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Voices of Wrestling is a different type of wrestling blog. Our goal is to take an intelligent, deep look at the art of professional wrestling (past and present). We specialize in show reviews and insights from all across the world of professional wrestling.




Burning Spirits #45: VOW's Pro Wrestling NOAH'S 50 Greatest Discussion

Kevin and Brennan are Drewless this week, but are joined by the incomparable Tomas Rodriguez (@seektheoldblood) for some NOAH talk! They spend the episode giving an introduction to the project itself followed by some very fun discussion about some of their favorite matches and wrestlers throughout the promotion's history. Note: Tomas was having some audio issues so his microphone does not sound great, but listen, if you're listening to Burning Spirits, you should expect nothing less. Brennan...

Duration: 01:21:33

VOW Flagship: Bobby Heenan, FloSlam Lawsuit, WWE No Mercy & more!

After weeks of calm, the pro wrestling world has exploded once again and the Voices of Wrestling flagship is here to break it all down. On this week's episode, Joe Lanza and Rich Kraetsch talk the life and legacy of one of the greatest wrestling personalities of all time: Bobby Heenan, the breaking news of FloSlam suing their streaming partner WWNLive, Dragon Gate's emotional Dangerous Gate 2017 show, WWE No Mercy 2017, a recent WWE Network survey and much more!

Duration: 02:51:05

Wrestling Omakase #12: TNA/Impact/GFW/That Owl Wrestling w/ Garrett Kidney

On this week's episode of Wrestling Omakase, John is joined by a man who is literally world renowned in his field of study: VOW's own Garrett Kidney (@garrettkidney)! The two of them discuss all things TNA in over two hours of painstaking detail, covering everything you can think of, including: some of the standout early programs and wrestlers of the weekly PPV days, the Fox Sports Net era, the Russo era and the many great comedic gifts it's brought us, the Hogan era and why it was never...

Duration: 02:21:39

Everything Evolves 9: EVOLVE's buzz, Davey Richards replacements, EVOLVE 92/93 Previews

The #WrongBoyz are back after a long layoff to preview this weekend’s EVOLVE shows. On this episode, Aaron B and Aaron T dig deeper into the EVOLVE #brand and discuss the #narrative forming around the company’s lack of internet buzz. Plus, the Aarons take their best guesses at who will replace Davey Richards on this weekend’s shows, hype themselves up about the big Catchpoint/BroLee match and break down all the major happenings coming up at EVOLVE 92 and 93.

Duration: 00:51:19

Lucha Of The Hidden Temple: Lucha Underground Has 100 Episodes

In this episode, Chris & Miles talk about a very well-written episode of Lucha Underground with solid usage of cutscenes to set up the in-ring action.

Duration: 00:32:19

230. WWE No Mercy Preview, Bayley Returns, GLOW

Rob and Jeff continue on the road to WrestleMania 34 with a preview of WWE No Mercy. Who will be WWE Universal Champion of Earth when this night is over!? Brock. Braun. Main Event. Collision course.

Duration: 00:48:56

Music of the Mat #17: SmackDown!

On this episode of Music of the Mat, Chris and Andrew rock the blue and white as they discuss the theme history of SmackDown! All hail the Giant Fist!

Duration: 01:16:38

EP101 – “Destruction in Hiroshima” Review

In this week’s episode of the New Japan Purocast, we review “Destruction in Hiroshima” from 9/16!

Duration: 01:50:41

Wrestlenomics Radio: Fact-checking Roman Reigns and Vince McMahon’s recent promos

Chris Harrington (@mookieghana) and Brandon Howard (@BrandonThurston) consider how true the in-character comments of Roman Reigns and Vince McMahon were on this past week’s RAW and SmackDown, respectively. Is Reigns really selling tickets better than John Cena? Are ticket sales “great” as Reigns said? Is revenue “sky high”? Could WWE make it as a business without Cena? Has Vince McMahon really never lost a lawsuit? Is he really a billionaire? Would Kevin Owens go bankrupt trying to sue...

Duration: 02:32:37

Burning Spirits #44: WRESTLE-1 “2017 Pro-Wrestling LOVE in YOKOHAMA” Review

This week on Burning Spirits Drew is joined by Timothy Robert Buechner (@luchaundead) to review Wrestle-1's biggest show of the year! We break down every match and discuss the all the young talent active in the promotion right now. We move onto the main event and hit on a variety of topics including the continued progression of emerging ace Shotaro Ashino, Jiro's incredible ability to integrate his character, match structure, selling, each wrestler's individual performance, and overall...

Duration: 01:47:34

229. MYC, WWE Raw, Smackdown, NXT

Rob and Jeff discuss This Week in WWE TV, plus the best match of the inaugural Mae Young Classic tournament. Also, your NFL score updates.

Duration: 00:58:05

VOW Flagship: Mae Young Classic, NJPW Destruction & more!

This week on the Voices of Wrestling flagship podcast Joe Lanza and Rich Kraetsch review the WWE Mae Young Classic Finals, discuss the presentation of the final match and project the futures of Kairi Sane and Shayna Baszler. We also review the horrible NJPW Destruction in Fukushima, explore if it was one of the worst NJPW shows in years and look at some historical comps. Other topics include a brief preview of NJPW Destruction in Hiroshima, Dragon Gate's Dangerous Gate, an incredible NOAH...

Duration: 02:46:07

Wrestling Omakase #11: Wrestling Podcasts & More w/ Joe Gagne

This week on Wrestling Omakase, we get really meta! Yes, the topic of this wrestling podcast is.....wrestling podcasts! John is joined by Joe Gagne (@joegagne), currently host of the Five Star Match Game (@5StarMatchGame) here on the VOW podcast network, and previously host of Joe vs. the World (a podcast that had rotating guests long before this one, it should be noted!), Joe's Funtime Arcade, and many guest host spots! Plus, he used to write a weekly column called Wrestling Podmass that...

Duration: 01:55:48

Brit Wres Roundtable: PROGRESS Ally Pally, FCP Project Mayhem & WCPW World Cup

Oli is joined by Robin to discuss PROGRESS' biggest show of the year and the booking malaise that has surrounded it. Other topics included FCP's upcoming Project Mayhem weekend which is being run in conjunction with Dragon Gate and the Wrestling Revolver, and the recently finish WCPW Pro Wrestling World Cup. WARNING: High levels of grump

Duration: 02:03:27

New Japan Purocast - EP 100 - “Destruction in Fukushima” review

In our 100th episode of the New Japan Purocast, we discuss “Destruction in Fukushima”, which took place on 9/10. Plus, we take a look at the card for Hiroshima on 9/16 and much more!

Duration: 01:56:19

Burning Spirits #43: DDT Campsite Wrestling Live Watch with Significant Others!

What better way to do a live watch of DDT's recent Campsite Wrestling match than with two people who have never really watched wrestling before? No better way, that's what! With Kevin down for the count this week, Drew is joined by his lovely wife Isabelle and Brennan is joined by his lovely fiancee Zoraya for a bewildering introduction to DDT via Campsite Wrestling! Listen for the confused silence, the nervous laughter, hilarious reactions, and genuine confusion as these two wonderful...

Duration: 01:24:17

VOW Flagship: Mae Young Classic Stock Rising/Falling, GFW Turmoil, NJPW Destruction

This week on the VOW Flagship we'll tell you whose stock rose and whose stock has fallen now that the Mae Young Classic has aired in full, and discuss our top overall performers and top matches. The latest GFW/Impact turmoil is broken down, along with a preview of New Japan Destruction in Fukushima with notes from the 9/8 Korakuen show, and a discussion of PWG business and the "Super Indie" model's place in the indie ecosystem.

Duration: 01:46:56

Wrestlenomics Radio: GFW-Jarrett turmoil, Jericho book review, Kavita Devi, Baron Corbin

Chris Harrington (@mookieghana) and Brandon Howard (@BrandonThurston) discuss the drama surrounding Jeff Jarrett’s departure from GFW and potential consequences. Mookie gives an honest review of Chris Jericho’s new book, providing the blurb, “Insatiably disgusting!” How did AAA’s TripleMania do on Twitch? Kavita Devi gained mainstream media attention in India for her match at the Mae Young Classic. Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff is making the interview rounds, and Chris and Brandon discuss...

Duration: 02:47:14

Lucha Of The Hidden Temple: Sexy Star Has No Excuses

In this episode, Chris & Miles discuss Argenis losing another match, the convergence of Madness and Havoc, and Sexy Star being generally awful.

Duration: 00:43:37

Music of the Mat #16: Samoa Joe

Joe! Joe! Joe! Joe! Joe! On this episode of Music of the Mat, Chris Maffei returns to the podcast to join Andrew in discussing the theme history of "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe.

Duration: 01:27:50

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