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Tumble Science Podcast for Kids


Exploring stories of science discovery. Tumble is a science podcast created to be enjoyed by the entire family. Hosted & produced by Lindsay Patterson (science journalist) & Marshall Escamilla (teacher). Visit for more information and educational content.

Exploring stories of science discovery. Tumble is a science podcast created to be enjoyed by the entire family. Hosted & produced by Lindsay Patterson (science journalist) & Marshall Escamilla (teacher). Visit for more information and educational content.
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Exploring stories of science discovery. Tumble is a science podcast created to be enjoyed by the entire family. Hosted & produced by Lindsay Patterson (science journalist) & Marshall Escamilla (teacher). Visit for more information and educational content.




How to Build a Robotic Eel

Meet Envirobot, a robotic eel who slithers along the surface of the water, seeking the source of water pollution. The future is here, and it's full of swimming robots! We meet members of the team behind Envirobot, Bezhad Bayat and Alessandro Crespi. They tell us what it takes to turn a swimming animal into a robot - the twists, the turns, the technology, and the math. If you could design a robot based on a swimming animal, what would it be and why? What would it do? We want to hear your...

Duration: 00:14:59

The Case of the Sparkly Mineral

"How are minerals made?" "What makes rocks sparkly?" Mary Lou and Tilly are curious about minerals, the chemical compounds that make up rocks! Get ready for a behind-the-scenes tour of the Field Museum in Chicago! Collections manager Jim Holstein opens cabinets containing some of the most exceptional minerals in the world. Find out how scientists have classified minerals for hundreds of years, and why some minerals glow in the dark. Do you have a rock collection? Or any kind of...

Duration: 00:20:42

Mission CO2 to Mars

“Could we ship Earth’s extra carbon dioxide to Mars?” Our listener Ilan has come up with a brilliant plan to stop climate change in its tracks, and make Mars a place we can live - AT THE SAME TIME. Your intrepid Tumble hosts attempt to lift his idea off the ground, with help from Czech environmental scientist Kristina Zackuciova, and NASA astrophysicist Scott Guzewich. Join us, to find out how a scientific journey starts - and whether Ilan has discovered how to save two worlds with one...

Duration: 00:20:43

Marshall's Mailbag Episode!

It's a mail bag episode! While Lindsay is away, Marshall is going through a bunch of listener questions and answering them as best he can. Do monkeys get ice cream headaches? Why is Play-doh so salty? Listen to find out the answer to this and more in this special episode of Tumble. If you want to submit a question for Marshall & Lindsay to answer, go visit our website at

Duration: 00:19:29

We Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts: A Tumble Halloween

Why do people believe in ghosts? And can science ever prove that they don’t exist? We take a road trip with Dennis Waskul, a sociologist who traveled to graveyards and “haunted” houses to hear ghost stories, from the people who lived them. He wanted to find out why 50% of Americans believe in ghosts. What he discovered might spook you - in a good way! (Note: This episode is NOT scary.)

Duration: 00:16:49

BONUS EPISODE: Kidcast Sampler!

We often talk about how there are so many great kid podcasts out there to discover. Now, we're bringing those podcasts directly to you, in this sampler pack of a bonus episode! Find these podcasts and more at You'll hear some of our favorite podcasts for kids. We really believe that listening to podcasts for kids with our son has brought something truly special into our lives, that we couldn't get with any other type of media. We've heard from listeners that Tumble...

Duration: 00:21:36

Why Words?! How We Learn Language

Children are the best language learners, says psycholinguist Evan Kidd. But how do children learn languages so easily, and why is learning another language so hard when you're an adult? It's something we've been wondering since we moved to Barcelona, Spain this summer. Evan Kidd shares his quest to put together the complex puzzle of how humans learn language. What he's discovered might change the way you think about your own native tongue. To join us on our adventures in Barcelona, plus...

Duration: 00:18:23

The Electric Detectives

Where does electricity come from? That's what listener Ati wants to know. Lindsay and Marshall get on the case of a massive blackout that plunged 50 million people into darkness Scientist and engineer Mike Legatt helps us solve the mystery. We made a cool electric grid scavenger hunt for this episode that you can download for free on our Patreon Page! Subscribe at the $5 level (or higher!) to find more great activities like this one. You can also listen to Tumble on the BRAND NEW Kids...

Duration: 00:17:09

The Solar System’s Wild Ride

Do solar systems move? That’s what Levan wants to know. NASA astronomer Stefanie Milam shares how technology has allowed humans to see the course our solar system has charted through space – and how a powerful new telescope will widen our view even more. Want to learn more, and see photos of the James Webb Space Telescope? Check out our blog at Help us take Tumble to the next level (outer space?)! Support the podcast you love at on our Patreon campaign at...

Duration: 00:14:53

The Magic Memory Molecule

How does our brain remember things? Neuroscientist Andre Fenton found that question has no easy answers. Andre has spent years experimenting with PKMZeta, a tiny molecule he believes is the key to forming memories. But what if he’s wrong? This is a personal story of the scientific process, and the bumps along the journey that lead to knowledge. Welcome back to Season 3 of Tumble! We're so excited to be back with all new episodes - from Barcelona, Spain! To kick it off right, we're doing...

Duration: 00:20:26

Season 3 Starts September 8!

Tumble will be back with all new episodes this fall! Make sure you're subscribed to Tumble to get the first episode on September 8. This season, expect more great stories about science discovery, from around the world! Thanks to listeners Kinnari, Ash, Liesel, Caroline, and Rosemary for helping us record our message. Have a science question? Want to send us a drawing? Know of a scientist we should interview? Email us at To support the show, go to...

Duration: 00:01:05

The Science of Poop with Mary Roach

Everybody poops. But why? To find out, science writer Mary Roach takes us on a journey into the alimentary canal - that's the tube that runs from our mouth to our rectum. Along the way, we learn about pooping in space, and how someone else's poop might one day save your life! Have you been looking for an easy way to find more great podcasts for kids like Tumble? Or maybe you want a place for your kids to listen and discover podcasts on their own. We have great news for you! With Kids...

Duration: 00:16:35

The Call of the Antarctic Dinosaur with Julia Clarke

Dinosaurs didn’t roar. What?! Paleontologist Julia Clarke has been uncovering clues to how dinosaurs sounded, in ancient bird fossils from Antarctica. She shares the story of her groundbreaking fossil find that revealed the surprising sounds of the dinosaur world! Come on an expedition to Antarctica and into Julia’s lab on her quest for discovery. Now is the time to send us your science questions! Record your name, age, and your question. Tell us what you think the answer is, and how...

Duration: 00:17:44

The Quest of the Alien Hunter with Seth Shostak

Are we alone in the universe, or are there other life forms out there? That's what Daniel, a listener from New Zealand, wants to know. Scientists have been searching for the answer with a surprising tool: radio. But this isn't any old radio. Seth Shostak, senior astronomer at the SETI Institute, shares the story of how the search for intelligent life got started, and where it's headed. Are you a teacher or homeschooling parent? Tell us how you use Tumble! Email us at...

Duration: 00:17:26

The Sign of the Ninja Virus with Jasdave Chahal and Omar Khan

Brothers Ian, Sam, and Eli want to know, “How do vaccines keep our bodies healthy?” We meet two scientists, Omar Khan and Jasdave Chahal, who have teamed up to tackle the world’s most dangerous diseases with a new technique for developing vaccines. They tell the story of how they came together in a quest to battle biological “ninjas” that want to invade our bodies and make us sick. Are you a teacher or homeschooling parent? Tell us how you use Tumble! Email us at

Duration: 00:16:24

The Skull of the Ancient Primate with Chris Kirk

Who is the oldest primate, and is it our great-great-great grandfather? Listener Elena's question takes us into a laboratory chock full of fossils, and brings us back to the impact that killed most of the dinosaurs. Anthropologist Chris Kirk introduces us to our very ancient - and very tiny - ancestors. Visit our blog at to see photos of Rooneyia and Mahgarita, as well as a tour of the Vertebrate Paleontology Lab! We have resources to get started with your own fossil...

Duration: 00:16:26

The Puzzle of the Flipping Cats with Greg Gbur

Wonder why a cat always lands on its feet? It's a question that stumped scientists for over a hundred years. Some suspected that mischievous cats were breaking the laws of physics! Was it the catnip? Or was it a mystery of physics? Physicist Greg Gbur helps us break the case... with the first ever cat video. Check out the original flipping cat photos and film, as well as a video of cats weightless in zero gravity (!!) on our blog at You'll also find visual...

Duration: 00:15:09

The Case of the Whale Shark Party with Rafael de la Parra

Imagine this: You’re in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico with a big fish on the line. But suddenly, you’re surrounded by whale sharks, the biggest fish in the world. What do you do?! If you’re a scientist, you get curious. Marine biologist Rafael de la Parra tells us how and why he got a headcount of the biggest whale shark party ever seen. We adopted a whale shark! Send your suggestions for MXA-130’s new name to Check out our blog to see photos of her, find out...

Duration: 00:17:23

A Year on Mars with Sheyna Gifford

What would you bring on a trip to Mars? That’s a question Sheyna Gifford had to ask herself when she packed to live on Mars for a year. Wait, what?! We find out about a NASA experiment on top of a volcano that’s getting astronauts prepared for a real-life mission to Mars. Learn how to apply for a trip to Mars - in sim or in space - on our blog at This month, we are asking listeners to recommend podcasts to friends who have not yet discovered them! For #trypod, check out...

Duration: 00:15:46

The People of the Snow with Kelly Elder

The People of the Snow with Kelly Elder Why does it snow, where does it snow, and why are snowflakes not the same size or shape? We jump into a pile of snow questions, and find a very different kind of science in the snowy Arctic. Kelly Elder, a snow hydrologist, tells the story of how scientists work with the Inuit people to understand how snow is changing in a warming world. More information about this episode on our blog at For an ad-free version of the podcast,...

Duration: 00:16:22

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