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A podcast about good people doing gooder things in the goodest city of them all: Cleveland.

A podcast about good people doing gooder things in the goodest city of them all: Cleveland.
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Cleveland, OH


A podcast about good people doing gooder things in the goodest city of them all: Cleveland.






Episode 103 – Irvin Moldanado

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down with Irvin Moldanado. Normally, our guests are leaders of groups or organizations like businesses, non-profits, governments, cooperatives, and the like. Irvin’s story is a little different. Irvin spent a good part of his childhood in Puerto Rico and after seeing the devastation that Hurricane Maria caused, he […]

Duration: 01:25:59

Episode 102 – Dan O’Malley – Lakewood City Council

Brian & Ethan sit down with Dan O’Malley, Ward 4 Councilman in Lakewood. We talk about his path to council, how Lakewood’s council functions, how it’s different than Cleveland, and even more. We really dig in on housing policy, development, growth, and community equitability. We did forget to ask why they couldn’t keep street numbers, you […]

Duration: 01:25:52

Episode 101 – Chris Alvarado – Slavic Village Development Corporation

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down with Chris Alvarado, Executive Director of Slavic Village Development Corporation. We talked about the history of the neighborhood, it’s beginnings as Newburgh Township, annexation, growth, decline, and rebirth of the neighborhood. There’s a lot of cool things going on in Slavic Village: after school programs, housing […]

Duration: 01:51:54

Episode 100!

Well, we made it to 100 episodes. To celebrate this special occasion, we invited past guests Mark Raymond and Alex Budin, who has also been a guest host, on to chat. Alex was kind(?) enough to bring us a bottle of Jeppson Malort. Brian sampled it for the first time while recording. We agreed with […]

Duration: 01:35:33

Episode 99 – Kareem Henton – Black Lives Matter

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down Kareem Henton of Black Lives Matter Cleveland. We had a great conversation about what BLM Cleveland has done and is doing, race and class in Cleveland, how people can get involved, and a whole lot more. Many national issues are present here in Cleveland and we […]

Duration: 01:33:38

Episode 98 – Alex Nosse – Joy Machines

Dan & Brian sat down with the wonderful Alex Nosse of Joy Machines. We talk about all think bicycles, like pedals and chains and fenders and bags and stuff. Also bike lanes and politics and paint and curbs and other stuff too. Alex is a really cool dude. You should go buy a bike from him […]

Duration: 01:39:41

Episode 97 – Andrew Zelman – Euclid Media Group

Dan & Brian invited media magnate and mogul, Andrew Zelman, over to the Jimmy DiMora Center for Excellence in Podcasting. Andrew is an owner of Euclid Media Group, the organization that owns Cleveland Scene Magazine. We talk about the history of the alternative weekly, its current form, and future. Alternative weeklies like Scene contribute to […]

Duration: 01:33:08

Episode 96 – Matt Stipe – The other guy from Banter

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down with Matt Stipe, the other guy from Banter. Matt found us and was all like, “Wait, what the hell? You had a show at my restaurant and didn’t invite me?! Thanks!” So we had Matt on. We talk about wine, beer, the restaurant industry, Faustian bargains, […]

Duration: 01:37:20

Episode 95 – Councilman Brian Cummins

Brian & Dan had the chance to sit down with Brian Cummins, Ward 14 Councilman. We had talked about the peace corps, motorcycles, buildings, streets, potholes, community development, events, and you know, councilman stuff. Take a listen!

Duration: 01:17:57

Episode 94 – Hostful!

Long and the short of it, we almost had a guest but Switzerland got in the way. Dan and Brian were all set up with nothing else to do, so we did what we do best and bullshited for about an hour.

Duration: 00:45:15

Episode 91 – Chris Ronayne – University Circle, Inc.

Brian and Ethan, Dan had to work a sportsball game, sat down with Chris Ronayne. Chris is the Executive Director of University Circle, Inc. (UCI). UCI serves as the Community Development Corporation for the University Circle neighborhood. We talk about the history of the actual circle (yes, there used to be one), the history of […]

Duration: 01:32:47

Episode 90 – Dan Moulthrup – The City Club of Cleveland

Kelly & Brian had the chance to sit down with the CEO of the City Club of Cleveland, Dan Moulthrup. We talked about the history of the club, its purpose, and their role, as they see it, in moving conversation in the commons. The idea of “free speech” seems simple at first blush, but as […]

Duration: 01:47:50

Episode 89 – John Colm – WIRE-Net

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down with John Colm, President and Chairman of WIRE-Net. WIRE-Net supports manufacturing in the Greater Cleveland area by convening, training, and advocating. We talk about how WIRE-Net helps area businesses, supports regional growth and prosperity, and it’s impact on our community. We might have also discussed Dennis […]

Duration: 01:18:05

Episode 88 – Adam Dunn – Cleveland Co-Labs

Back in the comfort and confines of the Jimmy DiMora Center for Excellence in Podcasting after our latest live episode, we had the chance to sit down with Cleveland Co-Labs co-founder Adam Dunn. Adam and his co-leagues are doing some amazing things to help social enterprise grow and thrive in Greater Cleveland. What is social […]

Duration: 01:29:37

Episode 87 – Live at Banter!

Dan & Brian sat down with Adam and Tom of Banter: Beer and Wine along with a wonderful audience! We talked about what it’s like to be a part of Canada, how poutine and sausage are made, beer, wine and a whole bunch more. Seriously, head over to Banter for a delicious meal, a great […]

Duration: 01:09:26

Episode 86 – Hostful!

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down, across from each other, look longingly into each other’s eyes and record a host only episode. Then Brian edited it and forgot to upload it for a whole week. Enjoy the show! Anyway, we’re happy to announce our next live show! We’re going up the street […]

Duration: 00:48:04

Episode 81 – Hostful!

Welp! We joked about not doing a hostful in a while on the last episode, now we have one. We promise we’ll stop with the RJ and Channing Frye jokes soon. Stop by Bounce Night Club – Hinge Lounge on Monday, May 15 for our live show with Ken Schneck!

Duration: 00:40:06

Episode 80 – Shana and Chauna – Black Girl in the CLE Blog

Dan & Brian have the chance to sit down with Shana Black and Chauna Whitlow of Black Girl in the CLE blog. Shana & Chauna focus on getting out of their comfort zone by going to events, checking out new businesses, and trying new things. Our media landscape doesn’t provide much for promotion across racial, […]

Duration: 01:01:44

Episode 64 – Taylor Henschel & Jim Forrest – Stonewall Sports Cleveland

Dan & Brian sat down with Jim Forrest & Taylor Henschel of Stonewall Sports Cleveland. We talked about building community through sport, what it’s like to start a league, why they play kickball and dodgeball, why Cleveland is obviously superior to other cities, and a bunch more. Stonewall Dodgeball is having sign ups right now!

Duration: 01:20:31

Episode 63 – Hostful Holiday Show

Dan & Brian sit down and talk about the holidays, the year in whole, holiday markets, brunch, and some other stuff.

Duration: 00:33:12

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