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Why Marketing with Webinars Works

Engagement, Engagement, Engagement is the name of the game for 2018. I've always said that marketing is all about focusing in on the KNOW, LIKE, TRUST factor, because that is the way your ideal prospects find you, follow you, and start buying from you. The best way to get your audience to know you, the real you, is to create and host webinars. Webinars shouldn't be scary or hard because they are doable and necessary, especially in light of the new engagement rules for 2018. Today, we'll...

Duration: 00:29:55

Your Content Empire - Your Way

I totally love creating content to get out to the masses, but I dare say that most people do not. I know you don't hate it, but its one of those things you could probably not do, right? Wrong! What if I were to show you how to do content marketing your way; in a way that finds your joy, lights you up, delights your customers, and still grows your bottom line while delighting yourself as well? Hailey Dale, MA a certified content strategist and founder of Your Content Empire, says that when...

Duration: 00:30:25

Single Biggest Mistake You Make Working for Yourself

You did it! You went out on your own! Now you are the boss. All that time spent wishing and wondering what it would be like and now you can feel it for yourself. But wait. . . there's one thing that even savvy women entrepreneurs forget about or really don't even know about when they start working for themselves and we're discussing it today. Join in on our first show of 2018 to see how to crush your goals and come out on top of your competition faster than you ever thought possible. And...

Duration: 00:29:41

How to Market Your New Business Using Social Media

Do you have a new business and contemplating how to market it? Are you thinking that using social media would be a good way to start? Yes, I agree, but how do you get started with it? My guest, Ramona Yancy, Inspirational Speaker, Coach, and Entrepreneur has the answers for you. She knows the best social media strategies for marketing your business so people will buy from you. Ramona provides her clients with effective inexpensive tools that you can start using right NOW and start seeing...

Duration: 00:32:19

How Making it Funny Makes You Money

Are you funny? Seriously, I am talking about when you are talking, speaking, and marketing your business. June Cline thinks so and she's taken her plus 20 years of making corporate America laugh and pouring it all into her brand in the ROI of LOL. If you want a good laugh join in on the conversation. But if you want to discover how to infuse humor and natural, gut-busting laughter into your talks, marketing, and anything else you are doing, don't miss this episode! You will walk away with...

Duration: 00:31:19

YES You Can Get Clients Everywhere

Join us for a motivating discussion of how to get clients everywhere with my special guest Marie Fratoni. If you are ready to become confident with your approach to getting clients. Create a plan of action for what to do and what not to do when searching for clients. Then you need to join Marie and I to learn exactly how to search for and secure clients everywhere. Join in, it will be fun and results-driven. As the CEO of Get Clients Everywhere, Marie Fratoni works globally to help...

Duration: 00:38:07

Uncommon Ways to Market Your Poetry Book

Poetry is awesome, writing a book about it is even better. But how do you market not only your book but your poetry book when you live in a foreign country? Tacoma Anderson drops by to tell us how she's doing it successfully. It's pretty early (or late) depending on where you live, but she is determined to get the word out. Listen in to her story. Find out more about the book, The Deepest Part of me. . .Echoes of my Soul by clicking this link to check it out. About the book: This book is...

Duration: 00:30:45

Strategies for Living the Successful Life You Want

Have you thought about what the best strategies are that you need in order to live a successful life, whatever that looks like to you? Today, my guest LaChelle Adkins unveils what you need to do and how to do it to live your best, most successful life. LaChelle knows about living your best life, she enjoys accomplishing impossible feats because she believes that it is evidence of God working in her life. She creates momentum in her life when she is faced with challenges, including raising...

Duration: 00:30:57

How to Take Charge of Your Financial Destiny

If you don't have money, you can't do much. But what about when you see money come in, then see money go out? And it happens over and over again. Have you heard that it's more mindset than anything else? It's true and today, we'll dive deep into adjusting what's needed to get you on the road to prosperity. Tearanie Parker a Financial Professional, Financial Educator, Author, Speaker, and the Founder of Funding An Empire is determined to help change the unhealthy mindset of individuals in...

Duration: 00:33:23

How to Turn Your Trials into Inspiration for Others to Succeed

It may seem that you are all by yourself with the trials and tribulations that you go through, but you truly are not. As a matter of fact, more often than not, whatever you are going through, have gone through, or will go through in the future, someone else has done it or is going through it too. The key is to let others know so you can help them avoid the pitfalls and go straight to success. That is exactly what T. Renee Garner is doing. She went through some unbelievable situations with...

Duration: 00:34:26

Collaborating All the Way to the Bank

You are not an island, you are a business owner. However, it may seem that you are doing this, business success thing all alone, but it doesn't have to be that way. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of potential collaborators looking for someone like you to partner with for success. Fresh off my speaking presentation at the L.I.F.T. Conference 2017, I am fired-up to bring you back awesome tips of how you can profit from what I'm sharing with you today. Tune in and prosper.

Duration: 00:31:17

7-Step Collaboration Success Strategy

Just as Napoleon Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich illustrates the power of the Mastermind in working with others to create something magical and awesome, collaborating with other like-minded individuals can also have a profound effect on your business. The power of one-mind consciousness, which is a result of great minds coming together in a collaboration results in success. Tune in today to see how I put my 7-Step Collaboration Success Strategy to make it work. Plus discover how you can...

Duration: 00:29:06

How to Get More Clients From Your Posts

Ever heard of newsjacking? The term was popularized by author, speaker, newsjacking specialist David Meerman Scott who is the founder of the newsjacking movement. Scott describes newsjacking as the thing that occurs when you use the biggest, hottest news or human interest stories of the day and piggy back off of it by inserting your own content to draw attention to you, your business, and your brand. When your target audience, ideal prospects, and potential customers are alerted to a new,...

Duration: 00:29:21

Collaboration is Trending

Today, Ranelli Williams and Kim Jones, the founders of the Lift Conference 2017 join me today to discuss how collaboration can help your business stand out from the crowd as you march to success. Collaboration is trending! All this month, we're talking about how you can use "what's trending now" to put your business in front of your target audience. What better way to do that than by joining forces with other successful business owners? Ranelli and Kim join me today to talk about the...

Duration: 00:29:52

How to Ride Trends to the Bank

What's trending now? Every time you open your browser, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and most other platforms tell you instantly what's in the news as a trend right now. In my forthcoming book, UN-Market Your Business; 10 Ways for Savvy Entrepreneurs to Stand Out, Stop Struggling, and Start Profiting, I list "Trending for Dollars" as one of my chapters. In that chapter, I give you detailed instructions on how to use this strategy to get your business noticed and in the mainstream. Here's an...

Duration: 00:29:53

UN-Market Your Mindset - How to next level your business with video

Lougenia Trailblazer Rucker doesn't back down from a challenge, but going in front of a live audience, on video was not something she looked forward to. That was January of 2017, but today, she conducts multiple Facebook Lives each week and is just coming off a successful webinar series where she tripled her audience and her list. Did I fail to mention that she made some money too? All of this awesome goodness came about because she took control over her mindset and now she is reaping the...

Duration: 00:31:10

Market Your Business With Your Own Facebook Group

All this month, I've been talking about how to market your business and get clients using my OPA concept, Other People's Audience. Today, I'm taking it a bit further by going deep into using your own Facebook group to market your business. We'll talk about 7 key steps you must take to be successful with your Facebook group. Plus, the next steps you can take and how to get the most out of your group to help your business grow.

Duration: 00:30:40

Empower Your Dreams by Writing Your Book-Part 2

My guest today, Bridgette Lewis, shows us all how she recovered "After Suffering Life's Blows." Because she is "Built By Fire I Stand To Tell Others How To Bounce Back." "Empowering you to reach your dreams regardless of obstacles, Bridgette Lewis’ life lessons focus on inspiration and courage. Lewis shares how to master setbacks and losses of all kinds and win at life. Using her own powerful experiences of overcoming adversity as examples, her journey will fill you with hope." This is the...

Duration: 00:30:33

Empower Your Dreams by Writing Your Book

My guest today, Bridgette Lewis, shows us all how she recovered "After Suffering Life's Blows." Because she is "Built By Fire I Stand To Tell Others How To Bounce Back." "Empowering you to reach your dreams regardless of obstacles, Bridgette Lewis’ life lessons focus on inspiration and courage. Lewis shares how to master setbacks and losses of all kinds and win at life. Using her own powerful experiences of overcoming adversity as examples, her journey will fill you with hope." This is the...

Duration: 00:27:48

Treasure Hunting in Groups

Facebook has over 2 Billion users, is your audience among that number? Probably so. Today, I'll show you how to use Facebook groups to build your business, like I have. This is part of the theme this month of building your business using other people's audience from my forthcoming book, UN-Market Your Business: 10 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Stand Out, Stop Struggling, and Start Profiting.

Duration: 00:29:57

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