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ABOUT UDJ United DJs is all about handing control back to music loving DJs. As radio progressed from the heady days of Alan Freed’s Rock’n’Roll era, then on into the spontaneity and passioned delivery of the Pirate Stations around the UK – the money men began to see the bottom line, the profit margins, as the most important aim of a radio station. In came statistical studies and music and market surveys – all based on mathematical calculations by bean counters – The Suits had arrived – and they ripped the very essence out of personality radio – they trained (insisted) that their “presenters” use cue cards and become robots, who no longer had any control over what they said, or indeed ANY of the music that they played. This was the start of the short playlist and high musical rotation. This was all about the money – and NOT about any entertainment value. United DJs are bringing the wall down – welcome to the next revolution in radio – UDJ. Some of you will fondly remember the free radio days of yesteryear – some of you will now experience it for the first time. Whatever musical era you enjoy – we’ve got you covered – need a friend at the other end of the microphone who says more than “that was/this is” almost every link? – we’ve got you covered….. UDJ is a breath of fresh air – we are a global station with world class DJs – DJs who are passionate about...