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Dwight Howard says Rockets can win a championship

Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard talks to USA TODAY's Sam Amick about the disappointing season the Rockets are having and that he's having. They discuss what went wrong from a team that went to the Western Conference finals last year. They also chat about his future and his relationship with teammate James Harden.

Duration: 00:09:30

Can Thunder get a win against the Warriors?

With the third and final regular season game between the Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder coming up, Sam Amick talks to Thunder coach Billy Donovan about the last meeting - a heartbreaking loss by his team - and a look to the next game.

Duration: 00:07:26

Jeanie Buss on Kobe and Phil

Los Angeles Lakers president Jeanie Buss joins NBA A to Z guys Sam Amick and Jeff Zillgitt to discuss Kobe Bryant's final season and the chances that Phil Jackson will leave New York and return to Los Angeles.

Duration: 00:08:17

What inspired Damian Lillard to write "Bigger Than Us"

Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard, a.k.a. Dame Dolla, released a music video called "Bigger Than Us". Lillard joins Sam Amick and Kevin Spain from USA TODAY to discuss what inspired him to write the song. He also explains his own experience with racial profiling.

Duration: 00:05:38

New York Knicks outlook

The New York Knicks are playing much better this season and a big reason is how Carmelo Anthony and rookie Kristaps Porzingis are working together. The 7-foot rookie is a skilled player who has taken the pressure off Anthony in scoring and rebounding. Anthony has become more of a distributor than in the past. USA TODAY's Jeff Zillgitt, Sam Amick and Kevin Spain discuss.

Duration: 00:06:01

Is Stephen Curry hurting the NBA?

During a recent broadcast, former NBA player and coach Mark Jackson said that Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry is hurting the game. NBA A to Z guys Sam Amick and Jeff Zillgitt discuss that with USA TODAY Sports' Kevin Spain.

Duration: 00:05:48

Why the Rajon Rondo situation is disturbing

NBA A to Z guys Sam Amick and Jeff Zillgitt discuss the Rajon Rondo situation, the Sacramento Kings guard who used a slur against an NBA referee who came out as gay after the incident. Since it happened, Rondo offered a half-hearted apology and has refused to talk about it.

Duration: 00:06:56

Andrew Bogut on motivating the Warriors

Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut joins NBA A to Z guy Sam Amick to talk about being on the road in the NBA and the Warriors winning streak.

Duration: 00:09:27

LeBron James's big shoe deal

LeBron James has reached a lifetime shoe contract with Nike and the NBA A to Z guys Sam Amick and Jeff Zillgitt discuss it with USA TODAY's Kevin Spain. They also throw out the idea of having an A to Z shoe?

Duration: 00:06:06

Golden State Warriors still chasing history

The Golden State Warriors set a new NBA record for the best start to a season. NBA A to Z guy Sam Amick covered the Warriors' 16th straight win and talked about it with USA TODAY's Kevin Spain. They take a look at the upcoming schedule and address if the Warriors can challenge the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers all-time winning streak of 33 straight.

Duration: 00:09:50

Why Rockets fired Kevin McHale

USA TODAY Sports NBA reporter Sam Amick and Kevin Spain discuss the Houston Rockets firing coach Kevin McHale 11 games into the season. The team will have to eat a large sum of his salary and Amick talked to general manager Daryl Morey on what the team is looking for.

Duration: 00:06:57

DeAndre Jordan's WWE match game in Dallas

When the Los Angeles Clippers play the Dallas Mavericks Wednesday, it will be like a WWE match because of all the offseason drama between DeAndre Jordan and the Mavs. NBA A to Z guys Sam Amick and Jeff Zillgitt break it down. They also talk about LaMarcus Aldridge returning to Portland with his new team the San Antonio Spurs.

Duration: 00:07:05

Craig Sager on his return to NBA sidelines from cancer

NBA A to Z guy Sam Amick sits down at a preseason Turner Broadcasting event to talk to sideline reporter Craig Sager, who is returning this season after a second battle with cancer. Sager discusses some of the support he received, including a call from San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich.

Duration: 00:06:42

Thabo Sefolosha could sue the New York Police Department

After winning his jury trial in New York, Thabo Sefolosha could sue the NYPD because of injuries he suffered after being roughed up by officers last spring. USA TODAY Sports Jeff Zillgitt and Kevin Spain discuss how that could work.

Duration: 00:04:35

What Metta World Peace brings to the Lakers

USA TODAY Sports Sam Amick and Kevin Spain discuss what Metta World Peace brings to the Lakers as he's trying to make a comeback with the team. Amick then catches up with World Peace after a game.

Duration: 00:08:10

What's going on with Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher?

USA TODAY Sports Sam Amick discusses the situation between New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher and Memphis Grizzlies player Matt Barnes with Kevin Spain, NBA editor.

Duration: 00:03:16

Kobe Bryant returns for Lakers

Kobe Bryant plays in his first preseason game and USA TODAY Sports reporter Sam Amick updates his performance, and breaks down what to expect from the veteran and his team with Kevin Spain of USA TODAY Sports.

Duration: 00:04:25

Kevin Durant is back, what's it mean for Thunder?

The NBA A to Z guys Sam Amick and Jeff Zillgitt talk about what the announcement of Kevin Durant joining the team at the start of training camp means for the Oklahoma City Thunder and for Durant.

Duration: 00:07:06

Draymond Green still enjoying the Warriors championship

Draymond Green just signed a big contract with the Golden State Warriors this summer, just a few weeks after the team won the NBA title. One way he celebrated was to give a large donation to Michigan State, where he attended college. Green talks about it with the NBA A to Z guys Sam Amick and Jeff Zillgitt.

Duration: 00:13:19

NBA free agency update

The NBA A to Z crew of Jeff Zillgitt and Sam Amick talk to Kevin Spain of USA TODAY Sports about recent free agency activity. Kevin Love agreed to stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Dwyane Wade stays in Miami and Greg Monroe moves on to Milwaukee.

Duration: 00:05:31

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