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The World in Words with Patrick Cox focuses on language. We decode diplospeak and lay bare nationalist rants. And as English extends its global reach, we track the blowback from the world's 6,000+ other languages, in the form of hybrids like Chinglish, Hinglish, Singlish and Binglish. Binglish? Visit the full archive at pri.org!




At Sochi, never mind the languages, just follow the pictograms

Russian Pronunciation tips for the Sochi Olympics, and the language of undi

Carl Reiner and Moshe Waldoks recall the brilliance of Sid Caesar's polyglo

In Canada, Olympic patriotism defeats pronunciation pettiness

In Colombia, if you're a political candidate, forget about using your name

Do you answer 'How are you?' the American or the Russian way?

A modest French revival in Maine, USA

In search of the perfect email sign-off

How to apologize for the Cultural Revolution without blaming the Chinese Co

The language of pregnancy seems pregnant with meaning. Is it?

‘Hello, my name is Yes,’ and other English names in China

I have been given three Chinese names. Which one should I use?

A Canadian journalist escapes detention in Ukraine by speaking French

Words written in secret: a history of invisible ink

"Dear Sir, I like words..." and other letters of note

In Scotland's independence referendum, Lady Alba is voting 'Naw!'

At cocktail hour, would you prefer 'The Bitter Taste of Calm' or 'Seven Day

In Ukraine, the insults in both languages draw on sensitive historical mome

Russian leaders have tinkered with their alphabet for centuries, but with t

What happens when the doctor says 'hospice' and you understand 'poorhouse'?

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