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Restaurant Brokers Eric and Robin Gagnon host timely topics and expert guests in the restaurant industry. Would-be restaurant owners, investors, foodies, and the hospitality industry – tune in as we satisfy your appetite for acquisition, feed the need for restaurant reality and serve up a recipe for business success.




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Industry Experts Discuss Trends in Menu Development

What are the trending ideas with restaurant menu development? Join this hour of expert advice from a top nutritional specialist and chef as they discuss how restaurants can make their menu's current. What should your menu feature and why? Are you focused on calories and gluten free? Tune in and learn all about menu development with the restaurant brokers.

Duration: 00:40:20

Restaurant Brokers Discuss the Rise of Celebrity Chefs

Join the restaurant brokers along with Loud Television casting producer, Erica Magaril and Chef Abraham Salum of Salum and Komali Restaurants as they discuss how celebrity chefs have changed the restaurant industry. Listeners learn why today's chef must be as good on camera as they are in the kitchen. The panel also discusses why reality TV shows are here to stay.

Duration: 00:32:00

Can I Franchise My Restaurant?

Join the restaurant brokers along with Managing Director of MSA Worldwide and Owner of William D Hasty, Jr P.C. as they answer the age old question of “Can I Franchise My Restaurant.” Listeners learn the legalities of franchising a restaurant and the differences between an operator and a franchisor. Topics also include the importance of a Franchise Disclosures Documents, Franchise Manuals, and why an operator should hire a franchise consultant.

Duration: 00:39:14

Food Truck Phenomenon

Join the restaurant brokers along with the Founder of Wafles and Dinges, President of Atlanta Street Food Coalition, and President of Food Trucks South as they discuss the rising popularity of Food Trucks. Listeners learn how food trucks are being used as the new branding tool, how the food truck market has changed and how food truck operators compete with the standard brick and mortar restaurants.

Duration: 00:40:24

International Franchise Expansion

Join the restaurant brokers along with Andy Wiederhorn, CEO of Buffalos Café and Adam Ogden, CEO of JuiceBlendz and YoBlendz as they discuss international franchising. Topics include when a franchisor knows when he or she is “ready” to expand their company internationally and the resources available for those looking to franchise outside the borders of the United States.

Duration: 00:40:32

Restaurant Brokers attend Taste of Atlanta

Join the Restaurant Brokers along with founder of Taste of Atlanta and featured Head Chef as they give listeners an overview of Atlanta’s premier food festival. Listeners learn how the Festival contributes to the city of Atlanta's restaurant scene, how the Festival remains “fresh” every year, and the different industry trends Taste of Atlanta features this year.

Duration: 00:27:00

Restaurant Regulation Nation

Join the restaurant brokers along with the President and CEO of Bennigans Franchising Co, President of EHA Consulting Group and Founder of the PWC Training Center as they discuss Restaurant Regulation Nation. Topics discussed are food safety compliance, employee education, and crisis management. Listeners will learn how an operator can stay up to date on excessive regulations.

Duration: 00:32:10

Restaurant Brokers attend the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show

Join the restaurant brokers as they take listeners on the floor of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show. The hosts are discussing food and technology trends, cost savings techniques and the Affordable Healthcare Act in relation to the restaurant industry. Special guests include Emily Ellyn of Food Network, Don Fox, CEO of Firehouse of America, and Mathew Mandeltort, the Managing Consultant for Technomic.

Duration: 00:32:58

Where Restaurant Owners Associate

Join the restaurant brokers along with Steve Caldeira, President and CEO of the International Franchise Association and David McDougall, President & CEO of Backyard Burgers, Inc as they discuss franchise associations. We’ll be discussing organizations that every restaurant owner should be aware of. We’ll talk about the networking, training and resources offered to restaurants to assist in their growth and success. In addition, we’ll cover associations that lead the industry with education,...

Duration: 00:40:15

Food Technology

Join the restaurant brokers along with Founder of Digital Coco and Editor of Foodable Network as they discuss food technology. Topics discussed will be the impact social media has had on the restaurant industry and what operators should know to stay ahead of this fast paced digital technology era.

Duration: 00:31:22

Careers and Training in the Hospitality Industry

Join the restaurant brokers along with President of Institute of Culinary Education and the Founder/ Principal Recruiting Partner for TalentServed as they discuss Careers and Training in the Hospitality industry. The experts discuss the advantages and disadvantages of attending a culinary school, expected growth in the restaurant industry and Food Network’s glamorization of chefs and how it has affected culinary schools ability to attract and retain students

Duration: 00:23:00

Controlling Food Costs

Restaurant Brokers, Robin and Eric Gagnon are joined by President of LossBusters and Restaurant Consultant for Sysco Atlanta as they discuss “Controlling Food Costs.” The panel discusses techniques used to lower food costs such as targeted goals, proper inventory, and controlling the back door. Listeners learn how to keep food costs in line and deliver more profit to the restaurant’s bottom line.

Duration: 00:46:09

Hot Concepts in the Restaurant Industry

Restaurant brokers along with Founders of Tom+Chee and Co-Founder of Modmarket discuss "Hot" Concepts in the Restaurant Industry. Experts will discuss how to create a “hot” concept and what operators should know to keep that concept relevant in the future.

Duration: 00:22:56

Restaurant Beverage Programs

Restaurant Brokers, Robin and Eric Gagnon will be joined by Senior Food Editor of Nation’s Restaurant News and CEO of Bevintel as they discuss Restaurant Beverage Programs. The panel will discuss the importance of beverage programs and how to achieve a balanced alcohol inventory. The experts will discuss new trends in the beverage industry such as craft beers, flavored vodkas and mixology.

Duration: 00:26:51

Q3 Restaurant Market Update & Forecast

The Editor of Franchise Times and Leading Restaurant CPA provide their input on the state of the Restaurant economy. The experts look back at the first half of 2013 performance and give their thoughts on performance by segment for the restaurant business.

Duration: 00:11:35