions that have been asked by followers of Walk Fife over the past month. He explains the reason for advertising on the website and...

Duration: 00:15:59

Walk Fife Podcast Episode 2 - Walking through Devilla Forest

In this month’s Walk Fife Podcast Sean explores Devilla Forest near Kincardine on a very blustery February morning. The Red Squirrel Trail was one of the first walking routes to be shared through the Walk Fife website and has been popular with walkers since it’s upload and was shared with us by Walk Fife volunteer Sue Richardson. The route is agreed 1 family friendly stroll and is best walked in the spring and summer months in order to enjoy the wildlife and scenery. You can download...

Duration: 00:25:18

The first episode of the Walk Fife Podcast - Hello!

Welcome to the very first episode of the Walk Fife Podcast. This is a monthly podcast highlighting the activities of the Walk Fife team of volunteers and will feature walking routes, interviews and advice on walking and the outdoors. To begin this episode Sean Makin, the founder of Walk Fife, talks about the many health benefits of walking and then takes us on a walk through Blairadam Forest following one of the many routes shared with us. This month’s route the Glen Trail, a 3km long...

Duration: 00:22:26