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What the FFF is Fused Filament Fabrication 3D Printing? Design experts Tom & Tracy Hazzard from 3D Start Point explore all about the what: tips, tools & help for successful 3D Printing.

What the FFF is Fused Filament Fabrication 3D Printing? Design experts Tom & Tracy Hazzard from 3D Start Point explore all about the what: tips, tools & help for successful 3D Printing.
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What the FFF is Fused Filament Fabrication 3D Printing? Design experts Tom & Tracy Hazzard from 3D Start Point explore all about the what: tips, tools & help for successful 3D Printing.






3D Printing Club, A Resource Community For Enthusiasts with Al Shuryan

If you have a question about 3D printing, 3D Printing Club will have an answer for it. What started as an interest group seven years ago, has now grown organically into a resource space for 3D printing enthusiasts. Al Shuryan created the club out of his interest in making items during the early computer industry. […]


The Design Cycle: Design Process Education Through 3D Printing with Craig Frehlich

When we give kids credit for their creativity and trust them with the skills they learned from us, amazing things happen. Craig Frehlich witnessed this from his students. What’s more surprising is when his students were taught the design cycle of 3D printing, instead of designing plastic phone cases they thought of stuff that have […]


Sophia the Bionic Cat, A Story of Perseverance and 3D Printing Innovation with Karolyn Smith

It is a universal fact that dogs are man’s best friend. But there are times when cats can do a better job, like purring to make your brain feel lighter. The story of Sophia the bionic cat starts with army veteran Karolyn Smith who had a difficult time transitioning from her service. Both Sophia and […]


Lessons From An Aspiring 3D Print Entrepreneur

Wanting to be an entrepreneur and actually becoming a successful one has a fine line that aspiring 3D print entrepreneurs can cross easily by seeking mentorship. Mentors can further your goal. Advice from experts can help with the mismatch between the product and the market and get your ideas to distribution channels. Learn the steps […]


3D Digital Factory with Jon Bruner of Formlabs

There’s a lot of new technology coming out in the 3D printing industry, like 3D metal printers and now there’s SLA desktop printers. Designers and engineers can now work with the machines using prototypes to figure out if their designs will come out the way they want it. This movement has created a demand for new capabilities, making outsourcing less of a challenge for designers and engineers. Jon Bruner sees 3D printers of this kind as a cool set of technology that can be used in...


3D Printing Apps Gone Multi-Platform

The 3D printing industry is once again stepping forward not only for it to tip but also to finally make people see the wide range it can offer. This time the field is making toys through an app called Toy Maker that lets parents 3D print toys with their kids. This is a lovely way to spend time with the the family, but Drew Taylor of AstroPrint also aims for Toy Maker to be a reference app for other 3D print designers to use. The APIs used for the app had an obvious use that AstroPrint saw...


3D Business Mentorship: Startup Issues with Daniel McGuire

The 3D printing industry is moving to a worldwide scale where entrepreneurs are starting to realize not just the market that it can offer but also the unique services that come along with it. Scottish mechanical engineer Daniel McGuire receives 3D business mentorship to help solve some of his startup issues, like how to put value in his time and how to come up with short term goals to make him visible in the market. His mission is to make the everyday person realize what this industry can...



Fused filament fabrication has found its genius little sister in the form of laser metal deposition. The process builds parts layer after layer using the heat of an integrated blue laser. This allows Melanie Lang and FormAlloy to use a shorter wavelength than IR lasers which then allows for a wider range of material processing. Their blow powder system and modular powder feeders allows them to use different materials on the fly. With this technology that was inspired by aerospace...


Design Challenge Accepted: 3D Printed Mens Shoes with Philippe Holthuizen from FUSED Footwear

For some people, seven months can pass by just as normally at it should. But Dutchman product designer Philippe Holthuizen managed to disrupt the footwear industry with his 3D printed men’s shoes in that time frame. In just a small amount of time, Phillippe was able to achieve a lot in design and development, from styles to texture, using his 3D CAD skills and background in shoe designing. But his bottom line is pretty much the same with other 3D print product designers; to become part of...


3D Print Post Processing: The Designer’s Viewpoint

During Inside 3D Printing 2017 in San Diego, one big issue that kept coming up was 3D print post processing and how it has become one of the causes of the delay for the progression of the industry. Post processing in 3D print can be defined as painting, finishing, dyeing, plating and polishing. All of which involve coordination with other sources that will translate to logistics issues and timeline expansion. This is the reason why most product designers think that 3D print post processing...


Forget Disruptive Technology, Disrupt You! Instead, with Jay Samit

A lot of people often think that they want to change the world, but it is those who want to change themselves first who can actually make that change happen. By looking into your values, you can identify what your strengths are and use it as leverage to make that great impact possible. Combine this with confidence and solving problems will be easier. Take it to the next level and become a part of the disruption wave by working with people with the same goals. Leader in innovation and...


3D Print Disrupting Retail: FB Live

There is no better time than now to start bridging the gap between buyers and 3D print product designers. While there are a handful of reasons why the 3D print industry isn’t tipping as fast as it should, there are also a handful of reasons why product designers, manufacturers, buyers and even students still studying the trade need to pool together and start bridging the gaps on design, skills, labor, product and marketing. Learn more about 3D print disrupting retail and ready signs like...


3D Print Education Made Simple with Brain Bobbitt

Having a physical model to hold in your hands is powerful to a student learning engineering and design. But when Brian Bobbitt started integrating 3D print education to the curriculum, there weren’t many resources. With the help of Project Lead The Way, exposure to design and production got easier. Getting a foundational education in CAD at the high school level translated to better skilled transitioning college students later. Brian Bobbit shares how educating the students early can cast...


Creating Business Through Augmented Reality Marketing with Michelle Calloway from Revealio

Can you imagine a world where you can get information and content on a product right then and there just by pointing your smart phone at it? What could have been just a fantasy twenty years ago is now possible with Augmented Reality. Founder of Revealio Michelle Calloway found a way to use this technology and make human connections that bridges the real world with the virtual world through cards that magically come to life. Learn how augmented reality marketing can empower business owners...


3D Jobs From Production To C-Suite with Jennifer Killingback from Alexander Daniels Global

Every manufacturer in the 3D printing industry is looking for the same pool of talents these days; there is a growing need for more engineers and designers. Even with the crop of graduating students coming in, there is still not enough to fill in 3D jobs with the right skill set. Jennifer Killingback of Alexander Daniels Global reveals what they are looking for in candidates from production, programming, post processing, sales and business development. Find out what your LinkedIn profiles...


Inside 3D Printing San Diego 2017 Recap

Is the 3D printing industry progressing fast enough? Is AI going to take the place of engineers and designers? Such questions were answered in Inside 3D Printing San Diego 2017. Although a smaller event compared from last year, it was the panel track and the attendees that pulled the event together and made the trip worth taking. This turned into a concentrated effort to push and put pressure on the future of the 3D printing industry. Product designers and business owners from Idaho,...


500th Podcast Episode: 3D Print Predictions & Lessons Learned

Not knowing if there will be enough topics to talk about and interesting guests to interview is every podcaster’s worry during their early stages. Tom and Tracy Hazzard asked the same questions in April 2015 and got their answer 500 episodes later. As designers and developers, making 3D print predictions is both exciting and frustrating since a lot of companies have come and gone, but there are new disruptors that even they never saw coming. Listen to their stories of how they look for...


Custom 3D Print Fashion: A Steadily Growing Trend with Danit Peleg

Custom 3D print fashion is a growing trend with the world of fashion shifting to a new phase of design and production. While studying fashion design, Danit Peleg found that design and producing clothes through a desktop 3D printer is a great way to make her fashion ideas come to life, all in the comfort of her home. Learn two processes, equipment and materials she uses when making her clothes and find out why she doesn’t consider 3D printed fashion designing a job. To send us a message, go...


The 3D and VR Design Gap with Taylor Freeman of Upload IO

I’ve got introduced to someone that as I was starting to talk with him I thought, “I’m not just going to write an Inc. article about this. I’m going to air the audio for you.” I think it has such great relevance in some of the many things we’ve talked about filling the design gap. In this case, I’m talking with Taylor Freeman of They are a company that are in San Francisco and Marina del Rey that has these amazing classes that are teaching virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed...


3D Printing Glass with Eran Gal-or of Micron3DP

We’re going to take a real journey down a very old and really ancient material that has been used on this earth, manipulated by men for thousands of years and learn how one company is actually harnessing it and has now been able to control it through 3D printing. It’s actually very exciting. The company is MICRON3DP and they’re a company out of Israel. I’m going to have an interview with Eran Gal-or who is one of two partners in this company. Technically, he’s an industrial designer but...


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