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How a Busy Mom of 7 Heals a Hormone Imbalance in less than 2 months

A few months ago I met an extraordinary human being. She is an author and a busy Mom of SEVEN kids. And she has a heart of gold. If anyone could have their hands full, that would be her. When Lisa, her husband, and I connected, she'd already been struggling with an undiagnosed hormone imbalance for over three years. Each year she was piling onto an ever-growing list of symptoms. Brain fog, hair loss, exhaustion and weight gain were just a few on the list of over 20 symptoms. She...

Duration: 00:49:12

Itzel: Healing Hashimoto's and Infertility in Less Than 3 Months

Imagine what it feels like when you want something SO badly, yet you cannot have it. Something so basic, that every human being is born with a capacity for, yet it evades you. Something so foundational, yet, years of medication and medical care cannot give it to you. Something so beautiful as a baby. When Itzel reached out to me 6 months ago, she'd been struggling with Hashimoto's for 8 years already. And she had a hard time conceiving. She tried everything: medications, supplements,...

Duration: 00:46:04

Healing Hypothyroidism Without Medication

It's a competition on pain out there. The human jungle. Everyone competes for a piece of your brain real estate. Everyone wants to prove that they are right…about something. Those who are supposed to heal others, argue with each other. They compete. They argue. They point fingers. They blame. And…they hurt… Somehow, as humans, we feel that divisiveness is healing. While millions are suffering, as healers, can we really waste our time fighting over who is...

Duration: 00:39:46

Practical Approach to Healing PCOS, Endometriosis and Hypothyroidism Naturally

Everyone needs help...even those in the medical profession field. Or should I say, ESPECIALLY those in the medical field? After all, they live to help others get well. They dedicated their lives to eradicating sickness on our planet. To improving humanity. To living selflessly. So, if anyone needs help, it's our doctors and nurses, because they are at the forefront of the fight against all things that steal our lives and ravage our bodies and relationships. However, these brave women...

Duration: 01:25:49

Is Your Diet Destroying Your Hormones...

Do you have a hormone imbalance or another health problem? It might be hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto's, Grave's, endometriosis, PCOS, fibroid tumors, estrogen dominance, lowT, ED. It might be cardiovascular problems, an autoimmune disease or even cancer. might be something that you don't even know what to call it yet because your doctors are stumped and can't figure it out. If you do, you probably scavenged the internet looking for answers... What pill do I...

Duration: 00:46:41

Healing Graves and Hashimoto's Naturally

Ochie suffered from 52 thyroid disease related symptoms DURING her pregnancy and was diagnosed with Grave's AND Hashimoto's, along with Thyroid Eye Disease. In spite of her diagnosis, and hearing that her condition will only get worse over a period of time, she was able to do the impossible. She even stumped her doctors by doing it--getting BETTER during her pregnancy, instead of worse. In fact, she was able to finish her pregnancy absolutely medication free! Delivered her baby without...

Duration: 01:04:11

How to Heal Your Hormone Imbalance by Healing Emotional Trauma

Ever wondered why everything you do to heal your body fails you miserably? Diets, medications, supplements, therapies, workouts, fasting? You name it--you probably tried it all, but yet you are not any better. The doctors won't tell you this, but it might be that instead of getting medicated by meds and supplements, all you need to do to start healing is: 1. eat a healing diet, 2. take care of your stress, and 3. HANDLE YOUR EMOTIONAL HURTS! In this episode, Dr. Nima Rahmany, a...

Duration: 01:34:19

Is your Health Worth More than A Million Dollar Potato?

This guy paid a million dollars for a photograph of a potato! Is your health worth a million dollars? A hundred thousand? A thousand? Let's talk about what's most valuable to you.

Duration: 00:16:34

Your Health Is Possible...If You Want It

Have you ever wondered if it's truly possible to heal or cure your disease? In this short podcast I am going to show you why some people get well and some, no matter how much they wish for it, never will.

Duration: 00:11:53

How to Avoid Hysterectomy...and Feel Better

Considering having a hysterectomy? Did your doctor recommend it? Are you inclined to go for it? Don't miss today's podcast if it crossed your mind! A young woman, let's call her Nancy, in The Art of Healing Hormone Imbalances group, recently said: "I am 33 years old. This past November I began, what it feels, like hell. I started my menstrual cycle and, 42 days later, it's still not over. I have gone to my OBGYN several times--blood work, more blood work, and blood transfusion in the...

Duration: 00:33:05

How to Heal PCOS and Hypothyroidism in Less Than 8 Weeks

Imagine doing everything that you can to get well--working out, eating a plant-based diet, seeking professional medical help...and still not getting better. In fact, instead of better, you are doing worse. You have 21 symptoms...and counting. One day you wake up, look down at your hand, filled with medications and supplements, and realize that this is NOT the life you've been working so hard to create. are only 30-something. Here you are, staring your future in its face,...

Duration: 00:51:20

How Maritza Healed Hashimoto's Naturally

Imagine being only twenty and feeling like your life had come to an end. You are diagnosed with hypothyroidism, after years of suffering, and you reach out to your doctors for help. They give you medication. They give you supplements. But NOTHING gets better. On the contrary, things get worse. You now have Hashimoto's--autoimmune thyroiditis. You are twenty, your entire life is supposed to be ahead of you. You are supposed to be seizing the moment, carpe freaking diem! But...

Duration: 00:37:33

How to Cure Diabetes Naturally in Just a FEW Weeks

With over 35 million Americans suffering from #diabetes and over 90 million more in a pre-diabetic condition (1), we know that the traditional approach to fighting this disease is not working. So instead of giving you more of what already failed you, I am bringing you a medical doctor who has developed a plan that can CURE diabetes in a matter of weeks! If you follow her advice, the chances are, you can be diabetes free and finally living the life you've been dreaming about. Pull up a...

Duration: 01:00:30

Curing Hypothyroidism and Endometriosis Naturally

When you feel like vomiting, when you are more nauseous than a pregnant woman, when you are doubled over in so much pain that you can barely probably have endometriosis. Not a fun hormone imbalance. It comes with irregular, painful cycles. It causes infertility. And it causes more than the physical pain--women, living with endometriosis, end up giving up on feeling alive, or having a normal social life, because their disease is unpredictable. The only hope that their...

Duration: 00:30:06

Coconut Oil Benefits for Thyroid? Think Again!

Have you heard claims that coconut oil benefits extend to having healing properties for your thyroid? If you have...DON'T BELIEVE THEM! There is not truth to these claims. In fact, exactly the opposite it true. There are NO health benefits that come from consuming coconut oil. NONE! Unless you are trying to gain weight, clog your arteries, develop cardiovascular problems, or to screw up your hormone health further. Last week I conducted an impromptu live video cast in my private...

Duration: 00:31:43

Gwenn Kintyhtt Interview

Almost 6 years ago, Gwenn suffered from IBS, migraines, hypoglycemia, adrenal fatigue, panic attacks, food addictions and difficult pregnancies and labors. After having her first child, she was inspired to change her health and give her daughter a better life than she had. She began to seek and found what she was looking for. Gwenn is now absolutely disease free, and is full of energy--enough to run a business and to keep up with 3 of her children, who are under 5 years old. She has...

Duration: 00:42:16

How Renee Lost 70 lbs, Came Off 9 Medications and Got Her Life Back

Approximately 600,000 hysterectomies are performed annually in the United States, and approximately 20 million American women have had a hysterectomy. Most of hysterectomies are absolutely unnecessary and can be avoided. Renee BEFORE Americans filled 4.3 billion prescriptions and doled out nearly $374 billion on medicine in 2014 alone. The medical industry, although it has its place, is a HUGE business. And, often, we are left to wonder, if this is a business that is there to save...

Duration: 00:41:33

How to Live a Healthy Life with Type 1 Diabetes and Cure Type 2 Diabetes

Among innumerable, debilitating health conditions Type 1 Diabetes is one of the worst. Why? Because it is an autoimmune disease and cannot be cured. At all. Ever! Side effects of these viscous disease include, but not limited to: - Thirst and dry mouth - Frequent urination - Fatigue - Dry warm skin - Nausea and vomiting and stomach pain - Deep and rapid breathing sometimes with frequent sighing - Confusion and decreased consciousness And can culminate to neuropathy, heart...

Duration: 00:18:11

How to Cure Fibroids Naturally

One study found that, by age 50, 70 percent of whites and 80 percent of African Americans had fibroids in the US Various therapies are used to treat symptoms, including drugs or surgical removal of individual fibroids, when the condition is painful or the number of fibroids is great, doctors may advise surgery to remove the uterus—a hysterectomy. More than 200,000 hysterectomies are performed each year for uterine fibroids. Annual direct health care costs for uterine fibroids exceed $2.1...

Duration: 01:02:15

Thyroid and hormone testing cause more harm than good

New Hormone and Thyroid testing guidelines have added millions to the ranks of those who are thought to have hormone imbalances, although often these women and men are asymptomatic. The latest studies show that thyroid and hormone testing lead to not only over-diagnosis of otherwise healthy adults, but often to overtreatment too. Consider these things before making the decision to go on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or get on thyroid medications. LINKS FREE Facebook group...
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