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#16: Can Chickens Swim

Hello World and welcome to a podcast by grown up gamers that we like to call The Xboxcast. Trump might be insane, but we're not here to talk about that. This week, we ask that age old question... Can chickens swim? And be honest, you don't know either! Thats why you have to listen to this wonderful episode. But in other news, the Xbox One X is a top rated gadget, Mass Effect is 10 years old, CD Projekt Red cast all the shade and Minecraft gets all wet. And because we love our listeners, we...

Duration: 01:06:08

#15: One X Enhanced

The Xboxcast is not pay to win and never will be! This week was a massive week - the Xbox One X launched and managed to sell like hot cakes, EA decided it hated gamers and Star Wars, and a bunch of games decided to look even prettier. Kyle has his One X and even managed to play some games on it which we hear all about. -- You can follow The Xboxcast all over the internet Website: Twitter: @theXboxcast\theXboxcast YouTube:\thexboxcast -- The Cast is:...

Duration: 00:58:00

#14: Xbox One X & Good Looking Monkeys

The Xbox One X is live! It exists! And In this episode, Kyle has just taken delivery of his Xbox One X Scorpio Edition, but has not got around to unboxing it. Lee asks him why... The Xboxcast chat about how to prepare for "The World's Most Powerful Console", all the enhanced games coming and yet another Skyrim release... Join us as we discuss the world of Xbox and everything you need to know this week. -- The Xboxcast can be found online at and on Twitter @TheXboxcast....

Duration: 01:12:29

#13: Halloween Spooktacular Special

Welcome to The Spookycast! A scary special, since our 13th episode took place on Halloween, where we talk about all the creepiness that games have to offer. We chat about creepy news, such as Microsoft killing the Kinect, and about the creepy games we have played over the years. You wont want to miss this episode!

Duration: 01:05:47

#12: Love Fest With The One X

Episode 12 is ready for your earholes! This week we cover the Brazil Game Show, Original Xbox backwards compatibility, and the fact that single player games are dying... Whaaa? Apparently so. Single player is dying according to the industry, but we have a few thoughts on that... As an added bonus, we even have a review after real life hands on with the Xbox One X! Want to find out what we think of this monster? You'll just have to tune in. -- You can find us on Twitter @theXboxcast On...

Duration: 01:05:02

#11: Cow Physics

We are back to normal programing after our super special episode 10! And this one is all about cow physics in 4K HDR, and other things of course. We go over the news you need to know from last week, talk about games we have been playing, which is not so much Destiny 2 for a change, chat about VR and just generally ramble on. We are the Xboxcast you know and love, giving our opinions on things we know very little about. But, hey, at least its funny. -- You can find us on Twitter...

Duration: 01:14:49

#10: Education Edition

To celebrate hitting double digits, The Xboxcast take a look forward to the games we are most excited about coming out. From Anthem to Wolfenstein 2, we cover Xbox and PC, and sometimes even tell you when you can expect them. So get hyped with The Xboxcast as we look forward to whats coming. -- Remember, you can follow The Xboxcast all over the internet. YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Website:...

Duration: 01:22:42

#9: Elf Batman

Welcome to Episode 9, where we thank our number one fan, complain about daylight savings and talk about Batman being an elf. Yes, we are sleep deprived, why do you ask? Join Kyle, Lee and Simone talking about this week in Xbox. As per normal, we go on far too long about #Destiny2, make our Games with Gold prediction for October and hear all about Raiders of the Lost Planet. As an added bonus, we even cover the UK's biggest game event you have never heard of - EGX. -- You can find us on...

Duration: 01:19:10

#8.1: Tekken Time

Episode 8, the mysterious and unheard podcast, has gone missing! Which is why we all banded together to take everything you love about episode 8 (which you haven't heard) and make it even better in episode 8.1! We have a lot of catching up to do, making this, the longest podcast ever! And we even have some very exciting news about The Xboxcast in this episode. The Xboxcast has hit over 500 plays in just 12 episodes! We would like to thank everyone who is out there, tuning in each week,...

Duration: 01:18:04

#7: Universe Says Go!

Hi guys and welcome to The Xboxcast! A podcast by grown up gamers, talking about everything Xbox. Listening to us adds at least 10% to your awesomeness. Its true. Last week we were all left, but today we are coming in stereo! Your Xboxcast today is Simone, Lee and Kyle. So put your feet up, grab your controller and let us catch you up on most things Xbox! -- We have new album art! Thanks to @JeremyStone7 (Twitter)! We are now onFacebook - We even have a YouTube...

Duration: 01:08:54

6 : Gamescom! Gamescom! Gamescom!

Episode 6.0 : Gamescom! Gamescom! Gamescom! In case you missed it, last week was Gamescom! A video game conference in Germany. This might be a smaller, European version of E3, but the announcements were fast and furious. We discuss everything that got us excited and pretty much spend the full hour just on the exciting news! So put your feet up, grab your controller, put your feet up and enjoy the show. Welcome to The Xboxcast -- Show notes: Games: Forza Motorsport 7...

Duration: 01:12:23

5 : Spooky Doom!

Episode 5.0 : Spooky Doom! Its not Halloween yet, but that doesn't stop Lee from telling us about Moons Of Madness. And we find out all about Slime Rancher, Life Is Strange and ReCore. And of course we talk about GamesCom - a gaming convention thing we all have never heard of. Simone has some exciting Xboxcast news to share as well. So put your feet up, grab your controller, put your feet up and enjoy the show. Welcome to The Xboxcast -- Show notes: What Xbox has...

Duration: 01:06:55

4 : Its So Fluffy!

Episode 4.0 : Its So Fluffy Could this be the longest Xboxcast ever? Clocking in at 75 minutes, the cast talk about how they are dealing with Life is Strange, Spotify on Xbox and, of course, the big reveal of the new Xbox One Dashboard! We are proud of this episode and hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we have recording it. We welcome you to grab a beer, put your feet up and let us entertain you. Welcome to The Xboxcast -- Show notes coming soon!

Duration: 01:20:27

3 : Fired Up!

Welcome to Episode 3.0! Join Kyle, Lee and Simone as we ramble on about the latest in the world of Xbox, go over what games we have been trying to play and ask "Whats up with the Xbox app on PC anyways?" The Xboxcast is a podcast by grownup gamers, trying hard to balance being an adult with adventuring across the lands, with sword and shield. Or saving the Earth from the Taken. Or solving puzzles. Or... Welcome to The Xboxcast -- News: Final Fantasy XV July update...

Duration: 01:12:21

The Xboxcast Midwinter Special

Hi guys and welcome to our midwinter special! You might have wanted to know more about us. None of you asked. So we did it any way. We asked each other a few questions and then rambled on for a bit. We have put a bit more effort into this episode and even done some pre-production on it! Sit back, relax, and enjoy this very special episode of The Xboxcast! Show Notes: Get to know The Cast questions • What got you into gaming and what are first games you remember playing? • Which consoles...

Duration: 01:07:54

Launch Party

Episode 1.0! Its official. We have launched. The entire Xboxcast all gather together for this one. Join us as we talk about whats happening in the world of Xbox, what games we have been playing and just generally rambling on about Destiny. We are proud of this episode and hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we have recording it. We welcome you to grab a beer, put your feet up and let us entertain you. Welcome to The Xboxcast

Duration: 01:03:32

0.3 Beta : Sea of Threes

Welcome to Episode 0.3 : Sea of Threes Three gamers sit around and try to chat about all things Xbox. From what they have been playing, to Xbox news and even touching on new games. You thought we were done with E3? You were wrong! E3 has just ended so that gives us everything we need to jump on the hype train. We talk about the games that got us most excited, some that are meh and of course, the Xbox in the room - the beast itself - The Xbox One X.

Duration: 01:09:41

0.2 Beta : Excitement! Expectations! Elations!

Welcome to Episode 0.2 : Excitement! Expectations! Elations! Three gamers sit around and try to chat about all things Xbox. From what they have been playing, to Xbox news and even touching on new games. This episode is all about that E3 hype! From Scorpio to VR. Join us with our special guest Paul as we go over what we want to see at E3.

Duration: 00:49:38