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Columbus, OH


It was a normal day in Elkins, West Virginia when the doctor’s cold hand welcomed Trisha into the world. That first yelp in the cold lights of the delivery room was her family’s first indication that Trisha was destined to be the center of attention. An Air Force brat, Trisha moved around with her family during the younger years of her life, living in places like Italy, California and Washington State all before the age of 10! Moving around a lot taught Trisha at an early age that if you want to make friends and be noticed you can’t sit in the back round quietly waiting for it to happen!! And so started her path toward radio… Before she could even walk, Trisha was already talking! So much so, that she had the vocabulary of a 4 year old by age 2. Little did Trisha know that all of this talking was preparing her for what eventually would be her radio career. After her parents separated, she ended up back in Elkins, WV where she sang in choir and show choir and dreamed of one day becoming a famous singer with a shoe closet the size of her bedroom. While singing was Trisha’s dream for the future, she realized her dream wasn’t putting cash in her pocket for shoes and high school fun; so by the luck of having a friend “in the biz”, Trisha was introduced to the local country radio station and was quickly hired because she loved to talk and DIDN’T have an accent! Trisha uprooted to Columbus after graduation, leaving her radio career behind and looked to more “practical” career paths in her early 20’s. In 1997 Trisha realized she’d never been a very practical person and took a part time radio position for a station in Mt Vernon; needless to say, the rest is history! Trisha Moore and her growing shoe collection came to the Columbus market in 2004 and will tell you that there isn’t a day where she doesn’t get excited to come to work!



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