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UnafraidShow. Live Weekdays Around 6:30 am PT/9: 30 am​ ET. Former NFL player. Where sports and life meet in an #UNAFRAID way.

UnafraidShow. Live Weekdays Around 6:30 am PT/9: 30 am​ ET. Former NFL player. Where sports and life meet in an #UNAFRAID way.
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UnafraidShow. Live Weekdays Around 6:30 am PT/9: 30 am​ ET. Former NFL player. Where sports and life meet in an #UNAFRAID way.




#237 Kermit Davis Ole Miss, Butch Jones Intern At Alabama, #MarchMadness Sweet 16

New Ole Miss head basketball coach Kermit Davis had some “interesting” words about his new basketball team and how they will conduct themselves. Former Tennessee Vols head football coach Butch Jones has now an intern/analyst at Alabama under Nick Saban. March Madness Sweet 16 Picks


#236 Facial Recognition- Biggest Privacy Violation EVER, LeBron - Clarkson, 100yr Old World Record,

1. Whats more believable? LeBron weighed in 7 pounds heavier after a playoff game. Or Jordan Clarkson believing that Giant humans kept dinosaurs as pets, or Jordan Clarkson believes Giants kept dinosaurs as pets? 2. Facial recognition at sporting events threatens all of your privacy! 3. USATF Masters indoor championships featured the most touching moment of the weekend. 4. Black Panther movie has now become so dominant that it’s hurting the movie industry.


#235 #MarchMadness, Sister Jean, Colin Kaepernick, Navratilova Vs McEnroe, Rory McIlroy

The opening weekend was full of upsets. What was the biggest upset of the round of 64 and 32? March Madness. Tyronn Lue is taking an indefinite leave of absence from the Cavaliers. Does this impact their title hopes? NFL Free agency is in full swing. It is outrageous that Kaepernick is still unemployed. What happens if he does sign? Martina Navratilova just found out that John McEnroe is paid 10 times as much to do the same job calling Wimbledon and she is pissed! Rory McIlroy is crying...


#234 Kirk Morrison interview: Raiders, Oakland in Movies, Grayson Allen, Tiger Woods

Interview with former Oakland Raiders linebacker and current ESPN College football and NFL analyst Kirk Morrison. We get his thoughts on the Oakland Raiders, Tiger Woods, NFL, Paying College Athletes, Grayson Allen, and dirty play in sports.


#233 Bruno Mars Cultural Appropriation, Josh Rosen, Richard Sherman, Mandatory Diversity

Is Bruno Mars guilty of Cultural Appropriation? Josh Rosen is getting a taste of what life is like as an outspoken Black athlete. Seahawks release perineal Pro Bowler Richard Sherman. Companies need the Rooney Rule like football


#232 WifevsExpert W:@danishaDanielle Blended Familes

Our biggest fear is that parents everywhere will be naming their kids random names after Black Panther movie. Is it ok for a woman to propose to a man? How do you discipline disrespectful step kids? Moms battle over school lunch notes.


#231 Drafting Josh Rosen Is Smart, Josh Allen, No Guns For Teachers, NRATV Boxer Robbed $145k

According to a Sports Illustrated article, some NFL personnel have concerns about Josh Rosen’s ability to be a successful NFL quarterback because he comes from money, and is too smart. Josh Allen is going to a GM fired if they draft him top 10. Boxer Jermall Charlo was robbed of $145k in cash and jewelry in a club. We have to get out of this NEW MONEY mindset. After this article I read about a teacher in Florida, I'm further convinced we shouldn't have teachers carry guns....


#230 Warriors skip WH visit, Dwayne Wade, Hawks vs Lakers fans, Black Panther

Warriors skip White House visit to take kids from Durant’s home town to the African American museum. Are you cool with that? Dwayne Wade learns that a kid who died in the Parkland shooting was buried in his jersey. Should kids look up to athletes as role models? Atlanta Hawks Twitter trolled Lakers fans about the jerseys they wore to the game.


#229 NCAA is pimping athletes, College Sports under fire from FBI

At least 20 universities and 25 players are named in documents as more details come out about the FBI’s probe into college athletes being paid. This is a ridiculous waste of tax payer money and FBI resources.


#228 Wife vs The Expert: Dallas Mavericks/Panthers: Sexual Harassment in sports?

Real Conversation about sexual harassment in sports. Is Sexual Harassment real, and what level should be expected? The Sports world was just rocked again by a Sports Illustrated investigation piece on the workplace culture inside the Dallas Mavericks and Carolina Panthers. Last time it was Panthers owner Jerry Richardson (81), this time it is former Dallas Mavericks CEO and HR director who are at the center of allegations.


#227 Wife vs The Expert: Former NFL Player Rae Carruth wants custody of his kid

Former Carolina Panther's WR Rae Carruth was convicted of murdering his child's mother while she was still pregnant in 2001. He wrote in a 15-page letter released yesterday that when he gets out of jail in October of 2018, he wants custody of his son Chancellor. Chancellor is 18, but has cerebral palsy and needs daily care. Do you believe he should get custody of his kid? Do you believe he should have a chance at redemption? Would you hire him to speak at schools, colleges, or NFL teams if...


#226 Praying Bubba Wallace Wins Races, NASCAR Not Athletes, Russian Doping, NBA All Star Weak

Russian Olympic athlete Alexander Krushelnitsky who won a bronze medal in curling tests positive for meldonium. The same drug that Maria Sharapova received a 15-month ban for taking. NASCAR drivers are highly skilled and have endurance but in ranking the athleticism required to compete, they fall behind golfers and cross-country skiers. Darrell Bubba Wallace Jr- highest finish for an African American driver ever. First one with a full live ride since 1971. NBA All Star game was weak. Start...


#224 Why Black Panther Movie A Big Deal? Stoneman Shooting, Gun Control,

People have lost their damn mind surrounding the Black Panther movie. White people mad at other white people. Black people are extremely militant and protective of the movie. Assistant football coach Aaron Feis and athletic director Chris Hixon were among those shot and killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.


#223 LaVar Ball, Isaiah Thomas Vs LeBron, Warriors Coach Warriors

LaVar Ball says that he will get Lonzo Ball to not resign with the Lakers in 3 years if they don’t take LiAngelo and LaMelo. Isaiah Thomas loves the Lakers and hated playing with the Cavs. LeBron is extremely tough to play with, and is high maintenance. No one wants to play with Kobe… Who wants to play with LeBron? Steve Kerr Lets the Warriors coach the Warriors.


Cavs Overreaction, NBA:NFL Drugs, Esteban Loaiza 20 Kilos, Johnny Manziel, Curling

LeBron James and the new look Cavs destroy the Celtics 121-99. Now everyone is overreacting saying the Cavs are back and are winning the East. Former MLB All-Star Esteban Loaiza was arrested with 20 kilos of cocaine or heroin. Johnny Manziel says he’s been diagnosed as bipolar. Do you believe him? Do you believe he can make he can make a comeback?


#221 Cavaliers Trades, Lakers, IT4, Jimmy G Contract, Gronk Retirement, Patriots Cult

Cavaliers trade Isaiah Thomas, Channing Frye, and a first round pick to the Lakers for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. Can the Lakers land the LeBron, Paul George, CP3, Carmelo, and Wade in the offseason? San Francisco 49ers make Jimmy Garappolo the highest paid player in the NFL. Will Gronk retire? Did Josh McDaniels screw the Colts on purpose for Robert Kraft and deflate gate?


#220 Super Bowl, Belichick Vs Butler, LeBron, Oregon Vs FSU Recruiting,

The reports are starting to trickle out about why Bill Belichick benched Malcolm Butler and fans are furious. LeBron James wants the Cavaliers to trade away the Brooklyn Nets pick to improve the team for this year. National Signing Day for High School Football players is tomorrow. Who will have the higher ranked class?


#219 Super Bowl And 5 Takeaways, Pederson, Brady, Gronk Retirement, T.O HoF

Reaction to the Eagles 41-33 win over the Patriots. Eagles head coach and Offensive coordinator played to win instead of playing “not to lose”. Tom Brady put on a show for the ages, but his defense gave him nothing. All the protest stuff with the Eagles players Chris Long and Malcolm Jenkins was such a distraction to the Eagles that they couldn’t even win the... oh wait. Never mind. Pro Football Hall of Fame got it right this year. Ordinarily they make wide receivers wait to get in, but...


#218 Dad Attacks Nassar, Rocket Man, Westbrook Pushes Fan,

Dad tries to attack Larry Nassar during the sentencing hearing, but he is not the only one to blame in this situation. Limo Driver and self-taught rocket scientist Mike Hughes is a limo driver is going to launch himself into space to prove the earth is flat. Nothing could go badly here. Russell pushed a fan and the fan deserved it!


217 Alex Smith, Clippers Land LeBron, Fox Gets TNF, Cavs ROCK BOTTOM

KC Chiefs traded Alex Smith to the Washington Redskins. This one transition as implications everywhere from the NFL free agency to the draft. Cavs are an absolute mess. At this point, I feel bad for Kevin Love. Could Clippers actually land LeBron James, CP3, Wade, and Carmelo? Fox lands the deal for NFL Thursday Night Football.


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