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Unconventional Weight Loss is all about losing weight in both an ancestral - and scientific way. Suz Crawt interviews experts on the mind and body covering issues like hormones, psychology, paleo eating, low carb, gut health, thyroid, adrenal fatigue - and so much more. With lots of success stories, if you've been struggling to lose weight the conventional way - it's time to lose weight the unconventional way.




UWL 007 - Andrew Shanahan Man V Fat

So much about weight loss is geared towards women, but from the emails I've received, it's clear just how much men need support and help too. Anrew Shanahan noticed this too on his own weight loss journey, which lead to him launching an online magazine, book and website, aimed solely at men. IN THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL LEARN: The turning point that made Andrew realise he had to turn his life around How we can start to change our mindset and challenge our self imposed constraints How Andrew...

Duration: 00:27:49

UWL 006 - Holistic Endurance With Katee Pedicini

I was so excited to speak to Katee Pedicini of Holistic Endurance. Katee is an endurance athlete and coach. I was really interested to speak to Katee, because she had adrenal fatigue, and not only managed to heal - but did all this whilst training for an Iron Man! It's really encouraging to hear how, even if your cortisol levels are as depleted as Katee's were, you can recover. Katee also shared her hormonal based approach to training, which is so logical, I'm amazed it isn't common place....

Duration: 00:22:30

UWL 005 - Jade Anstey Balanced By Nature

Jade Anstey of balancedbynature.com is a Naturopathist and expert in hormone health. Jade and I spoke about how crucial it is that our hormones are balanced - and what can happen if they aren't. Jade explained how to find out if we have an imbalance, and what we can do about it. Jade also explained how we can cleanse our bodies and the systems we need to have in place to succeed. Get the transcript and links to everything Jade talks about on the show notes page at...

Duration: 00:10:33

UWL Podcast 04 Father Grows Less With Steve Lalor

Steve Lalor is creator of fathergrowsless.com and father of four. Having lost 24kg by changing to a low carb diet, and inspiring his whole family to do the same, their lives have transformed. Steve talks about exactly what changes they made and what they do to break out of a weight loss plateau. Get the transcript and links to everything Steve talks about on the show notes page at unconventionalweightloss.com/uwl-04-Father-Grows-Less-Steve-Lalor

Duration: 00:23:16

UWL Podcast 03 Lee Holmes Supercharged Food

Lee Holmes is creator of Supercharged Food - and author of several books. I spoke to Lee about the importance of your gut health on your overall health and how she used diet to manage her autoimmune condition and come off (a lot of) medication. For everything gut health - you'll want to listen to this episode! Get the transcript and links to everything Lee talks about on the show notes page at http://unconventionalweightloss.com/uwl-03-gut-health-with-lee-holmes

Duration: 00:13:04

UWL Podcast 01 Shannon Strickland Brown

In this episode I speak to Shannon Strickland Brown from Shrinking with Shassysue about her incredible 50 pound (and counting) weight loss. Shannon discusses her low-carb lifestyle and talks about the significant impact this has had on her health - especially her diabetes.

Duration: 00:18:03

UWL Podcast 02 Dr. Jarrod Meerkin Measureup

Dr. Jarrod Meerkin of measure-up explains exactly what a DEXA scan is and how it can help on a weight-loss journey.

Duration: 00:10:31