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Join Us In the Bigfoot Butt Hills of Riverside, Utp#070

Uncle and Aaron test some new equipment, and get down to some serious broadcasting. topics include: new microphone test, microphone stands, ads, ceiling fan installation, Riverside hills, itchy arm caused by spinal nerves, heat, Aloe Vera gel, sun exposure, guests, Gravedigger monster truck, Monster Jam, dollar store beer review, Utica Club, Prohibition, aloe drinks, HOA, house guests defacto podcast guests, pool, fanbase, game show on Instagram

Duration: 00:38:38

Graphic Mystery Solved, Utp#069

Uncle comes back from a trip to Florida. Aaron gives him important updates on what happened while he was away. topics include: trip to Florida, fish farm, iTunes, graphic mystery solved, problems with Apple, phone scams, house phone, IRS, government imposters, Agent Smith, prank call, Kevin Smith, sharks at the beach, man of war jellyfish, Shark Week, humidity, Mission Inn, downtown Riverside, Inland Emperor, dollar store beer review, San Miguel Pale Pilsen, The Listening Party Podcast

Duration: 00:31:09

Never Ever Go To Living Spaces, Utp#068

Warning: Uncle and Aaron use bad language in this episode. It was unfortunately necessary in relaying to listeners just how horrible the furniture store, Living Spaces is. They have zero regard for their customers. It is unbelievable how bad their customer service is. Listen to this podcast to learn more, and to hear our punk rock song about it. topics include: equipment difficulties, consumer complaints, Living Spaces has terrible customer service, failure to deliver, redelivery fee,...

Duration: 00:18:55

In the New House, Utp#067

Uncle and Aaron finally make it into their new home in Riverside. They celebrate by reviewing a coffee wine cooler from the 99 cent store. Please excuse the poor audio quality. We will sound crisp and clear again next time. topics include: moving to a new house, home loans, Riverside, Inland Empire, old section vs new section, the Inland Emperor, Pennsylvania, Amish scooters, visiting Groffdale Machine Co, video marketing, Costco in Amish country, Washington DC, corn fields, desert...

Duration: 00:44:06

Borrowing Ideas, Utp#066

This podcast was recorded a couple of weeks back while Uncle and Aaron were still in Orange. Some fun conversation about podcasting, a review of the new Twin Peaks series, and more. topics include: microphone working, making time to record, ripping off other podcasts, Twin Peaks, reverse prank call telethon, Twitter

Duration: 00:32:45

Moving to Riverside, Utp#065

Uncle and Aaron talk about their adventures in preparing to move from Orange County to the Inland Empire. topics include: technical difficulties, audio equipment, moving, Riverside, Inland Empire, house sandwich, new season of Twin Peaks, refrigerator movers, finding moving boxes, dollar store beer review, Caguama beer, El Salvador, geographical prejudice

Duration: 00:29:31

Pearse Redmond interview, OJ Is Innocent, Utp#064

Host of Porkins Policy Radio, Pearse Redmond is the guest on this episode of Uncle (the podcast). Here he reviews Modelo Especial, and explains why he knows that OJ Simpson is indeed innocent of murdering his wife and Ronald Goldman. Other less dark things are discussed as well, so be sure to listen to this podcast. topics include: Pearse Redmond, Porkins Policy Radio, American Freedom Radio, podcasting, The CIA and Hollywood, beer interview, Modelo Especial, lime in Mexican beer, fish...

Duration: 00:41:59

Tom Secker, Report on New Imposter Uncle Podcast Logo, Utp#063

Tom Secker returns to the show to give a report on the ongoing podcast logo mixup that Uncle (the podcast) has been experiencing. Tom has sighted yet another logo in another media player. Why is this happening and what does it all mean? Tom helps Uncle and Aaron investigate. topics include: movie reviews, King Kong, problems, beer interview, Sharp’s Wolf Rock IPA, Foster’s Premium, Special Bitter, mixed up podcast graphics on iTunes, Disney, intellectual property, private investigation,...

Duration: 00:29:57

The Think Abouts, Utp#062

In Australia you go on walk about, on Uncle (the podcast) you go on think about. topics include: podcasting, guests, technology and magic, LA, live podcasting, audio equipment, Patreon, calls for Sherrell Montgomery, reverse prank calls, do not call lists, phone scammers, Brew Hawg birthday dinner, iTunes reviews

Duration: 00:27:12

Where in the World Is Sherrell Montgomery? Utp#061

Aaron decides to exact vigilante justice on an international crime syndicate by reverse prank calling them. topics include: episode numbers, chaos at home, phone calls for Sherrell Montgomery, international crime syndicate calls, US federal grant department, scams, scammers, vigilante justice, reverse prank calls, Billy Tiddlywinks, do not call list, woman or man caller, movie review Fate of the Furious, change of format, Vin Diesel, family, soccer, The Rock, Ludicrous, Tyreese, submarine...

Duration: 00:32:42

Tom Secker guest movie review of Air Force One, Utp#060

Tom Secker of SpyCulture.com returns to the broadcast to help Uncle and Aaron review a beer and a movie. topics include: Tom Secker, Hoegaarden beer review, Belgium import, Air Force One movie review, Uncle’s film synopsis, movie review rules, door parts, explosive decompression, Goldfinger, Air Force assistance to filmmakers, refueling in midair, Operation Hollywood book, mystery of the wrong Uncle graphic, NSA, targeted individuals

Duration: 00:39:29

The Mystery of Another Uncle's Graphic, Utp#059

Uncle and Aaron discuss a strange graphic and their recent trip to Los Angeles to see a live recording of the Mixed Feelings Podcast. topics include: no guest, iTunes, mystery uncle graphic, practical joke, psychological warfare, NSA, Hollywood trip, Mixed Feelings Podcast live show, setting goals, Metrolink train, LA Metro Rail Red Line, revenge bodies, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Extra, Brad Pitt, comedy podcasts

Duration: 00:21:57

Our Neighbor Marshall interview, Utp#058

Uncle and Aaron welcomed their neighbor Marshall over to record a broadcast. Another fun dollar store beer interview fueled some crazy conversation. topics include: Marshall our neighbor, car egged, generations, Die Hard, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, podcasts, Uncle’s podcast voice, brewing beer, dollar store beer, Patreon, Bavaria Holland beer, Boddington’s Pub Ale, social media, bar numbers, Seinfeld, Circle Monkey, Knights of Columbus, secret societies

Duration: 00:47:23

A Podcast About Podcasting, Utp#057

Uncle and Aaron talk about their podcast. topics include: podcasting, guest interviews, social media, Twitter, audience size, listeners, what the show is about, editing, cleaning out the drawer, with the kids, voice to text, inside jokes, audience engagement, contests, Instagram Name That Tune game, shout outs, Scout Folks, Apple computer problems, Brew Hawg in Orange, Slayer cover song on the Listening Party Podcast, friends, musicians, business cards, Snapchat, Snapchatters

Duration: 00:27:30

Steve Grimmett interview, Moving On After His Recent Leg Amputation, Utp#056

Heavy Metal vocalist Steve Grimmett of Grim Reaper is the guest on this episode of Uncle (the podcast). This January, while on tour in South America, he had to be rushed to the hospital after a show. His right was amputated due to an infection. Since then, Steve has been very busy adapting his entire lifestyle. He plans to return to the stage to perform. Steve talks about all this and more in this special interview episode of the podcast. topics include: Steve Grimmett, Grim Reaper,...

Duration: 00:28:06

Winston Conrad interview, Online Artistry, Utp#055

Winston Conrad is the guest on this episode of Uncle (the podcast). Winston is an attorney, artist, and podcaster. Here, he talks a little about his comic artwork and the many artistic mediums available online today. Afterward he reviews a non alcoholic beer with Uncle and Aaron. topics include: Winston Conrad interview, Monkey Suit Twister, punk rock, internet, zines, Mystery School Comics, Gonzo comics, baseball cards, Diamond Distribution, diabetes, abracadabra, past as spoken,...

Duration: 00:27:39

Aaron's Bio part 2, Utp#054

Aaron continues telling his life story. topics include: Aaron’s biography part 2, art school, Columbus Ohio, cable access television, ADDTV, DVD videos, media work, obsessive compulsive behavior, The Age of Transitions, alt media, bicycle mechanic, postal work, temper, quitting coffee, caffeine, stay at home father, Henninger Premium Lager, German beer review, Snapchat

Duration: 00:30:07

Aaron's Bio part 1, Utp#053

Aaron gives his life story from birth through high school. topics include: Aaron’s biography, Central PA, woods, 8mm Nic Cage, Con Air, art, animation, video camera, crazy videos, skateboarding, Amish, Carlisle, Uncle’s job washing dishes, lost shoe, Super Bowl LI predictions, Cornholio Jones, World Series, Instagram Name That Tune

Duration: 00:26:17

Germanic Things, Utp#052

Uncle begins by reviewing the new XXX movie. He and Aaron inadvertently reference German things throughout the podcast. topics include: pink eye remedies, XXX the Return of Xander Cage movie review, Vin Diesel, Samuel L Jackson, explosions, Rammstein, skateboarding, surfing, sky diving, Tony Hawk, Mike Vallely, podcasting, The Man in the High Tower, German, Awards Season, Fashion Authorities, Natalie Portman, SJP, Sex and the City, Busy Phillips, Genesee Brewhouse North German Style...

Duration: 00:31:17

Tom Secker guest movie review of Central Intelligence / Trans-Atlantic beer review of Budweiser, Utp#051

Our friend Tom Secker of SpyCulture.com returns to the show. Here, he helps review the film Central Intelligence starring the Rock and Kevin Hart. Later on Tom, Aaron and Uncle do the first ever (maybe) Trans-Atlantic beer review of Budweiser. topics include: Tom Secker, movie reviews, Central Intelligence, Kevin Hart, buddy comedy, secret agent, in or out, unhinged, unicorns, CIA, bullying, Scientology, Institute for Creative Technologies, special effects, fight, fall through window,...

Duration: 00:36:07

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