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Episode 7: Abundant Grace

Grace is "in spite of". God loves you in spite or your flaws mistakes, and sinful nature. Can you do the same. Grace is meant to be shared, from God to you and to others. Grace is not supposed to stop with us. As God accepts our flaws and mistakes, we are to accept ours and then over it to others( Grace) and accept theirs.


Episode 6: What about me?

What is it that makes me want to make it all about me? Why aren’t we in a place where we can allow others to go ahead of us or get a win? Are we not fully secured with God’s will for us to be a serving? Do we not believe that God will reward us for being his servants? Is it supposed to matter if we don’t get rewarded? What does it say about truly about our hearts ? When we make it about us…. When we decide to make it about us, we lose sight of the big picture. We become annoyed when we are...


Episode 5-b: Grace for Legalism

We are not to compare ourselves to others by listing and viewing works. We are only to see the grace and mercy God has allotted everyone. Legalism divides, creates loneliness and builds walls.


Episode 4: What a Shame!

What is shame? The painful feeling arising from consciousness of something dishonorable or improper. What does shame cause? Shame creates walls in relationships. When we cannot come to accept our own shame we hide from those we love, so how can we be truthful with them when we aren't truthful with ourselves. If we shame others how will they trust and be open with us. Judgment is the catalyst of shame. We are not open with our mistakes and shame with ourselves because we don’t want to be...


Episode 3-b: Grace for Anxiety

God calls us to: Identify when we are anxious Go to him with our anxiety Study our anxiety Examine it to see if you are trying to control what should be God’s place.


Episode 1: “His and Her” Grace

Today’s episode is about the influence of grace in the life of me and my wife. After 11 years of marriage, I still annoy her and she still annoys me but we love each other for it. We have realized that through life and relationships there will be paint, and sleepless nights that are unavoidable. However we have also learned, when you put God first, the love and grace ultimately increases in your marriage which will run over into your household. Gods grace is contagious and tears down...


Episode 3: Texas size faith

What about faith? What is faith? Faith is not anticipation Did I ever truly use faith fully up until that point? How did I know faith was needed? I heard about all this faith stuff being raise and COGIC but never saw it in my life personally or it wasn’t brought to my attention when it happened. I believed out of obligation. My faith was obligatory. It was based on what I was supposed to do and not based on what God could do. My faith was in my having faith not in God having me. We...


Episode 2: What Are You Not doing That You Should Be Doing

Explaining from my perspective some reasons we don't do what we know we should be doing. Fear-Moses Feared doing what he was supposed to do because he felt he was not good enough. Pride-Jonah was prideful and did not do what he was supposed to do because he felt he was too good. Laziness- In the parable of the talents, one of the servants hid the talent in the ground and only gave excuses why he didn't do what he was supposed to do. why is it easier to do what is harder than is easier?...


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