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This is Why You're Single


Creators of the upcoming humor and advice book, Laura Lane and Angela Spera candidly breakdown real-life dating disasters with a new "reason why you're single" every week.

Creators of the upcoming humor and advice book, Laura Lane and Angela Spera candidly breakdown real-life dating disasters with a new "reason why you're single" every week.
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Creators of the upcoming humor and advice book, Laura Lane and Angela Spera candidly breakdown real-life dating disasters with a new "reason why you're single" every week.




Owning The Holidays

This week we teach you how to own the holidays and give tips on what to bring to your holiday bae's house, how to throw a killer holiday party, gift ideas and dressing the part this season. We also discuss what you should and should not eat on a date, how to have a romantic vacation and we debate the most extra marriage proposals of 2017. Then we help a listener who is struggling with dating a guy who is shorter than her and another who isn't sure whether or not she has to stop following her...

Duration: 01:21:07

Falling Too Fast

We talk about falling too fast early on in relationships and tips to avoid planning for the future after just one date. We read three of the most insane messages our listeners have received from dates (they are so good/bad) and help a listener figure out if she wants to get married for the right reasons (health insurance or love). We also talk about why canceling plans feels so good and discuss the new Museum of Broken Relationships book. This episode is sponsored by Blue Apron, Away and...

Duration: 01:03:26

How to be a Sex God ft. Cosmo’s Sexy Sutra author Julie Vadnal

Cosmo's Sexy Sutra: 101 Epic Sex Positions author Julie Vadnal joins the podcast to teach us everything she learned while writing the book, including sex tips and tricks, talking dirty, and kinky and sultry moves you can make with a partner or solo. We learn about bespoke condoms tailored to your dick that are hitting the market and items you should never masterbate with. We help a listener who is figuring out how to de-invite wedding guests and another who needs helping dealing with a guy...

Duration: 01:07:54

What You Should and Shouldn’t Text ft. Matchmaker Devyn Simone

Former Real World Brooklyn star, Love At First Swipe host and matchmaker at Three Day Rule Devyn Simone joins the podcast and helps us figure out when, what and how to text people back (there's lots of rules!). We discuss her top dating tips, ghosting, the resurgence of matchmaking and how to be brave and confident when you date. We also talk about a guy who used a marathon race to snag a date and find out why marriage is becoming a mark of privilege. We help a recently separated guy...

Duration: 01:08:29

How to Grow Together ft. Relationship Coach Jillian Turecki

Relationship coach Jillian Turecki teaches us tips about how to grow – both as a single person searching for personal growth and how to grow with your partner in a relationship. We find out why pot smokers have more sex and find out what happens when a girl crashes a wedding to spy on her boyfriend. Then we help a listener who is trying to get her boyfriend to get off the couch and find a job and another listener who can't decide between two baes. This episode is sponsored by Blue Apron,...

Duration: 01:14:44

Creating Your Dating Checklist ft. Relationship Expert Andrea Syrtash

Author and dating coach/expert Andrea Syrtash joins the podcast to talk about what to look for in a partner, how to spice up your current relationship and why sometimes you need to switch up your type. We talk about a new dating trend called "submarining" and find out how long most millennial couples stay together. Then we help a listener whose boyfriend of two years won't say "I love you" and another listener who is struggling to juggle two long distance relationships and one local lover...

Duration: 01:07:20

Cuffing Season Tryouts ft. Actor Jerah Milligan

Comedian Jerah Milligan talks about what it's like to look for a winter boo, the process of his cuffing season tryouts and the time a girl stuck a finger up his butt without warning. We discuss armpit fetishes and what sex addiction really is. Then we help a listener figure out whether to give a second chance to someone who benched her and we help another listener whose ex-boyfriend won't leave her alone. The episode is sponsored by Lola and Le Tote!

Duration: 01:12:48

The Scaryyy Future ft. Big Kid Problems’ Sarah Merrill

Instagram star Sarah Merrill from @bigkidproblems joins the podcast again to talk about growing up, worrying about your relationship (and baby!) timeline and what it's like to be in a long distance relationship for the first time (spoiler alert: it's the best thing ever!). We talk about a crappy new trend called "Tindstagramming" and find out the scientific explanation for why fires are so romantic. Then we help a listener who got stood up at the airport by her boyfriend and read a crazy...

Duration: 00:51:23

The Sex Date ft. Comedian Abbi Crutchfield

Comedian Abbi Crutchfield joins us to talk about why she's never had sex with a non-boyfriend and when the right time to do the deed is. We talk about a new dating app that uses augmented reality to find a match and the most interesting aspects of alien sex fetishes. Then we help a "former lesbian" who has questions about having sex with men and another listener who's dating a guy with a racist mom.

Duration: 01:03:11

Squirting and Sex Tips ft. Sex Coach Kenneth Play

Sex coach Kenneth Play joins the podcast to teach us everything he knows about sex, orgasms, hand jobs, blowjobs, tantric, squirting ...basically this is just a very NSFW educational episode! We also talk about why the trend grapefruiting is back in the media and if yoga can help you orgasm better. Then we help a listener who has only had "sucky" lovers and another listener who doesn't want to be friends with her cheating boyfriend (but he won't listen!).

Duration: 01:08:39

Avoiding Clingers


Duration: 01:04:25

Don’t Ditch Your Friends

We discuss why it's so important not to ditch your friends when you start dating a new bae. Laura opens up going to pelvic floor therapy after too many kegels made her vagina too tight while Angela learns that sharing deodorant with her boyfriend is super gross. We learn what the new dating phenomenon "stashing" is and read a study that dissects why breaking up is sometimes so hard to do. We read an insane Tinder nightmare message and debate whether a listener should hook up and ditch a...

Duration: 01:02:22

Go with Your Gut

We discuss a phenomenon you need to watch out for on dating apps: how to know you’re being "hatfished." Then we help a listener figure out how to break up with her man child boyfriend and read one of the weirdest messages a listener has ever received (hint: the guy was obsessed with peeing). Lastly, we discuss tips and tricks for following your heart and your gut when it comes to dating and watching out for those red flags.

Duration: 00:50:36

Dating Publicly ft. Bravo's Summer House star Lindsay Hubbard

Our guest (and Laura's bridesmaid), Lindsay Hubbard, talks about what it's like to date surrounded by cameras on the Bravo show "Summer House" and how to deal with online trolls. We learn surprising facts about queefing and find out how men are Airdropping dick pics to women on the subway. Then we help a listener decide what to do about her boyfriend who won't add her on Facebook and another who is upset her bff spilled information about her relationship. This episode is sponsored by Blue...

Duration: 01:08:46

Avoid Getting Duped ft. Impractical Jokers producer Casey Jost

We dive into the nitty gritty of when it's okay to snoop on your partner and get into the mindset of a ghoster. Then we discuss whether or not it’s okay to get divorced over disagreeing about Trump, how you can tell someone is depressed from their Instagram filters & we role play one of the craziest conversations one of our listeners had on a dating app! This episode is sponsored by Lola, Adam and Eve and Care/of.

Duration: 01:17:20

Juggling It All ft. comedian Joe Schiappa

We bring one of our former sketch teachers on to talk about how to juggle a busy life and dating. Then we find out why younger guys aren't as into boobs any more and a new app that’s basically a Tinder for moms. A listener confides that she was dating a serial liar and another needs help moving on from a guy who has a new girlfriend but still sends her flowers. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace, Care/of and BarkBox.

Duration: 01:20:06

Dealing With Ghosters

Laura and Angela dig deep into dealing with ghosters and other new phenomenons like "bread crumbing" and "love bombing." We both discuss how our significant others deal with us when we're at our worst (aka: throwing up on a rooftop) and help a listener decipher whether a message from a guy on OKCupid is a sexual innuendo or just plain creepy. This episode is sponsored by Adam and Eve, Lola and Care/of.

Duration: 00:53:06

Some People Are Just Good on Paper

Laura and her husband deal with morbidity when they work on their wills and awkwardly discuss their death wishes while Angela attends a Quaker-style wedding and learns she never wants one. We learn about spanking therapy and help a listener who is struggling with how to hang with two friends she likes but not their "lame" roommate. This episode is sponsored by Blue Apron and Le Tote.

Duration: 00:45:37

Finding the Fun

We discuss a man who gets internet shamed after his InstaPost about his curvy wife and Tinder tells it's users to lose their tiger selfies. This episode is sponsored by Adam and Eve, RXBar and Care/Of!

Duration: 00:59:28

Make Your Summer Fling a Thing

Laura's terrified of her husband going on vacation and Angela has an identity crisis when she realizes she's attracted to a new male body type. We discus the time of year most people have sex and the most sexually adventurous cities in America and read some of the craziest messages our listeners have gotten recently. This episode is sponsored by Rent the Runway Unlimited and Squarespace.

Duration: 00:45:17

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