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Saving the world. One episode at a time. WARNING - These podcasts contain STRONG language and weak humour.

Saving the world. One episode at a time. WARNING - These podcasts contain STRONG language and weak humour.
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Saving the world. One episode at a time. WARNING - These podcasts contain STRONG language and weak humour.






Episode 53 - Christmas Hobo - WWS Christmas Special 2017

It's that time the year again. Jack Frost glistening on an open fire, Rudolf nipping at your nose. Something about roasting kids? Ah, whatever. That's not why I'm here, WamwamSanta is here to provide you with the 3rd annual WWS Christmas podcast. You can work out for yourself if that means you've been bad or good boys. So grab your fav armchair and settle in by the fire, cos it's time to spread.. *Hic* Spread festive cheer to one and all.

Duration: 01:09:12

Episode 52 - Acting Out!

[Some description when Craig can be arsed to type it]

Duration: 01:23:08

Ep 51

Quite the episode this week. We cover the new Avengers film currently shooting in Edinburgh, 3 parent families, how to get ahead in Hollywood, the TV show Mutiny, and Craig spectacularly misjudges a game of Red Pill / Blue Pill. And lovely listeners, if you fancy sending in your own RPBP questions, fire them into Wamwamsarah on twitter. - @wamwamsarah

Duration: 02:46:58

Ep 48 - Lazzarus

Whoops! Looks like someone forgot to press record. A brilliant episode this week where we tackle VR, Multiple Dimensions and cutting the cord from the Human Simulation. Or would have done if Craig had pressed the record button at his end. Instead we have the crystal clear track from Prendy and Pete, with Craig having to re-record his part on Sunday while drinking mulled wine. Still good fun though

Duration: 01:05:44

EP 47

It's nearly that wonderful time of the year and what better way to get into the festive spirit than to have a show all about serial killers? Prendy quizzes the team on their fav and Pete struggles with telling the difference between movies and real life. Oh, and Craig goes to a 40th and gets drunk. Again.

Duration: 01:27:59

Ep 37 Back in Business

We’re BACK! After what seems like MONTHS off, so much has changed. Craig is now 40 and sober, Prendy has embarked on a career as a ghostbuster and Pete… well Pete is very much still Pete. Join us this week as we take pot shots at BTCare and BT Broadband, discuss the merits of maturing like a fine wine, and listen to the confirmed details of the first ever Wamwamsarah field trip!

Duration: 01:04:31

Ep 29 - Force Kin

You ask, we deliver, albeit a couple of weeks later than planned. You're very own request podcast show, specifically built around our tenuous friendship with Will. This week the WWS team talk StarWars The Force Awakens. Let's be clear on one thing right now, this podcast is FULL of spoilers. So if you've not already watched the film, go see that, then come back here and listen with your ears....

Ep 28 - Christmas Special Needs

Well the weather outside is frightful, but inside the studio it's warm and welcoming. The Wamwam team spread a little Christmas cheer this week to get you in the holiday spirit.

Ep 25 - Garden Gateway to HELL

Another wonderful week in the world of Wamwamsarah! We talk about Back to the Future and of course Craig's interesting garden gate. Honest, it's better than it sounds!

Ep 26 - All Trick No Treat Halloween Special

Welcome friends to our very special Halloween episode. There's creeping goings on in the studio, lights are flickering, curtains are moving and an ill-advised game of Bloody Mary kicks off a spiral of supernatural events that will live with our hosts for the rest of their lives. Dare you listen? Dare you enter the world of WamwamSarah?

Ep 24 - Return Of The Kings

Mark Morrison sang, "Return of the Mac"; well, none of us are wearing a mac, although Pete's new "preppy" clothes certainly mark him out as someone that the police would like to help them with their enquiries. This week, we celebrate the triumphant return of the boys (two of them anyway) from this years Tough Mudder. Craig has a new job and we discuss if music these days really is as shit as everyone thinks, or if we're just turning into grumpy old men

EP 20 - McHatred Part 1

Well, it's quite the episode this week. Craig has been on Daddy day care and lets rip on his thoughts about McDonalds customers, while Pete and Prendy are tasked with solving some of the most perplexing philosophical and moral questions out there.

Duration: 00:54:03

Ep 19 - Cowboys and Aliens

After a short hiatus the team are back discussing their bucket lists, with some underwhelming, easily achievable items on their lists.

Duration: 00:59:21

EP 18 Best Of Inventions

We come up with our top five of the best inventions ever, well, um, invented! As usual we're on the side of women's rights and tackle everything from the gap in a scotch egg between the egg and the meat, to the age old question of who would win - Horse of Fridge!

Duration: 01:02:05

Ep 16 Kids & Vids The Sequel

It’s MOVIE TIME! This episode we talk about Hollywoods obsession with remake after remake and rebooting franchises that are only a few years old. And of course we talk about Ghostbusters!

Duration: 01:12:35