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The importance of trade and investment as drivers of development

On today’s episode we are going to be looking at the importance of trade and investment to drive economic growth and alleviate poverty in low-income countries. Recently, donors, including the UK Department for International Development, have placed an increasing emphasis on trade and investment over aid. Is this shift in approach proving to work? What are the main benefits and challenges? Can trade and investment reduce reliance on aid in the long term and reduce poverty? We speak to Susan...


Innovation and frontier technologies in development

Innovation has become a big buzzword in the international development space with donors looking to fund programmes that use the latest technology or ideas to help the world’s poorest. But what is innovation and what are the advantages and potential limitations and problems these methods can bring? How can donors/implementers think through these issues? Today's guests: Lea Simpson (@leasimpson) is a business leader, trained coach and tech optimist with experience in brand, technology,...


The challenges of evaluating research impact

On today’s episode we are going to be looking at the challenges of evaluating research and communicating that information to decision makers. Development programmes and research generate lots of data and information and recommendations but what does that data mean? Was it rigorously obtained? How was it produced? And leading on from that how do we use this information to influence policy and future development programmes to make a bigger impact? Our guests are Megan Lloyd-Laney...


KPIs in international development

Key performance indicators, or KPIs, which have a long history in business and industry. But as international aid is subject to demands for increased accountability, transparency, and better value for money, KPIs are finding increasing use among international development agencies like the UK Department for International Development. In this episode, Sajid Chowdhury chats with Matt Spannagle, an independent climate change and development consultant who has worked in over 50 countries. He is...


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