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WeBeGeeks is your source for all things Geek: Movies, TV, Collectibles/Toys, Video Games, Comics and Conventions. Your official voice of the Geek Revolution.

WeBeGeeks is your source for all things Geek: Movies, TV, Collectibles/Toys, Video Games, Comics and Conventions. Your official voice of the Geek Revolution.
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Orlando, FL


WeBeGeeks is your source for all things Geek: Movies, TV, Collectibles/Toys, Video Games, Comics and Conventions. Your official voice of the Geek Revolution.






We Be Geeks 241: Wanna Buy A Condo With Baron Jay

This week, the Warriors Three interview guest Baron Jay, Producer and actor in the movie The Condo. Additional topics for the episode include: Marvel is working with Stitched to produce a podcast about the Punisher The role of Robin has been cast for the upcoming Titans show Quentin Tarantino will be directing a Star Trek film

Duration: 00:42:30

We Be Geeks 240: Infinity Crisis Avatars

The Warriors 3 are at it again. We have Derek, Mike and Brett on the mikes. Tryptophan comas abound. Whose story is it anyway? Find out right here on We Be Geeks. Avatar 4 and 5 not guaranteed according to James Cameron 10 Things we learned from Avengers Infinity War trailer Disney and Fox have resumed negotiations Live action Scooby Doo Origin Movie Daphne and Velma Green Lantern scriptwriter wants American God’s actor Ricky Whittle to play John Stewart Possible new Batman game from the...

Duration: 00:46:36

We Be Geeks 239: Big Hero Legion Problems

This week, the Warriors Three discuss everything from animated Stan Lee, to bringing back Galaxy Quest, to a little spoof on Bob Ross. Happy little trees for everyone! Topics discussed on this episode include: 1. Stan Lee's role in the upcoming Big Hero 6 series 2. The Legion of Superheroes coming to Supergirl 3. Plans for the upcoming Galaxy Quest series 4. The Marvel shows might not be leaving Netflix after all 5. Amazon is working on a Lord Of The Rings series 6. News about the next...

Duration: 00:52:33

We Be Geeks 238: It Just Doesn’t Matter

Pandemonium ensues tonight on We Be Geeks. Tonight, we have Brett, Derek, and Mike on the airwaves. We talk names for our little group. I like The Warriors Three. Topics we talk about the show are below. We end the show with Let's go Crazy. Disney's purchase of 20th Century Fox. Disney in the news with Star Wars demands to theaters. Could a Fox Disney Deal mean the end of the Simpsons. Could we get the Star Wars original films releases unaltered? Disney's purchase of Fox is dead. Or is it?...

Duration: 00:46:46

We Be Geeks 237: New Poison Ivy Warriors

This week, Brett is moving into a shiny new home, leaving Mike and Derrick on their own to record. Let's hope they didn't tear up the Geek Revolution HQ while Bret was away. Topics discussed this week include: 1. Gotham has recast the role of Poison Ivy......again 2. The upcoming New Warriors show no longer has a home 3. Disney has decreed that Marvel is no longer allowed to license their characters out to non-Disney companies 4. Should Disney put limits on the amount of rare items people...

Duration: 00:49:24

We Be Geeks 236: Harassing The Justice Flop

Magnum P.I. reboot Death threats of Justice League runtime Deathstroke teases Legion of Doom for movie Shazam or Zeus in the Justice League movie New poster reveals Superman to appear in new Justice League movie Marc Mclure making a cameo in Justice League movie236

Duration: 00:46:55

We Be Geeks 235: A Song Of Harley And Ice

This week, Brett is out due to illness, leaving Mike and Derrick on their own to handle things. Topics discussed on this episode include: 1. Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti are leaving the Harley Quinn book 2. A preview of the new LEGO set dedicated to the women of NASA 3. Actor Victor Garber is leaving Legends Of Tomorrow 4. Videogame giant EA shuts down Visceral Studios 5. Kevin Feige says a trailer for Avengers: Infinity War is coming soon 6. The New Mutants movie will be the first of...

Duration: 00:47:09

We Be Geeks 234: Becoming Hero With Jen Finelli

This episode, we welcome guest Jen Finneli to the show, author of the book Becoming Hero. Jen starts the episode discussing her book, a story about a comic book character that tries to kill his creator, and the details of how she came up with the story. As the interview continues, Jen manages to turn the tables on by asking us questions about podcasting and other topics, occasionally turning the interviewers into the interviewees. A great interview that was a lot of fun for all of us.

Duration: 01:21:52

We Be Geeks, Episode 233-50 shades of Venom

This week, Ken Rose from Geek Watch One and the Wookiee Radio podcast fills in for Mike who is still recovering from the loss of his father. But wait, whose is that making a guest appearance on his own show? Topics discussed on this episode include: Iron Fist appearing on season two of Luke Cage The Gifted beating The Inhumans in the ratings 50 Shade of Grey script writer penning new Venom movie A discussion about Old School wrestling Two generations of Battlestar Galactica coming together...

Duration: 01:08:48

We Be Geeks 232: Stranger Things Have Popped Up

This week, the guys cover everything from booze to disappointing ratings to Marvel licensing. Topics discussed on this episode include: 1. Netflix sends an interesting cease and desist letter to a Stranger Things pop up bar 2. The new HBO Watchmen series has started filming 3. The ratings for the Marvel/Netflix series The Defenders are lower than expected 4. Darth Vader might actually be in the Han Solo film 5. Details on the new Terminator trilogy in the works 6. A three hour cut of...

Duration: 00:54:02

We Be Geeks 231: The Moth Life With Martin Casaus

The Guys are joined this week by pro wrestler Martin Casaus aka Marty "The Moth" Martinez. Catch him on Lucha Underground every Wednesday on the El Rey Network. Season one and two can be found on Netflix. You can also get his supplements and Marty the Moth gear at about the show and upcoming matches. favorite matches on Lucha Underground. wrestling games and if he likes to create himself. if he likes playing the bad guy (heel). how he got into wrestling. Martin’s...

Duration: 01:02:45

We Be Geeks 230: Gridstones With Fabio Del Rio

This week, the gang interviews. Fabio Del Rio of CSE games about the game Gridstone Topics covered on the episode include: 1. The origins of CSE 2. The Kickstarter campaign for Gridstones 3. Attending conventions to demonstrate games 4. How the game Gridstones is played 5. Fabio's Gencon experience 6. The benefits of using Kickstarter, as well as the goals for the campaign 7. The time it took to develop the Gridstones, and the dynamics of the game 8. The differences between board/card...

Duration: 01:28:30

We Be Geeks 229: This Stinks Like Poop On Poop

Tonight the band is back together minus Julz. Yes, she and Brett are the same person. Topics discussed on this episode: 1. Gremlins 3 plans. 2. The Jetsons reboot by Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti. 3. Robert Kirkman's move from AMC to Amazon. 4. Robert Kirkman suing AMC. 5. Justice League rewrites. Problems? What problems? 6. Joker standalone film. 7. Who would you want to play Joker in the new movie? 8. DCEU creating a multiverse. Can you say confusing? 9. Was Jesse Eisenberg's Lex...

Duration: 00:53:48

We Be Geeks 228: If There Is Enough Money Involved

This week, the guys are excited to have their old friend Julz back on the podcast. However, Brett is once again MIA, causing Mike and Derrick to once again wonder if Brett and Julz are, in fact, the same person. They have not been shown otherwise yet...... Topics discussed on this episode: 1. Netflix purchases Mark Millar's Millarworld imprint 2. The Karate Kid is making a comeback! Sort of... 3. Karl Urban could star in the upcoming Dredd TV series after all 4. Agents of SHIELD is coming...

Duration: 01:09:10

We Be Geeks 227: The Return of Julz

This week on We Be Geeks the gang is almost all here. Brett is MIA for these next couple of weeks, and we will definitely miss him. Do you like digital? We take on the case for "Going Digital with ComiXology". We all love comics, but is there a place for digital in our lives? Turns out there is! With limited space it makes it hard to collect sometimes. Also traveling with comics is much easier when doing digital. There is much to love about both, and we all love our Local Comic shops....

Duration: 00:53:19

We Be Geeks 226: Carry On Wayward Con

We open the show talking musical guests that have been at San Diego Comic-Con. GWAR formerly, and Kansas this year. We go over some headlines from San Diego Comic Con. We move from there to Jason Aaron leaving the Star Wars comic and Kieron Gillen taking over for him. We go over the trailers that were released at San Diego Comic-con. Notables such as Justice League, Game of Thrones. Stranger Things. Thor: Ragnarok, as well as others. We break down the Ready Player One trailer’s Easter...

Duration: 00:48:37

We Be Geeks 225: NO Joe, It’s The Tick

It was a slow news week, but the the guys still managed to find a few things to talk about this week. They start off the show with their thoughts on the recent announcement about Erica Durance coming to Supergirl before moving on to discuss the Amazon series The Tick. Staying on the television front, The gang then run down the cast of the upcoming New Warriors series, some Luke Cage news, and an article about shows that have been, or will soon be, cancelled by Netflix. Moving on to Movies,...

Duration: 00:48:17

We Be Geeks 224: We are NOT A Comic Con

We open the show up talking about the ridiculous war between San Diego Comic-Con and Salt Lake Comic Comic-Con over the use of the word Comic-Con. We move to more con talk with the announcement that Mile High Comics is not going to be going to San Diego Comic Con for the first time in 44 years. We move into talking about whether movie studios are pandering to overseas audiences instead of the US. With ticket sales for the new Transformers movie and The Mummy, it is hard to argue. We give...

Duration: 00:54:08

We Be Geeks 223: A.K.A. Ace Solo

here has been a lot of information coming out recently about the Han Solo movie, and we start this episode by diving in head first to discuss it. Next, we talk about Darth Vader almost having a cameo, as an action figure, in Guardians of the Galaxy, which then leads us down a path of pure nostalgia. We follow that by discussing the possibility of Captain Britain coming to the MCU, the likelihood of a Superman: Red Son live action film, and a new season of the Young Justice cartoon. Next...

Duration: 00:57:21

We Be Geeks 222: Catching Up With Jeff Burns

Tonight, we have friend of the show Jeff Burns on. We talk about his shows Super Geeked Up, Monday Night Mayhem, and DC Action Hour. We move onto San Diego Comic Con and the panels he is going to be hosting. He doesn’t have any rooms or times yet. We move onto his guests for the upcoming season of Super Geeked Up. He is going to be having folks from Mass Effect Andromeda as well as some stunt women from movies and TV. We also talk about Super Geeked Up participating in an charity event...

Duration: 01:37:25

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