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"We Are Dance" is your first and exclusive view into the world of Dance Music. Besides delivering latest news from the international Dance scene, their artists, videos and music, "We Are Dance" brings best Dance music to your speakers with the weekly podcast, mixed by the A-class of international Dance-DJs and producers.






Episode #052 (Ron van den Beuken)

Ron van den Beuken belongs to Dutch’s best Dance & Trance producers available. With amazing releases under his belt („Clokx“, „The Mystery“, „Timeless“, just to name a few examples), Ron established himself as an artist with worldwide reputation and highly acclaimed discography. His tour schedule takes him around the world from South Africa to Mexico to Poland. WE ARE DANCE is proud to present Ron van den Beuken’s latest podcast to enter the weekend!

Duration: 01:02:09

Episode #051 (Mike Candys)

I don’t need to say much here: Swiss DJ and producer Mike Candys has come a long way in the Dance business, delivering massively played productions from early bootlegs to recent singles like „Heaven & Hell“, „Miracles“ or „Carnaval“. He’s also one of the most booked European DJs, with even a Space Ibiza residency announced for this year’s summer season. So, WE ARE DANCE is proud to present 60 minutes of explosive Dance music to start your weekend with, mixed and compiled by Mike Candys.

Duration: 01:02:57

Episode #050 (Talstrasse 3-5)

One of Germany’s most unique House projects is ready for taking you right into the weekend: Talstrasse 3-5 have served several instant classics like „Willma Techno“, „Electrojhetto“ oder „Houseflippen“, combining deep Techno and Electro elements with their legendary funny Berlin-vocals. They gained cult status with their crazy videos and live appearances all over the nation, but thankfully took the time to deliver the latest podcast for us. So WE ARE DANCE is proud to present 60 minutes of...

Duration: 01:00:07

Episode #049 (Bryce)

Already producing for several years, Bryce' international breakthrough came with his successful coverversion of Jeckyll & Hyde's Jumpstyle classic "Freefall Anthem". The single checked in at the no. 1 position on the national Dance charts and received worldwide attention. With the release of his highly anticipated follow-up "Blade Theme" (another smashing cover of a 90ies Dance classic), Bryce took the time to present a breaking podcast for your weekend! WE ARE DANCE is proud to share with...

Duration: 01:00:39

Episode #048 (The Disco Boys)

The Disco Boys are a phenomenon! With starting their career in 1995, they were the first DJs to consequently mix original Disco classics with today's House music. The result is impressive: with hundreds of international gigs, a highly anticipated compilation series ("The Disco Boys Volume 14" is out now!) and one of the biggest House singles ever ("For You"), the Hamburg-based DJs and producers still have a great impact on the international music market. WE ARE DANCE is proud to present 60...

Duration: 01:00:19

Episode #045 (Commercial Club Crew)

They're on the Hands Up front since 2003: Patrick Scholl & Henrik Münchow aka Chris van Dutch & Rick Ellback aka COMMERCIAL CLUB CREW are constantly rocking the clubs and charts with their unique sound. Singles like "Dance In The Rain, "I Walk Alone" or their classic "La Luna" helped to establish a big fanbase all over the world. Celebrating their energetic style, WE ARE DANCE is proud to present 60 minutes of great Hands Up music, compiled and mixed by Commercial Club Crew.

Duration: 00:56:23

Episode #044 (Cosmic Gate)

Nic Chagall & Bossi really are brothers-in-sound: the two legendary German producers and musical minds of world-famous Cosmic Gate have gone a long musical journey since their breakthrough in 1999. Singles like "The Drums", "Exploration Of Space" or "Fire Wire" founded their stunning international career that lead to sold-out concerts, their own new imprint Wake Your Mind Records (distributed by Armin van Buuren's Armada Music) and the first brilliant single "So Get Up". WE ARE DANCE is...

Duration: 00:59:50

Episode #041 (Cassey Doreen)

A sexy girl, 2 turntable, a mixer and a ton load of energy is a brief but fair description of Cassey Doreen. With being one of Germany's busiest DJanes, Cassey is always on the road with an amazing tour schedule and constantly releasing great House-Party-singles like "Love Takes Over", "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" and more. WE ARE DANCE is proud to present 60 minutes of sexy House music, compiled and mixed by Cassey Doreen.

Duration: 01:00:17

Episode #038 (Best of 2013)

Ladies & Gentlemen, we proudly close the year with our very own selection of tracks that amazed us in 2013 while listening, that kicked ass in the office and that got every clubber's absolute attention while we played them. This selection is not complete in any way, we know, but we hope to get you started for the end of the year with this one! Thank you for having you here on our site and checking out all the latest developments, tracks and news from the music we love the most! Also a big...

Duration: 01:09:36

Episode #037 (Sunloverz)

German-based House project Sunloverz needs no introduction: with great productions like "Shine On", "Summer Of Love" or "All Around The World" and their own platform Lickin' Records, the guys are regular players and at the same regularly played. The overall summer feeling of their singles seem to attract clubbers all over the world. WE ARE DANCE is proud to present your start into the weekend with 60 minutes of great House music, compiled and mixed by the one and only Sunloverz.

Duration: 01:01:11

Episode #036 (DJ Novus aka Groove Coverage)

With an incredible discography under the belt, Groove Coverage aka DJ Novus is without a doubt one of Germany's leading, long-living Dance acts to date. Singles like "Poison" or "God Is A Girl" are real classics, worldwide sales hits and the perfect soundtrack for their spectacular live shows and DJ gigs. WE ARE DANCE is proud to start your weekend with 60 minutes of high energy music, compiled and mixed by Groove Coverage's DJ Novus.

Duration: 00:59:25

Episode #034 (Broz Rodriguez)

Mexican EDM artist & DJ Broz Rodriguez has satisfied every single element of what a "fiesta" demands. The funky, progressive, groovy, explosive and talented style of this artist has made crowds meet entertainment, making them feel non stop moves over the dancefloor. WE ARE DANCE is proud to present 60 minutes of Mexican Electro, compiled and mixed by Broz Rodriguez

Duration: 00:57:02

Episode #033 (Crazy 1)

Hands Up shooting star Crazy 1 has delivered several incredible productions: his remixes for Ekowraith & Sample Ripper's "Back In Da Game" or G&G / Davis Refield's "Icey Queen" are regular plays in all Hands Up sets and frequent runners on the web radios. WE ARE DANCE is proud to present this week's Hands Up podcast with 60 minutes of sureshot Dance sound, compiled & mixed by Crazy 1.

Duration: 01:00:53

Episode #032 (Djane HouseKat)

Djane HouseKat managed a brilliant start into the Dance business with her debut single "My Party" which went directly to the top of the German sales charts. With her latest single "Don't You Feel Alright" already heating up the floors and charts, she's definitely on the way to get an institution to the scene. WE ARE DANCE presents 60 minutes of full party House, compiled and mixed by DJane HouseKat.

Duration: 00:59:50

Episode #031 (Max K.)

With successful releases at labels like Sony Music, Mental Madness, Nitron Music etc., Max K. locked his position as one of Germany's most active Dance enthusiasts. His collaboration "Take Me To The Limit" with Gerald G! is still in everybody's ears; his massive remixes for G&G, Brooklyn Bounce, Whigfield and many more are regular plays in the DJ's sets! WE ARE DANCE is proud to present 60 minutes of great Dance Music, compiled & mixed by Max K.

Duration: 00:57:49

Episode #030 (2-4 Grooves)

2-4 Grooves has not only been responsible for a row of No.1 hits, for example “The Way I Do”, “Writing On The Wall” ,“Relax” or “Your Lies”. The German-based guys have also remixed a host of big names such as Sylver, Cascada, Rockstroh, Finger & Kadel, Mondtek to name but a few. Their sought after remixing skills have been employed by many major record labels such as Sony BMG, Ministry Of Sound, Universal etc. Their latest musical effort “Up To No Good” still rocks the clubs and charts. WE...

Duration: 01:00:14

Episode #029 (DJ Gollum)

As labelowner of Global Airbeatz, DJ, producer and songwriter, DJ Gollum is an unstoppable force in modern Dance & Hands Up music. Singles like "Fairytale Gone Bad", "All The Things She Said" or "In The Shadows" were received by a worldwide fanbase and consolidated his position in the industry. WE ARE DANCE is proud to present 60 minutes of high energy Hands Up music for your weekend, compiled and mixed by DJ Gollum.

Duration: 01:01:17

Episode #028 (We Are Dance)

"We Are Dance" is your first and exclusive view into the world of Dance Music. Besides delivering latest news from the international Dance scene, their artists, videos and music, "We Are Dance" brings best Dance music to your speakers with the weekly podcast, mixed by the A-class of international Dance-DJs and producers.

Duration: 00:59:35

Episode #027 (Steve Forest)

Upcoming EDM artist Steve Forest has delivered some banging singles: "I Am Home" (alongside with Nicola Fasano) rocked this summers biggest mainstage areas, "Ultimo Imperio" is already making round with plays by Dimitri Vega & Like Mike, Hardwell, Nick Romero and more. WE ARE DANCE is proud to introduce you to your weekend with a 60 stunning minutes of great EDM music, mixed & compiled by Steve Forest.

Duration: 00:59:25

Episode #026 (Woody van Eyden)

It's hard to categorize WOODY VAN EYDEN: the ultimate music-lover and Trance-addict is DJ, Producer, radio host, labelowner and management director in one person. With wellknown brands like "Heavens Gate", "Fenology Records", "Music and Artist" and many more, the sympathic Dutch artist is a legendary institution in the music business and works in all directions to push his music and especially Trance music. While touring around the world, Woody was able to create a smashing podcast with his...

Duration: 01:00:17

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