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“Tier Talk” is a radio program that looks at corrections from a international level. Topics will vary in relationship to all aspects of the correctional realm (training, privitization, leadership, equality with other law enforcement agencies, gender related issues, PREA, county vs. state vs. federal, etc). The show will feature guest who represent corrections, in multiple facets, and will highlight an active dialogue which can be seen as highly informative, as well as entertaining. Expert guest on each related topic will be brought on the show to help inform the listener about the truth behind these prison walls. Tuning in to our show will open your eyes to the reality of those who are the “keeper” of the “kept”. So, enter with me, and see corrections from the perspective of those who walk the tier and remain eye to eye with the evil that society fears the most.




How does the bias media affect the public's perspective on law enforcement?

How does the bias media affect the public's perspective on law enforcement? Bias reporting. Reporting out of context. Does this sound familiar. Law enforcement has been bastardized by a system that has been built by ratings. While the news reporter scramble to make their deadline, stories get released that are out of context and bias towards the political agenda of the network. It's time for the truth. It is time for the media to release stories when the story itself is ready to be released....

Duration: 00:11:04

An officer attacked at Rikers Island. Is prison reform making our facilities less safe and secured?

An officer was attacked at Rikers island. He was assaulted by four inmates who are a members of the bloods. The inmates responsible for the attack / assault are all under 21. New laws are being passed that states no inmate under 21 can be placed in restrictive housing / solitary confinement. This leads us to question what's being done to protect our officers? In this episode, Anthony Gangi, host of Tier Talk, discusses how changes being made in corrections is placing staff at risk.

Duration: 00:12:03

The importance of women in Corrections

Women in Corrections Many have questioned the importance of female correctional officer supervising male inmates. Heroes like Correctional Officer Mari Johnson from the TDCJ (Texas Department Of Criminal Justice), Miller County Correctional Officer Lisa Mauldin (Arkansas), and Bertie Correctional Officer Meggan Callahan (North Carolina), service have been questioned when their senseless murders hit mainstream media. Instead of the public holding the inmates responsible for the senseless...

Duration: 00:10:53

Due to recent events in Texas and Florida, it's time we thank corrections.

Let's Thank all the Correctional Officers and staff in Texas for the sacrifices they made when they left their families and transported inmates from one facility to another. Let's be thankful for the service and commitment they provided to the public. In Florida, their Department of Corrections, is getting ready to commit themselves to the same issues as mentioned above. For the Florida Department of Corrections, let's be thankful for what they are getting ready to do and let's wish them...

Duration: 00:07:24

Tier Talk is Live discussing Inmates Rights vs. Privileges

Inmate Rights vs. Privileges. Know the difference. In this episode of Tier Talk, Anthony Gangi discusses inmates rights and privileges. He argues that prisoners rights should not be confused with privileges. There are a lot of civil law suits that are claiming corrections staff are taking away inmate rights, when in fact they are privileges. Listen in and understand the difference between inmate rights and privileges.

Duration: 00:10:35

Tier Talk is Live with Guest Gary York discussing Reality vs Perception of corrections.

Its all about asking the right questions and, for Gary York, those questions led to some very unexpected responses. Tonight on Tier Talk, Anthony Gangi sits down with Author Gary York to discuss a survey he conducted on violence and corruption. Gary York, with the use of social media, asked professors, attorneys, former inmates, correctional staff, police, probation and parole officers seven questions related to solitary confinement, punishment, drug smuggling, etc. Responses were then...

Duration: 00:38:44

Tier Talk is live discussing should inmates be forced into rehabilitation programs

Tier Talk is live discussing should inmates be forced into rehabilitation programs. In order for rehabilitation to be successful, inmates have to be receptive to the program and be willing to look at themselves internally for positive change to occur. The reward for taking a program should be internal and the motivation should be purely based on the individual's needs (addiction, lifestyle, etc).

Duration: 00:15:17

Tier Talk is live discussing incentives to invite and maintain qualified personnel.

In this episode, Anthony Gangi discusses the needed incentives to invite and maintain qualified personnel. He talks about competitive salary, benefits, pension, internal motivation and bargaining rights. Right now, corrections is in desperation mode when it comes to hiring. Quantity is being looked at before quality. If you are only looking at quantity, the safety and security of the facility will be in jeopardy.

Duration: 00:13:08

Tier Talk discusses the importance of policy and procedure with Guest Gary York


Duration: 00:28:30

Manipulation is very slow-moving and can happen to anyone, including you.

Inmate manipulation can happen to anyone. It's a game that's employed by the manipulative inmate that slow moving and subtle. The game itself is deadly and can lead to major security issues inside the facility. There are still many people believe that they will never fall victim to manipulation. Let's all be mindful that that believe only makes them vulnerable. First rule of thumb that helps build a resistance to manipulation is knowing that we're all vulnerable. We all can be subjected to...

Duration: 00:13:39

Anthony Gangi discusses the Atlanta Gym owners who decided to ban police officer from being members of his gym

Atlanta gym bans police officers, military from joining. Listen in as Anthony Gangi discusses how this furthers the divide between law enforcement and the community. In this discussion Anthony discusses the search for middle ground. "Let's be pioneers and see what trail we need to blaze."

Duration: 00:23:48

What an Officer feels when they are involved in an Officer Involved Shooting.

Use of force is never pretty. It's use is very complex and should never never be analyzed outside of context. Today, on Tier Talk, Anthony Gangi along with Use Of Force Expert Michael Wolhfert and Law Enforcement expert Dalton Price discuss use of force and the importance of following the officer's directive. Listen in as we highlight the perspective of those who walk the beat and are often ignored.

Duration: 00:30:48

Tier Talk Host Anthony Gangi discusses how "Downing a Duck" works (inmate manipulation).

Downing a Duck" is a technique that inmates used to create leverage and eventually corrupt staff. It's a technique that's very subtle and deadly. Today, Anthony Gangi, discusses "Downing a Duck." Listen in as he explains how the process works. Remember, anyone can be manipulated. The show is an attempt to showcase the process of manipulation and give an understanding to staff of how that process works.

Duration: 00:15:29

Tier Talk is live with John Paitakes. (Let's discuss OJ's Parole)


Duration: 00:30:30

Yes, Solitary confinement is a need tool.

Yes, solitary confinement (administrative segregation/restrictive housing) is a needed tool. Tonight on Tier Talk, Anthony Gangi sits down and discusses the need for solitary confinement. Listen in as he explores solitary confinement from two perspectives. On one side, you have the perspective of someone who employs the tool. On the other side, you have the perspective of someone the inmate in need of rehabilitation. This should make for a very interesting discussion.

Duration: 00:30:07

Tier Talk is Live with Guest Gary York. Let's discuss management's responsibilities to the employees they supervise

Constitutional right to safety at the workplace. Is management responsible for their employees well-being? Tonight on Tier Talk, Anthony Gangi sits down with Gary York and discusses responsibilities of Correctional management. Recently, the lawyers for the state officials of the Delaware Department of corrections stated that the employees have no right to safety at the workplace. Listen in as Anthony and Gary provide their thoughts in an attempt to hold management responsible for the...

Duration: 00:31:43

Tier Talk is live now with Guest Gary Cornelius (we will be discussing his new book, Correctional Officer A Practical Guide)

In the latest episode of Tier Talk, Anthony Gangi sits down with author and Correctional Professional Gary Cornelius. Listen in as they discuss his new textbook, The Correctional Officer, A Practical Guide. Topics include the evolution of Corrections, training, liability, and much more.

Duration: 01:08:59

What does it take to be a correctional officer?

What does it take to work in corrections? This is a very hard question to answer. To work in corrections, you have to know who you are, know your vulnerabilities, have pride in what you do, be committed to protect and serve, and have the right motivation. Corrections is a great profession, but only a few can walk the walk. Be proud to be part of the selected few.

Duration: 00:12:12

Anthony Gangi discusses divide and conquer, a tool inmates use to manipulate

Divide and conquer is a method used by inmates to isolate staff and manipulate them. It has its roots in group dynamics using intragroup cohesiveness, and intergroup animosity. This is the first of a series of videos related to inmate manipulation. Please comment below.

Duration: 00:12:00

Tier Talk is live discussing leadership.


Duration: 00:16:40

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