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Budapest, Hungary


Tilos Radio is interactive, commercial-free, independent, diversified, non-profit, public and transparent, caters for all musical audiences. socially aware, and in touch with listeners, a forum of the past, present and future generations. Tilos Radio is everyone's favorite and the most popular Hungarian public radio station. Its structure, operation, programming, non-profit model, basic principles and values are one of a kind in Hungary and the radio played a key role at the time of Hungary's EU accession in promoting and popularizing the philosophy of an open cultural and civil society as well as in its everyday implementation of these fundamental values. Tilos Radio improves democracy because it is interactive, Tilos Radio is accessible and most importantly, Tilos Radio belongs to its audience. Tilos Radio operates in a genre different from public and commercial radio stations’, its approach, tone, programming policy and financing techniques are different from those of the other “ type 3” radio stations.






1462 Budapest, PO Box 601 Address: 1085 Budapest, Ülloi út 32 (Mária u. 54) (061) 476 8491