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Feral Audio

Comedian and repeat relationship failure, Erin McGathy talks love, sex and all matters of heartbreak in the podcast version of her live show originally performed at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre. Let's get terrible.

Comedian and repeat relationship failure, Erin McGathy talks love, sex and all matters of heartbreak in the podcast version of her live show originally performed at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre. Let's get terrible.
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Los Angeles, CA


Feral Audio


Comedian and repeat relationship failure, Erin McGathy talks love, sex and all matters of heartbreak in the podcast version of her live show originally performed at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre. Let's get terrible.






The Return of Heber Hanly

When Erin recording last with Heber, it was Christmas and he was living with his girlfriend of 6 years. They broke up not too long after Heber’s episode and he’s back on TFT to talk about life after the breakup and what he’s learned while processing heartbreak. You can find Heber’s own podcast here: Check out the full epsiode and more exclusive content on the Patreon: patreon/erinmcgathy

Duration: 01:09:15

Colt Cabana

Erin chats with Wrestler and podcast COLT CABANA about the difficulties of dating in the wrestling world, why he won’t date wrestlers and much much more. Get the extended interview + bonus content on

Duration: 00:50:44

105 - Mindy Raf

POLYAMORY CHATS with festival buddy, comedian and writer: Mindy Raf! Check out Mindy on twitter at @mindyraf. If you’re in Ireland, buy tix for MurderTown at the Dublin Fringe and This Feels Terrible at the Dublin Podcast festival!

Duration: 00:49:00

104 - The Return of Fern Brady

Scottish comedian Fern Brady is back to talk about how her Fringe show is going and gives Erin advice on how to not lose her mind at the Fringe.

Duration: 00:58:40

103 - James Adomian

Erin is still at the Edinburgh Fringe and sits down for a chat with LA comedian, James Adomian for a talk about comedy, love, seagulls and everyone cries. See James at the Edinburgh Fringe! Buy tix for Murdertown at the Dublin Fringe in September!

Duration: 01:20:31

102.5 - Sofie Hagen Minisode!

Part 2 of Erin’s chat with the wonderful Sofie Hagen. See Sofie on tour!

Duration: 00:39:17

102 - Sofie Hagen

A fun and intimate chat with comedian and podcast host, Sofie Hagen! Enjoy and check out her show dates on

Duration: 01:09:41

101 - Lovers’ Movie Club (Patreon Preview!)

Special preview of the TFT bonus episode, Lovers’ Movie Club where Erin and boyfriend, Paudie Baggott beguile each other with beloved films from their childhoods. First up, SUPER MARIO BROS. Get a new bonus episode every week by subscribing to

Duration: 01:35:05

100 - Lindsay Ames (and her diaries)

Longtime friend, (comedian/writer) Lindsay Ames welcomes Erin into her LA apartment and shares some of her favorite childhood diary entries which leads to a long chat about what happens when you find yourself in an abusive relationship.

Duration: 01:16:04

99 - Fern Brady and a LIVE From Dublin Preview

Scottish comedian and stellar soul, Fern Brady talks to Erin about the time she went out with a model who worked for Trump, the depths of their abusive relationship and the quest to find comedy in all of it. Also on the episode, is a preview of the This Feels Terrible: LIVE from Dublin. The full episode is available at And see MurderTown at the Edinburgh Fringe!!! Buy tix at!

Duration: 00:58:50

98 - Andre Hyland (and some Texas birds)

It’s another outside, chill chat, THIS time with actor, comedian and director ANDRE HYLAND, Erin saw Andre on the big screen at SXSW in Noel Wells’ film, Mr. Roosevelt and he was happy to oblige to a friendly chat about making movies, breakups and kids starting drug related rumors. For this week’s bonus episode, Lovers’ Movie Club, head to

Duration: 00:56:19

97 - Alison Agosti (and Harvey the dog)

Break out the plastic cups and your chillest Rose cause, buddy... Erin and Alison are having a patio convo about tall comedians smashing into glass doors, feeling invisible, surviving breakups and how likely it is that their moms killed their hamsters. Ending song by: Mongoose // Subscribe to the Patreon for the McFeelie Special, the This Feels Terrible weekly bonus episode at

Duration: 00:04:08

96 - Drew Droege & a Big Announcement….

Erin has a big announcement! Fellow Feral audio host joins Erin in studio to talk about whether or not traditional romantic relationships are necessary as well as Theatre, life in LA and pineapple salsa.

Duration: 01:26:27

95 - Chad Alva AKA Chad Fjerstad

Pornographic actor, Chad Alva AKA Chad Fjerstad lets Erin ask every question she’s ever had about the porn industry. What happens when someone starts crying? What are the cliques in the porn scene? What do you do when you’re not attracted to the person you’re working with? Why is so much of porn so violent towards women? Who’s cool? Have you seen the movie, Atonement? Erin also muses on the type of porn she’d make given the chance. **Buy tickets now for Erin’s Edinburgh Fringe Show,...

Duration: 01:21:33

94 - Kate Berlant

Polyamory, dating poets and the coup of a healthy junior sexual experience in this week’s episode with comedian, KATE BERLANT.

Duration: 01:05:00

93 - Ben Seeder

Erin and comedian friend Ben Seeder talk about the value and downfalls of online dating and talk about that one time, years ago when Ben made a bold move on Erin.

Duration: 01:14:56

92 - Erin’s Wedding Planner, Kristeen LaBrot

In this extra specially personally episode, Erin talks with her actual wedding planner, Kristeen LaBrot and weddings, marriage and divorce over a couple stiff cocktails.

Duration: 01:01:05

91 - Brandon Johnson

Erin talks with friend, actor Brandon Johnson about gender roles, a date ending in chicken being eating in an Astroburger bathroom, St. Louis strip clubs, learning how to dance and Erin reveals a private hobby she’s kept secret until now. Post a picture showing how and where you listen to the podcast with #thisfeelsterrible and tag thisfeelsterrible on instagram to win a special TFT package from Ireland.

Duration: 01:06:23

90 - Jonah Ray

Pal Jonah Ray sits down in studio for a jovial chat about growing and adapting in the dating process. Stories are swapped, fun is had and feelings are felt. Check out instagram/thisfeelsterrible for episode related photos.

Duration: 01:20:50

89 - LIVE from SXSW

Erin sits down with Kris from WEARECHXSEN.

Duration: 01:20:18

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