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We discuss soccer in America. From the US Men's National Team to Major League Soccer, to all the EPL action that American soccer fans watch on TV.

We discuss soccer in America. From the US Men's National Team to Major League Soccer, to all the EPL action that American soccer fans watch on TV.
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We discuss soccer in America. From the US Men's National Team to Major League Soccer, to all the EPL action that American soccer fans watch on TV.




MLS 2018 season preview talk with Bobby Warshaw

Daryl talks to Bobby Warshaw about ... What it's like to work at How to handle negative comments on the internet How we could get young Americans more minutes in Major League Soccer The youngsters, the big names, and the most tactically interesting teams to watch in MLS this season The idea of "flow state" and how soccer players, coaches and teams can make more of it Here's a link to the article about MLS youngsters, which Bobby had recently finished up before recording...


CONCACAF Champions League TV Troubles, Carlos Cordeiro's Campaign Promises, and Alexis Sanchez: Idiom Creator

It's another Listener Question spectacular! We respond to six different queries... and yes, I didn't want to use the word "questions" twice in two sentences. Anyway... 1) What is the "dribbling" stat and what are "completed dribbles?" 2) Why isn't the CONCACAF Champions League broadcast on any English-language channels in the US? 3) What are the differences between the League Cup and the FA Cup? 4) Which campaign promises will be the easiest for Carlos Cordeiro to keep and which ones...


Why is there no USMNT "B" team? Plus: Man Utd vs Sevilla Champions League review

We open the show by reviewing today's Champions League games: Sevilla vs Man Utd Shakhtar Donetsk vs Roma At 23:33, our Squarespace ad read becomes a walk down Jose Mourinho memory lane. Go to for a free trial and, when you're ready to launch, use code TSS for 10% off your first purchase of a website. LISTENER QUESTIONS: 29:20 — Why is there no USMNT or USWNT B team? 38:27 — In designing a roster from scratch, do you go system first or players first? 44:05 — Is...


Chelsea battle Barcelona, Bayern bash Besiktas, Wigan shock Man City

We review Chelsea vs Barcelona, give a quick nod to Bayern's destruction of Besiktas, and look back at Wigan's win over Man City in the FA Cup. Today's show is sponsored by Health IQ. If you love a healthy lifestyle, go to to get a free quote for lower rates on your life insurance.


Obligatory "Magic of the Cup" Title! Plus, Ronaldo and Messi Makes Plays while Mourinho Can't Hide His Annoyance

We recap all the weekend's action using our patented thumbs up/down model. Rochdale's hard fought draw with Spurs, United's VAR woes, and West Brom's vehicular thievery all get airtime when it comes to the FA Cup. There's also a title race in Italy, the Injury Triumvirate doing things in Dortmund, and reasons for optimism for Unai Emery. Today's show is sponsored by... SeatGeek! Download the app and enter "TSS" in the setting for $20 off your first SeatGeek purchase. Oh, and if at all...


Team nicknames, unlikely rivalries, the Premier League's beginnings, and more

We answer six questions on today's show: 1. Why was the Premier League started? 2. What is Keaton Parks' ceiling and best position 3. What are some of the strangest soccer rivalries in the world? 4. Why does the fourth official make players show their thighs before subbing in? 5. Why don't soccer teams have team names and mascots like in American sports? 6. Why should Americans go and play in the Dutch and Belgian leagues? Support the show at...


Real Madrid v PSG shows that substitutes matter, while Liverpool prove that goals do too

Daryl and Taylor break down all the goals in Real Madrid's Champions League Knockout Round clash with PSG, and take a look at Liverpool's haul in Portugal. When Danny Ings gets Champions League minutes, you know that something special has happened! Can you tell we try to make these post-game recap titles/descriptions as spoiler free as possible? Cause we do. Today's show was sponsored by Squarespace! Go to to start designing your website for free, and then use the...


Juventus and Tottenham present: MasterSetPiece Theatre

We analyze all the goals from Juventus vs Tottenham in the Champions League, as well as a quick look at FC Basel vs Man City. We also answer two listener questions: 1. Is a 4-2-3-1 really that different from a 4-4-2? 2. Why don't more MLS teams spend big on high-profile coaches like Tata Martino? Today's show is sponsored by Health IQ, an insurance company that helps health-conscious people get lower rates in life insurance. Go to to see if you qualify.


Weekend review: Spurs Kane Arsenal, Kevin De Bruyne is Robocop, Salah and Firmino telepathy

Daryl and Taylor review all the weekend action through the medium of thumbs up/thumbs down. If you're one of those people that like to jump around (or an Arsenal fan trying not to hear about the North London derby) then here are your timestamps: 1:17 — Spurs vs Arsenal 6:23 — Man City vs Leicester City 12:25 — Southampton vs Liverpool 16:10 — Huddersfield vs Bournemouth 18:00 — Today's show sponsored by SeatGeek! (They're back from winter break!) Download the app and enter "TSS" in the...


US Soccer Election Reaction with George Quraishi and Alexi Lalas

The President is gone. All hail the President. With Carlos Cordeiro now the head of the United States Soccer Federation, Daryl and Taylor take a look at all the events of Election Day in Orlando. To do so, we were joined by Howler Magazine's George Quraishi to get the (more or less) instant reaction to Cordeiro's victory. George clues us in to the mood in the room, the politicking that happened between votes, and the deliciousness of his giant cookie. After that, we spoke with Alexi...


USSF Election Update with ESPN's Jeff Carlisle

ESPN'S Jeff Carlisle joins Taylor to discuss all that's been going on in Orlando in the lead up to tomorrow's election. What's happening with the Gang of Six? How much of a lead does Kathy Carter have? Can Carlos Cordeiro hope to steal some votes from the Professional Council? Will Jeff get any sleep tonight? All that and more! Plus, today's show is sponsored by Futchi! Use the discount code "TSS2018" at checkout to get 15% off the rebounder, or any of their new gear! See what's in...


US Soccer Presidential Election Preview

Daryl and Taylor attempt to assemble their own Voltrons/Frankenstein's Monsters from their favorite parts of the 8 Presidential Candidates' platforms. Pro/Rel, Diversity and Equality, Youth Development, and avoiding FIFA corruption all get mentions. They then look ahead to the election itself: who is voting, how are they voting, and what are the possible wrinkles on the day itself? Plus, there's an outtake on the end that made us both chuckle. If you want more insight into the election...


What does "Latino sty of play" even mean? When is a USMNT call-up reasonable? UEFA vs US Soccer coaching licenses

Listeners asked so we tried to answer: 1. What do American means when they say the "Latino style of play?" 2. What are the requirements before a talented youngster is called up the US Men's National Team. 3. What are our most memorable player retirements? 4. What os the name of the Total Soccer Show theme song? 5. How do you get UEFA coaching licenses, and are they better or worse than USSF licenses. Today's show is sponsored by Squarespace. Go to to build your...


Michael Winograd Discusses His Campaign for US Soccer President

With less than a week remaining until the US Soccer Election, Taylor called up Presidential Candidate Michael Winograd to discuss why he decided to enter the race, his independence as a candidate, and why he feels he is uniquely suited to the task at hand. We also discussed the major issues of the day, including equal treatment for women's soccer, promotion/relegation, fixing youth soccer development, and the importance of coalition building. To learn more about Michael's policies and...


Weekend Review: Harry Kane penalty drama, Mkhitaryan between the lines, Alexis Sanchez makes sure

Thumbs up and down review of all the weekend action, leading with Liverpool vs Spurs and Arsenal v Everton, touching on some other EPL action, then taking a quick trip to German to check in with England and American youngsters in the Bundesliga. Also: the latest on Keaton Parks, Konrad De La Funete and other USMNT up-and-comers. SPONSORS! Today's show is sponsored by Health IQ. Go to to see if you qualify for lower rates on life insurance, and to take the quizzes...


Kyle Martino Discusses His Campaign for US Soccer President

Kyle Martino took time away from taking care of his child to discuss his campaign for US Soccer's Presidency. We discuss his relationships with the other candidates, his expectations for Election Day, his plans for promotion/relegation, and much, much more! Today's show was sponsored by Squarespace. Go to to start designing your website for free, ten use code "TSS" to get a 10% a discount when you decide to launch. JOIN THE SCOUTING NETWORK!...


January Transfer Window Winners and Losers

First up, we quickly discuss Sunil Gulati's "Fact Check" of the comments and criticisms made by some of the USSF Presidential candidates. Here's a link to the video of his speech: After that, we review the winners and losers from the January transfer window... and maybe some in-betweens as well (Arsenal and Manchester United come to mind). Up next... listener questions! How do player contracts work for relegated clubs and who...


Geoff Cameron speaks out, Copa America 2020 update, US Soccer presidential politics

We open by discussing Geoff Cameron's NY Times interview with Marc Stein, which you can read here: Then, we answer some listener questions: 6:19 — Will the 2020 Copa America really be called Copa America Centenario? 10:15 — WARNING! POLITICS! Are there similarities between Eric Wynalda's US Soccer presidential campaign and Donald Trump's 2016 campaign? DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS PART IF YOU DO NOT...


Aubameyang triangle, Zlatan to the LA Galaxy, Beckham to Miami, and plenty more

We round up all the transfer news from the past few days, including The Pierre-Emerick Aubameynag, Olivier Giroud, Miche Batshuayi triangle, Mix Diskerud to Umbro, Jack Harrison and Aymeric Laporte to Man City, Rhiyad Mahrez transfer request reminder, Cyle Larin (finally) to Besiktas, Daniel Sturridge to WBA, Lucas Moura to Spurs, Zlatan Ibrahimovic to the LA Galaxy and Major League Soccer to Miami. If you came here just for the Zlatan part, it's starts at 40:30. Today's show is...


Coping Strategies for USMNT Fans in 2018

Daryl and Taylor take a look back at the USA's 0-0 draw with Bosnia: who was making the tactical decisions, why weren't more youngsters given a chance, and what (if anything) did we learn? We then discuss our expectations for 2018, specifically how we're going to be approaching the US Mational Team at a time when things seem about as bleak as ever. We promise it's more exciting (or at least impassioned) than it sounds... and we think we landed on the best possible way for fans to stay...


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