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WCTR: A NEW Holiday Contest, Volcano Bombs & Dinosaurs, Jedi’s & a TON of Dog Puppets (Ep. 29)

NEW HOLIDAY CONTEST IS OPEN!!! LISTEN FOR DETAILS! On Today’s show the boys talk about NYC’s greatest Crime Boss, Joel finally gets to talk at lengh about his Dog Puppet movie… which makes Jonathan laugh… uncontrolably, they get into a huge argument over Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and they couldn’t help but touch on STAR WARS The Last Jedi! We review: Isle of Dogs, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Alita: Battle Angle and quick bonus reviews of Ready Player One...

Duration: 00:54:40

WCTR: Disaster and war, kidnapping and a stolen childhood, monster and a mute. (ep.28)

On this episode the boys talk about five of the most interesting movie trailers they’ve seen all year! There are superheros, billionairs, mysterious actors, figureskating and a fish-man. Plus Joel repeatedly calls Tommy Wiseau “Tony” and feels much shame. They talk about… Avengers: Infinity War The Disaster Artist I, Tonya All The Money In The World The Shape of Water Follow us on Twitter @WC_Trailers and Facebook @WCTrailers

Duration: 00:52:45

WCTR: A contest winner, genetically enhanced animals, kings, queens and a swamp donkey (ep. 27)

On this episode we are excited to announce our contest winner! Plus the boys talk about seven (SEVEN!) trailers this week. We dip our toe into foreign language series. Also, Joel says the word “garbage” 124 times when talking about one of this week’s trailers. We talk about “Rampage”, “Dark”, “The Crown Season 2″, “Gunpowder”, “Incredibles 2″, “Wonder Wheel” and “The Last Post.” Follow us on Twitter @WC_Trailers and Facebook @WCTrailers

Duration: 00:56:52

WCTR: Talks with a stuntman, Bob Ross whacks-off, Xmas ghosts and squeaky toys

On today’s episode, Jonathan & Joel host special guest Mandy Chan (16 year vet of the marshal arts stuntman industry) who during his career has worked with everyone from Jackie Chan to acting in Bloodsport with Jean-Claude Van Damme. They talk about a spoof on Bob Ross done by a mutilated masked superhero, the origin of A Christmas Carol and how much fun a real life fake murder mystery game would be! The boys review 3 new trailers for Deadpool 2, Game Night and The Man Who Invented...

Duration: 00:51:03

WCTR: FREE Movie tickets, Jim Carrey goes method, THOR & Louis C.K. (Ep. 25)

Welcome to the 25th Episode! On Today’s show, the boys give out the details of the big Giveaway contest (Hint: the prize is Free Movie tickets), Jonathan gives a review of Thor: Ragnarok, Joel cries over Louis C.K., Jonathan cries over Wonder, and we learn a little more about Jim Carrey going method! We review 4 trailers: Netflix’s - Mudbound, Netflix’s - Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond, Wonder, and Roman J. Israel, Esq. Make sure to ENTER our Free Movie ticket giveaway: 3 ways to enter: 1....

Duration: 01:11:55

WCTR: Kevin Spacey, sex rooms and a murderous maid (Ep. 24)

This week the boys discuss the troubling times in Hollywood including the latest bombshell allegations agianst Kevin Spacey… We learn that Joel has a secret interest in S&M, Jonathan is more interest in how Mr. Grey makes his money, Missouri seems like a snooze fest, and they get transfixed over a sacred deer. And they talk about trailers for Fifty Shades Freed, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, The Killing of a Sacred Deer and Alias Grace. PLEASE WRITE US A REVIEW!!! Follow us...

Duration: 00:54:51

WCTR: 2 Lady Birds, a former US President and sad Steve Carell (Ep. 23)

This week Jonathan talks to Joel about how to better manage his time. They also discuss arguments that make them want to jump out of a movie vehical. And they place a bet that will result in a free movie for someone! And they talk about trailers for Lady Bird, My Friend Dahmer, Last Flag Flying and LBJ. Follow us on Twitter @WC_Trailers and Facebook @WCTrailers AND PLEASE WRITE US A REVIEW!!!

Duration: 00:48:59

WCTR: Jigsaw, box office busts and Tom Brady reviews us! (Ep. 22)

On this episode Joel and Jonathan read some their fan reviews… including Tom Brady’s glowing review of WCTR! They’re also getting excited for Halloween and Stranger Things. Oh, and they also talk about trailers for Jigsaw, Suburbicon and Crash Pad. Follow us on Twitter: @WC_Trailers and Facebook: @WCTrailers

Duration: 00:42:39

WCTR: Star Wars The Last Jedi with Special Guest Mark Devin (Ep. 21)

*Special Guest Episode* On today’s show, Jonathan & Joel are joined by legendary DP Mark Devin!! And the biggest guests deserve the biggest movie trailers to review… Star Wars The Last Jedi! Not only do we cover Star Wars, we also cover: Only the Brave, Jungle, Killing Gunther, and GeoStorm It’s an action packed episode! Find Mark Devin on Instagram: @famousmoose1

Duration: 00:56:34

WCTR: Blade Runner 2049 Review

***SPOILER ALERT*** On today’s special episode, Jonathan & Joel give a full review of Blade Runner 2049! And yes… they talk about everything so if you have not seen the movie…. this episode contains SPOILERS! Let us know what you think!! Facebook: @WCTrailers Twitter: wc_trailers

Duration: 00:32:56

WCTR: Episode 020

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! It’s bio-pic week at WCTR and the boys are covering three “real-life” stories. In additon, they go over movies they wish had a sequel, Director they would apprentice under, AND the ultimate filming location…. Todays trailers are: Breathe, Marshall, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women & The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)

Duration: 00:52:19

WCTR: Episode 019

The Debate Episode! Blade Runner 2049, The Snowman, The Foreigner On today’s show, Jonathan & Joel tackle an important question: Who is the best President in TV/Movies? Also, Joel takes us back to his college years watching Blade Runner… The boys salute the return of Jackie Chan… and Snowmen make an appearance in October. Trailers we review are: Blade Runner 2049; The Snowman; The Foreigner

Duration: 00:55:10

WCTR Episode 018

American Made/Tomb Raider/Flatliners On Today’s show Joel talks about his disapointment in the Ghostbusters re-boot… Jonathan gets nerdy on Tomb Raider… we learn Joel saw the original Flatliners… IN THEATERS!… and the boys are flying high with Tom Cruise! We review the trailers for American Made, Tomb Raider & Flatliners

Duration: 00:48:12

WCTR: Episode 017

Finally…. a shorter episode! On today’s show Jonathan breaks out the trivia questions… Joel finally get’s his first trivia question right… Jonathan educates us on CinemaScores… Joel gives a bunch of wishy-washy grades… And we learn the boys are both tennis fans! We review: Brad’s Status, Battle of the Sexes, and Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Duration: 00:47:59

WCTR: Episode 016

Welcome to Episode 16! On today’s show we learn that Jonathan can’t read, Joel gives a high grade to a trailer with no words, Jonathan gives some cool background on J. Law, and Joel has no clue who Tim Riggins is…..SAD! We review: American Assassin, Mother!, The Show, First they Killed my Father, and All I See Is You!

Duration: 00:49:26

WCTR: Episode 015

Welcome to another episode of Water Cooler Trailer Reviews! On today’s show, we learn that Jonathan vacations with celebrities… Joel loves certin trailers but still grades them poorly… The boys make a pact to see a scary movie in the theater… and Jonathan and Joel disagree on hyper-teasers. We review: Netflix’s: The Punisher, Netflix’s: Little Evil, 9/11, IT, and a Joel special… Rememory.

Duration: 00:54:34

WCTR: Episode 014 - FALL TV

SPECIAL DOUBLE-EPISODE - FALL TV 2017! On Today’s episode, the boys review 17… yes, 17 NEW network Fall TV shows and let you know what’s worth checking out. They change up the grading system as well just for today’s episode… A = Watch in real time B = DVR for later but still watch C = Wait to hear if there is any buzz around the show D = Total pass F = Joel’s special grade… Jonathan & Joel also release thier Top 10 all-time favortie movie lists…. listen to the drama unfold! Here...

Duration: 01:12:26

WCTR: Episode 013

Episode 13! Do people even read these descriptions? On today’s show Joel gets political… like way to political… no really… it’s nuts… borderline uncomofortable… Jonathan crushes hard on Bruce Willis… We learn Joel can’t debate very well… and the boys say “The Deuce” WAY to many times! We review: A Wrinkle In Time, Pitch Perfect 3, Netflix’s: Death Note, The Deuce, Marvel’s Inhumans, Death Wish

Duration: 01:01:26

WCTR: Episode 012

Jonathan’s lucky number episode! On today’s episode we learn that Joel is a movie popcorn guy… Jonathan explains how Disney loves killing parents… Joel is sick and tired of talking about Marvel.. and the “trailer guy voice” makes his triumphant return! On today’s episode we review 5 trailers: Netflix’s: Game Over Man, Marvel’s The Defenders, Bad Mom’s: Christmas, Coco & Netflix’s: What Happened to Monday.

Duration: 00:52:39

WCTR: Episode 011

The Island of Misfit Trailers episode! On Today’s show, we learn that both Joel and Jonathan are huge whimps when it comes to dolls possessed by evil spirits… Joel is interested in visiting the underbelly of NYC… Jonathan regularly usues #PrayerHands #Blessed & #Perfect… and Joel is totally uninterested in a movie that features both Pierce Brosnan & Kate Beckinsale! The boys review 4 trailers: Good Time, Annabelle: Creation, Ingrid Goes West and The Only Living Boy in New York!

Duration: 00:43:24

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