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Episode 143: Short & Sweet

This week, we review Eternity Girl #1 from DC's Young Animal. Other books discussed include Mister Miracle, Cloak & Dagger, Astonishing X-Men, and The New Mutants. Elsewhere, we talk Infinity War's last trailer, Cloak & Dagger's second trailer, and Mister Miracle taking a break. Next week's Debut Review:


Episode 142: A New Jeff Lemire

This week, we review the debuts of Gideon Falls (Jeff Lemire's new book out of Image Comics), and Sonitus, from friend of the show Cody Sousa. Other books discussed include The Wicked + The Divine, Hawkeye, Image+, Oblivion Song, X-Men Red, Mech Cadet Yu. Elsewhere we talk Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Vin Diesel as Bloodshot, Wolverine's podcast, Scott Eastwood, and much more. Next week's Debut Review: Eternity Girl #1 (of 6)


Episode 141: Infinity War Moves Closer

This week we review The Wilds, from Black Mask. Other books discussed include Saga, The Terrifics, Teen Titans, Redneck, and Civil War 2. In other news, Avengers Infinity War moves up its release, Marvel confirms new comics, Kevin Smith suffers a heart attack, Fox preps more movies, The Walking Dead returns, and Cloak & Dagger teases. Next week's Debut Reviews:


Episode 140: Hit-Girl Returns

This week, we review the return of Hit-Girl. Other books discussed include Super Sons, Defenders, Descender, Old Man Hawkeye, Regression, Astonishing X-Men, and Tales of Suspense. In other news, Super Sons may live on, we solve Fraggle Rock heights, dive into Runaways sales, take a look at upcoming books from Rick Remender and Matthew Rosenberg. Next week's Debut Review:


Episode 139: Where's Dave Lizewski?

After a couple weeks off, we return to catch up on a backlog of reviews and reading. This time, we look at the debuts of VS #1 and the relaunched Kick-Ass. Other books discussed include Hawkeye, Runaways, Mech Cadet Yu, The Wicked + The Divine, Rumble, Secret Warriors, Old Man Hawkeye, Invincible, X-Men Red, and Old Man Logan. In other news, Black Panther enjoys a record-breaking opening, Umbrella Academy pushes on, Super Sons announces its end, Fraggle Rock returns, and we get trailers...


Episode 138: Recommendation Week

This week, we review our recommendations to each other of Sheltered and Young Avengers. Other books discussed include Defenders, Jessica Jones, Image+, Phoenix Resurrection, Animosity, Old Man Logan, and Tales of Suspense. Elsewhere, we talk Ant Man & The Wasp, Legion Season 2, Solo, Brian Michael Bendis, and more. Next week's Debut Review:


Episode 137: Legion in Print

This week we review Legion #1, and discuss other books including Teen Titans, The Terrifics, Vision, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Phoenix Resurrection, Regression, and Redneck. Elsewhere, Black Widow & the Russo brothers, Happy! is renewed, Umbrella Academy conducts a table read, Captain Marvel appears on set, Black Mask announces new books, and Valiant is acquired. Next week's review recommendations:


Episode 136: The Ice Cream Man

This week, we completed the debuts by taking a look at Ice Cream Man #1. Other books discussed include Rumble, Super Sons, Secret Warriors, and Doom Patrol. Elsewhere, comic book movies rack up Oscar noms, Runaways adds a character, the Vision hardcover delivers, and Y: The Last Man may have life again. Next week's debut review:


Episode 135: Old Man Hawkeye & Ales Kot

With a week and a half of books to read, we review the debut of Old Man Hawkeye and Ales Kot's new book, Days of Hate. Other books discussed include Mech Cadet Yu, Mister Miracle, Runaways, Secret War (2015), and Old Man Logan. Elsewhere, we look through the week's news of New Mutants 10-month delay, Crosswind Season 2, Black Widow's solo film, Tom King's Sanctuary, and plenty more. Next week's Debut Review:


Episode 134: Rogue & Gambit Were a Thing

This week, we review Rogue & Gambit #1 from Marvel Comics. Other books discussed include Mechanism, Paper Girls, Phoenix Resurrection, Crosswind, Elektra, Astonishing X-Men, Hawkeye and the Marvel Cinematic Universe Guidebook. The rest of the week was highlighted by X-Force movie news, Vin Diesel as Bloodshot, Runaways renewed, Gail Simon's upcoming Domino book, and the biggest comic book TV moments of 2017. Next week's Debut Review:


Episode 132: Star Wars Spoiler Alert

This week, we review the return of Rumble from John Arcudi, and of course discuss the latest movie in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Other books discussed include Mister Miracle, The Wicked + The Divine, Runaways, and She-Hulk. Elsewhere, Disney finishes up the Fox acquisition and we debut our new theme song. Next week's Debut Review: There is a hidden nation. A nation of magic and madness, one that exists in all the forgotten spaces. Your basement, your attic, the haunted house down the...


Episode 130: John Wick in Print Form

This week, we review the debut of John Wick's comic. Other books discussed include Super Sons Annual, Old Man Logan, Secrete Warriors, Teen Titans, Image+, and Night Owl Soceity. Elsewhere, Marvel's new editor used to be a fake Japanese writer, Avengers: Infinity War trailer releases, Disney/Fox deal may be back on and we dissect CBR's rankings of Netflix Marvel actors. Next week's Debut Review: John Wick #1 Paradiso #1


Episode 129: Our Worst One Yet

This week, we review Void Trip #1 and discuss other books including Clue, Super Sons, Descender, Eternal Empire, The Sword, Mech Cadet Yu, Glitterbomb: The Fame Game, Redneck and Generation X. Elsewhere, we talk Runaways, Justice League and prepare for an onslaught of upcoming Avengers: Infinity War marketing. Next week's Debut Review: Void Trip #1 John Wick #1


Episode 127: Welcome to Earth, Aliens

This week, we review Port of Earth #1, and discuss the week's books including Runaways, Jessica Jones, Mister Miracle, and Crosswind. In follow up, there's a shakeup in the Jax comics scene, Brooks meets Brian K. Vaughan, and Thor continues to surge. In other news, we track the career of Brian Michael Bendis as he departs Marvel for DC, question Hickman joining him, run down the latest in television, and give props to Gal Gadot. Next week's debut review: PORT OF EARTH #1 By Zack Kaplan ...


Episode 126: Divinity to Eternity

To catch up on two weeks, we review Eternity #1 and No. 1 With a Bullet #1. Other books discussed include Saga, Descender, Secret Warriors, Clue, Super Sons, Image+, Teen Titans, and more. Also, Alan gets the dreaded call from the comic shop, Brooks preps to meet BKV, Preacher gets renewed, Runaways gets closer, Thor releases, and other news from the comics world. Next week's debut review:


Episode 125: The NYCC Backlog

After a week off, we resume to review God Complex #1 and talk many more comics including Mister Miracle, Runaways, Mech Cadet Yu, Defenders, The Wicked + The Divine, and much more. Thanks to New York City Comic-Con, we were left with an abundance of news that featured movie & TV trailers, creative team announcements, new comics, and too much more to list. Next week's Debut Review:


Episode 124: Before the NYCC Storm

This week, we review Eugenic #1 and discuss other books including Jessica Jones, Hawkeye, Old Man Logan, Paper Girls, Astonishing X-Men, and Regression. Elsewhere we prep for an influx of New York City Comic-Con news that will hit next episode, and dive into recent debuts of The Gifted and Inhumans. Next week's Debut Review:


Episode 123: Another Dystopian Future

This week, we review the debut of The Beautiful Death and dive into the week's reading list, including Crosswind, Saga, Clue, Image Plus, Glitter Bomb Fame Game, Redneck, and Night Owl Society. Elsewhere, we discuss the Happy teaser, Deadly Class and Runaways coming to TV, It sequel, Tom King's workload, Venom, and Marvel Legacy. Next week's Debut Review:


Episode 122: Two Eps in One Week

We review Gasolina #1 and talk other books, including Generation Gone, Mech Cadet Yu, Descender, Super Sons, and more. Next week's Debut Review:


Episode 121: Welcome Back, Runaways

After missing a week due to Hurricane Irma, we got caught up on a couple week's worth of comics, including reviewing the comeback of Runaways at Marvel, and the debut of Made Men at Oni Press. Other books discussed include Jessica Jones, Mister Miracle, 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank, Hawkeye, Defenders, Secret Warriors, The Wicked + The Divine, and Teen Titans. Next week's Debut Review:


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