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Is There a Good Time for Vigilantes?

And now, the end is near And so we face the final episode Subscribers, we'll say it clear we'll state our case, of which we're certain We've recorded a year in full We've traveled the internet superhighway But more, much more than this We did it our way. This episode is about vigilantes.

Duration: 01:02:45

Independence Day: Starring the One Take Man

Episode #50 - Aliens have destroyed half the earth and they gearing up the invade the rest. But if we use nukes, the earth will get destroyed! Follow us on a journey to save the earth with Jeff Goldblum, the one take man.

Duration: 01:01:45

Jaws: A Manly Monster Shark

Episode #48 - Is Jaws a movie about a shark or is about so much more? Society and class. Masculinity. Science and folk wisdom. This movie is as deep as the dark waters that spawned the demon fish! We dive in to Amity waters to uncover the themes of this summer classic!

Duration: 01:13:48

The Martian: Should We Save Matt Damon?

Episode #46 - How much is one life worth? In the Martian, is it worth the lives of the crew and billions of dollars to "bring him home?" We discuss collective altruism, the bystander effect and what we would do to save one charismatic astronaut.

Duration: 01:07:51

Into Stellar Dust Bowls

Episode #43 - In the first episode of our second season, we talk the inspiration for Interstellar's dusty earth and how real science people find earth-like planets. Plus, we play a game. Can you tell space myth from fact?

Duration: 00:48:55

Episode #42 -The Last Samurai

Is culture important? Is it good? is it bad? Is killing yourself for honor the best? We talk the samurai and the value of culture in general through the lens of a neato Tom Cruise movie!

Duration: 01:00:05

Episode #41 - Manifest Destiny to Take Pandora

Is it the manifested destiny of the American military metaphor in Avatar and to take over Pandora from the Blue American Indian metaphors? What is manifest destiny and how did Avatar barrow from history (and about a dozen other better movies) to tell it's story? Find out on this episode of Thundersmash. Plus, stay tuned for the ending where I give the reasons I think Napoleon Dynamite is the most accurate movie about teenage life.

Duration: 01:12:36

Episode #40 - The Chosen One vs Gun Fu

A tale as old as time. No, not Beauty and the Beast! The tale of a person born different, destined for greatness. A person on which the fate of the world rests! What tale you ask? Well, a lot of them. Turns out the hero that was chosen to save the world has been told since stories began. In this episode, we talk a little about Neo, Avatar the Last Airbender, John Wick and a little That's So Raven?

Duration: 01:03:24

Episode #38 - Is Superman a Messianic Figure? (Special Guest: Gavin)

In this spoiler heavy episode, we talk about the widely used Christ-figure archetype in movies from Robocop to Harry Potter. Particularly, is the Man of Steel a representation of Christ in his latest stand alone movie?

Duration: 00:50:21

Episode #37 - Iron Giant Iron Curtain

What does the Iron Giant have to do with what's behind the iron curtain? Quite a lot actually. In this episode, we talk about the real threat of communism, whether or not the Iron Giant mirrors it accurately, and why it's never worked successfully in real life!

Duration: 01:05:36

Episode #36 - The Lord of the Rings V Trees

In this Lord of the Rings flavored episode, two nerds and a cool guy talk Tolkien, romanticism and the industrial revolution! Sure there's more suit but there's less poo! We learn the good of industry and it's cost through the lenses of Saruman's evil ambitions. Plus, a special visit from our biggest fan!

Duration: 01:06:07

Episode #35 - Logan and The Monster Study

Logan is quite possibly the best super hero movie and absolutely the best X-Men movie! But what can it teach us about the ethics of science. How far is too far and do ends justify the means?

Duration: 00:52:04

Episode #33 - Dark Knight Spys on You

This week we catch the bad guys but at what cost? What do Batman and ole' Dubya have in common? Find out on this week's episode where we talk about the Dark Knight and the ethics of mass surveillance.

Duration: 01:15:29

Episode #33 - Life, Libertarianism and the Pursuit of ADAM

We go deep down to Rapture to look for a libertarian utopia but all we find is Atlas Shrugged gone horribly wrong! We discus Bioshock and libertarian's most extreme idea... anarchy.

Duration: 00:56:51

Episode #32 - The Uncanny Extra Men

Does X-men parallel the Civil Rights Movement? Is Professor X actually MLK and is Magneto actually Malcolm X? What's with all the Xs?! Find out in this episode of Thundersmash!

Duration: 01:02:03

Episode #31 - Chaos, Genetics and the One Take Man

Join us on this wild ride of a podcast as we discover the true meaning chaos theory in action. From the birth of genetic engineering to the ethics of clones, we seek to answer just one question... Is Jeff Goldblum the One Take Man?

Duration: 01:06:32

Episode #30 - Captain America Takes on Fascism

In this episode of Thundersmash, our boys take a hard look at fascism and how the star spangled man, Captain America takes it on. Experience the thrills and chills of, this, our 30th episode!

Duration: 00:50:48

Episode #29 - An American Tail of Immigration

Let's learn about american immigration from a little Russian mouse boy! Fival and his family learn as a thing or two about the American Dream!

Duration: 01:13:15

Episode #28 - Are We Human or are We Robot?

From Will Smith to Bicentennial man, we discus the idea of artificial intelligence and how it's used in movies, TV and games! Take a ear stroll through time as we discus different iterations of synthetic minds!

Duration: 01:21:39

Episode #27 - Humannoyed Aliens

Which alien makes the most realistic sense? Why do all smart aliens look like humans? All this and more on this week's episode of Thundersmash!

Duration: 01:03:22

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