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TWiGH is a weekly roundup of Global Health news! It is the audio version of a "live" weekly YouTube show.

TWiGH is a weekly roundup of Global Health news! It is the audio version of a "live" weekly YouTube show.
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TWiGH is a weekly roundup of Global Health news! It is the audio version of a "live" weekly YouTube show.




TWiGH/DCP3 series: Global Cancer

IIn this episode of TWiGH, we discuss with global cancer experts Sumit Gupta and Hellen Gelband why addressing this health issue is a priority, is do-able, and has many cost-effective interventions, including for pediatric cancer. Have comments for us? Share them here or on Twitter (@TWiGHTeam), Facebook (, or LinkedIn ( Learn more about TWiGH and check out extra content at our website:...

Duration: 00:34:03

Health Systems

The public health and global health community talk about strengthening health systems. In this video, Dr Greg Martin provides a brief overview of what health systems are and how it is that the building blocks of health systems fit together. Health systems are made up of 1) leadership, management and governance, 2) health finance, 3) human resources, 4) inventory, 5) infrastructure and 6) health intelligence. If the public health community is going to make improvements to health systems in...

Duration: 00:07:19

Management and public health

In this video Dr Greg Martin talks about the importance of management and public health. If you are working in the area of public health or global health, this video will outline some management science tools that can be applied to good public health practice, including: gantt charts, bpmn, budgets, value change analysis and balanced score cards. Dr Martin also talks about strategy, leadership and governance in public health and global health.

Duration: 00:09:53


Dr Tedros is the new Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO). This video takes a closer look at his background and vision for global health. Dr Tedros has facilitated demonstrable public health results in the areas of child mortality, HIV infections, malaria and tuberculosis mortality and in strengthening health systems in his own country. He has successfully tackled issues like stock outs of essential medicines and donor harmonisation. He intends addressing important...

Duration: 00:06:36

Gender and public health

What is Gender? What is inequity? And what do they have to do with Public Health and Global Health? This video explores the relationship between gender and health and highlight 6 important ways in which the health of men and women can be affected by gender inequity. This video was created with support from USC. Find out more about their online MPH program here: OTHER VIDEOS TO WATCH: Check out my channel :...

Duration: 00:05:54

Health economics

Global health and public health practitioners use Health Economics to better understand the decisions that get made that affect health. Calculating the DALYs averted or QALYs gained for per dollar spent, for example, can help NGOs and Governments decide which health interventions to invest in. These sorts of cost utility and cost effectiveness (economic evaluations) help with decision making. Support for the creation of this video came from DCP3. Find out more about DCPS at...

Duration: 00:05:25

Finding the right job in public health

In this video Dr Greg Martin talks about how to get the perfect job in Global Health and Public Health. Candidates for jobs need to have an in-depth knowledge of subject matter (like HIV, TB, malaria, non-communicable disease etc.) and have transferable skills that they can apply to that subject matter (including epidemiology, health economics and management). Dr Martin talks about how to best position yourself for work in the global health space. This video was created with support from...

Duration: 00:05:26

Trump and Global Health

Donal Trump is president of the USA. What does this mean for global health and public health? In this video Dr Greg Martin explores the potential impact of Trump foreign policy on health security, pandemics, climate change and the economy. He also talks about the continued potential for the US to be a force for good in the global health landscape.

Duration: 00:08:26

Skills and competencies in public health

In this video, Greg Martin talks about four areas of competencies needed to be effective in public health and global health. He places particular importance on management, leadership and governance.

Duration: 00:08:59

Careers in Global Health - finding your area of interest

Looking for a job in global health? This is the first in a 4 part series that takes a look at what you need to do to get your career in global health off to a good start. In this video Greg Martin walks you through the process of identifying your area of interest.

Duration: 00:04:04

TWiGH/DCP3 Series: Essential Surgery

In this episode of TWiGH, we discuss with essential surgery experts Jaymie Henry and Mark Shrime why this topic is important to global health and sustainable development and common myths about it. We also chat about advocacy for essential surgery. Have comments for us? Share them here or on Twitter (@TWiGHTeam), Facebook (, or LinkedIn ( Learn more about TWiGH and check out extra content at our...

Duration: 00:49:03

Human Rights in public health

In this episode, Greg Martin talks about the application of human rights in public health.

Duration: 00:05:10

Global Health and Ethics - a Framework

Global Health and ethics - where to start, right? In this episode, Dr Martin provides a framework for thinking about ethics in global health.

Duration: 00:04:35

TWiGH Sept 22, 2016 Global Health News Round-up

In this week’s episode, Jessica Taaffe, Rintu Saju, Marie Onakomaiya, and Sarah Borg discuss the latest stories on global maternal mortality, chikungunya in India, and distribution of sanitary pads for women in India. Watch it here:

Duration: 00:14:33

What you need to know about the Syrian health crisis?

This week, we talk out loud about the ongoing public health crisis in Syria. We talk about how the war in Syria is decimating human resources for health and health systems as well as discuss the emerging diseases in the region such as Aleppo Evil or Cutaneous Leishmaniasis. Resources: [...]

World Health Organization (WHO) reform

Members of our TWiGH team dive into the proposed reforms set to reshape the World Health Organization and what this could mean for the future of Global Health! We kept this episode brief but informative to deliver and help you digest some of the biggest transitions happening in global health leadership. Go to for more.

HIV, Ebola, Zika and more

In this episode, Jessica and Sulzhan talk about the latest news in Global Health including HIV, Ebola, Zika and more..

Global Health News - Feb 2016

On this episode of This Week in Global Health, panelists discuss air pollution as a global health problem, maternal mental health screening, science and technology in disaster risk reduction, and yellow fever immunization updates. Jessica Taaffe, Vijoleta Gordeljevic, Marie Onakomaiya, and Sarah Borg are featured as panelists and co-produced this episode.

What is Public Health?

In this episode, Dr Greg Martin gives a short definition of public health and then goes on to describe what it is that public health professionals do with their time. For more public health videos go to his youtube channel:

Global Health Accomplishments in 2015

2015 was a great year for Global Health - this episode of This Week in Global Health reviews the year and highlights what was achieved in the areas of malaria, water, HIV, polio, SDGs, Ebola and more… To watch this as a video - check us out on YouTube or our webpage
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