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22: The Wheelercast 11.13.17

The 19 year old drinking age, special DNR licenses for military veterans and more are on tap in this week's episode of The Wheelercast. Plus, Gwyn launches her series on Women in the Capitol with an interview with State Senator Alberta Darling.

Duration: 00:11:33

21: The Wheelercast - 11.06.17

Mining moratorium repeal.. The Foxconn contract. Restructuring of Assembly Ways and Means Committee. This week's episode is jammed packed with news from the State Capitol, including Gwynn Guenther's interview with Rep. John Macco.

Duration: 00:10:08

20: The Wheelercast - 10.30.17

Gwyn talks with Rep. Adam Neylon about his committee's efforts regarding noncompete contracts. She also takes a look at upcoming school spending referenda, the Capitol gala and more on the latest episode of The Wheelercast.

Duration: 00:09:19

19: The Wheelercast - 10.23.17

Gwyn is in Iowa, but no, she is not being held by terrorists. However, in this week's episode, we do discuss the state of legislative relations, as well as a new Catfishing bill. We also look at the productivity stats for this legislative session so far.

Duration: 00:11:10

18: The Wheelercast - 10.16.17

Hemp is not marijuana, but what is it and is it legal? What are Sparsity aids and who wants them? Gwyn explains the answers to these and other questions in the latest episode of The Wheelercast.

Duration: 00:09:44

17: The Wheelercast Episode #17 10.09.2017

Gwyn and Brian examine some emerging legal strategies local and state governments are using in the fight against opioid addiction. And we mark the passing of State Representative Bob Gannon.

Duration: 00:11:11

The Wheelercast Episode #16 10.02.2017

A new DNR secretary faces not only confirmation hearings, but a full plate of issues and pending legislative initiatives that could impact his agency. Gwyn and Brian discuss this, the fall session and the obnoxious new Blue Books on this episode of The Wheelercast.

Duration: 00:14:52

Wheelercast Special Report: Wisconsin Counties Association

Gwyn Guenther of the Wheeler Report talk with Mark O'Connell, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Counties Association about what the WCA would like legislators in Wisconsin to focus on during the remaining time in session.

Duration: 00:04:17

The Wheelercast Episode #15 09.25.17

The Foxconn incentive package and the Wisconsin state budget are both now law. What changes did the Governor's veto pen bring, and what's on tap for the Fall legislative session? The Wheeler Report's Gwyn Guenther has the details.

Duration: 00:07:03

Wheelercast - Breaking News on Transportation Budget

After reaching a stalemate that delayed action on the Wisconsin state budget for several months, legislative Republicans have reached a deal on the transportation portion of the plan. The Wheeler Report's Gwyn Guenther is here with some of the breaking details in this special report from Madison. Recorded live from the State Capitol on Tuesday, September 5, 2017. Go to for further details and to see others' reaction to this long-awaited development....

Duration: 00:02:05

The Wheelercast Episode #12 09.05.17

After an extended Labor Day break, Gwyn is back in this special Tuesday edition of The Wheelercast. Key committee votes are on the docket for Foxconn and the state budget. She has the scoop. Don't miss her straightforward reporting of the issues facing Wisconsin lawmakers' in the jam-packed week ahead.

Duration: 00:06:48