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Typeradio, the radio channel on type & design. Type is speech on paper. Typeradio is speech on type. Typeradio is made by Donald Beekman, Liza Enebeis & Underware. Please get in contact with us for what ever you want. All contributions, stories, secrets, ideas, critics and other noise is always welcome.

Typeradio, the radio channel on type & design. Type is speech on paper. Typeradio is speech on type. Typeradio is made by Donald Beekman, Liza Enebeis & Underware. Please get in contact with us for what ever you want. All contributions, stories, secrets, ideas, critics and other noise is always welcome.
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Den Haag, Netherlands


Typeradio, the radio channel on type & design. Type is speech on paper. Typeradio is speech on type. Typeradio is made by Donald Beekman, Liza Enebeis & Underware. Please get in contact with us for what ever you want. All contributions, stories, secrets, ideas, critics and other noise is always welcome.






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Tirso Frances 1/1

At the What Design Can Do-conference we had a talk with Tirso Frances, director and co-founder (with Ron Faas) of Utrecht based design studio DieTwee. They started DieTwee in their 2nd year of art-school, believing they had the wrong teachers and therefore felt the need to organize something for theirselves. Now, 24 years later, the studio had grown from two up to 30 people, and they are revitalizing the studios strategy by bringing in a new art-director and opening discussion. Tirso...


Stone Twins 1/1

We talked to the Irish born Amsterdam-based Stone Twins, consisting of twin brothers Declan and Garech Stone. We obviously talk about their roots and their creative partnership; after 20 years of living and working in Holland, are they Irish or Dutch Designers? They use the design for the Dutch Post Office as an interesting example about how Dutch Design has developed in the last 20 years.In the role of head of the Man Communication-department at the Design Academy Eindhoven (which they...


Ina Jurga 1/1

What design can do? That was a question asked to Ina Jurga of WASH United, an organization fighting for safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene for all people around the world. One of their goals is to make toilets more sexy, we ask her how design can actually help achieving this. Her lifetime evolvement in this organization, started as a student, triggered by an ecological focussed teacher. Ina tells us why WASH United connects football to their activities and how lack of hygiene isnt...


Esteban Ucros 1/1

Inbetween the white noise in this interview (for which we apologise), youll find the nice words of Colombian graphic designer Esteban Ucros, who dedicates his Popular de Lujo blog to painted advertising he finds all over the streets of his hometown Bogot. He didnt start the project out of political reasons, just the will to focus on the daily but nonetheless inspirational stuff that is so easily taken for granted. The blog functions as a platform to present and preserve the unknown street...


Harmen Liemburg 1/1

We sat down with Harmen Liemburg, Dutch silkscreen wizard with a keen eye for color and detail. Beside his work as a visual designer and design-writer, he also runs the silkscreen workshop at the Rietveld Academy, together with his old teacher Kees Maas. He tells us why he loves the craft of silkscreening so much and how he started his career as a cartographer. He has a big fascination for both the United States and Japan, which he tries to visit as often as he can. No wonder his design...


Will Hudson 1/1

Almost all designers must have heard of the Its Nice That-blog, online since april 2007. We had a talk with co-founder Will Hudson, who started the blog as a personal visual bookmarking-space, because he was just bad with names. We think thats a valid reason. Wills partner Alex Bec joined in 2008, and since then the blog has grown into a company with a firm team of seven people art-directing, publishing and curating. We asked Will some spot-on questions about how they finance the blog, how...


Simon Esterson 1/1

In this interview Simon Esterson, editor and co-owner of Eye Magazine, kicks off with an impressive list of rituals and superstitiousness. Simon continues about how perfection may be a dangerous thing for designers. We would like to know if four issues of Eye per year is enough and how they select content. He gives us a beautiful insight in how he balances every day as an editor, owner, paper lover and design-geek. In his extensive career as a freelance magazine and newspaper consultant...

Rejane Dal Bello 1/1

We had a talk with graphic designer Rejane Dal Bello at the What Design Can Do-conference in Amsterdam. This strong visual designer never stops working, drawing and visualizing ideas. We asked her why she left her home country Brasil to study in New York and The Netherlands. She tells us that all of her decisions regarding life and design are based upon the ability to develop herself and to add something to the world. This is the reason she doesnt mind working pro-bono for projects that...

Laura Meseguer 1/1

Laura Meseguer is a Barcalonese type designer, known for her custom lettering and joyful typefaces. She started to play with letters at a very early age in her fathers letterpress-company. In the early 90s she moved on towards playing with digital letters and started her own foundry called Type--Tones. She definitely became a type designer after studying at the post-graduate Type]Media course in the Hague. We talk about her typo-mags series and how this project came together. And she...

Joost van der Steen 1/1

At the Facing Pages festival 2012 we talked with organizer Joost van der Steen, whos quite an enterprising person. This interaction designer is partner in design studio OK Parking together with graphic designer William van Giessen. To celebrate the first birthday of a blog they were keeping up, they surprised their contributors with the publication of OK Periodical magazine, which eventually led to a series of eight issues. Driven by their love for independent magazines, on top of that...

Charlotte Cheetham 1/1

We had a talk with Charlotte Cheetham, founder of the Manystuff-blog which she initially started in 2006 because her boyfriend studied graphic design. Being a communication-student herself she was intrigued with graphic design, especially books, and started to collect and publish projects and designers that she liked. Besides updating the blog almost daily, she also curates exhibitions and researches the field. She finds it necessary to create this extra dimension to her work, next to the...

Gabriele Wilson 1/1

During a year of teaching English in the Czech republic, the Eastern European typography on book covers caught Gabriele Wilsons eye. When she came back to the States she started a study Graphic Design at Parsons. Nowadays shes a teacher there and runs her own design studio in New York focused on book cover design. We asked her if she sees trends in book design, not only in the visual sense but also in the way designers are approached for jobs. She shares her extensive experience with us....


Jost Hochuli 1/1

In Sankt Gallen we had a talk with none other than Jost Hochuli, the legendary Swiss graphic designer and typographer. He is an expert in book design and also well known for his writing. In his long and exceptional career he got the opportunity to study and work with a lot of design legends, such as Adrian Frutiger. We want to know all about it! He explains how he sees book design as a Gesammt Kunstwerk and what he thinks about badly designed books. He shares his remarkable career with us,...

Swiss Miss 1/1

The busy Tina Roth Eisenberg (aka Swiss Miss) had a talk with us at her birthplace Sankt Gallen. Although she was born, raised and educated in Switzerland, she found in New York a place that actually adapts to her speed. She is the curator and composer of the swissmiss-blog, that started out as a personal visual bookmark archive in 2005, but reaches more than a million viewers per month nowadays! Her blog has so much impact that she can actually launch an upcoming designer by the exposure...

Dan Perjovschi 1/1

We had a critical and insightful talk with Dan Perjovschi, visual artist from Romania, about the role of art in society. He is well known for covering museum walls with his humoristic yet critical political cartoons. The fall of communism in Romania gave him the freedom to travel, but did it also take a part of his artistic identity with it? He shares his need for changing perspectives in this materialistic society and how it took him ten year to move his work from paper to the wall. His...


Henning Wagenbreth 1/1

Graphic artist and illustrator Henning Wagenbreth shares his story about growing up behind the German Wall in East-Berlin. Being a student in this period might be where his love for the artistic dark side comes from. When the wall fell he had the chance to study in Paris for a year, where he was amazed that there was more to comics than just Asterix and Obelix! Nowadays his handwriting is starting a life on its own as the typeface FF Prater, we ask him how he feels about that. He tells us...

Frederik Berlaen 1/1

Frederik Berlaen is a multi-talented Belgian type designer, programmer and teacher, who just fell in love with scripting while attending the postgraduate Type Media course at the KABK in The Hague. He didnt graduate with a typeface, but an application that eventually set the foundation for his recently released typescripting program, Robofont. We ask him what drove him to create his own tools. He tells us how he misses drawing, how scripting can save a designer in several ways and even...


Paul Sahre 2/2

In this second part of the Paul Sahre interview, he tells us how being a teacher gives him a lot of inspiration, which is his selfish reason of being a teacher in the first place. He thinks the digitalization of the design culture will actually give the traditional way of the tangible graphic design a huge boost; few, but happier designers! We ask him about the crazy deadlines for NY Times illustrations and he tells us about the importance of setting rules for graphic design. Humour is...

Paul Sahre 1/2

This is the first part of an amusing talk with American graphic designer Paul Sahre, well known for his book cover designs and illustrations for the NY Times. When we asked him about his earliest memory of graphic design, he shares a story about his mother and a scary ink drawing of a demon beast that he drew when he was around 12 years old. Being a parent himself, he tells us how this is changing his way of working as a designer and how it affected his traveling. We were curious if he...

Poschauko Brothers 1/1

We sat down with the colorful twins Thomas and Martin Poschauko. They are working, living and creating together for almost their whole life, only art school separated them for a while.We talk about their old-style heroes and their love for the van Gogh color palette.Their strong preference for a seclusive and designer-free surrounding brought them to a small Bavarian village after graduating. They had the luck to settle their design studio in a curious old cinema. They released their first...
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